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Friday, June 17, 2016

Pope Francis to Meet With Radical Leftist Podemos-Chief Pablo Iglesias -- First Denied, Now Confirmed

Podemos Chief Pablo Iglesias
(Madrid) While verbal and physical attacks against churches and religious leaders accumulate in the heated election climate in Spain, Pope Francis will meet  Pablo Iglesias, the current irrepressible leader of the radical left Spain in September. With this meeting Pope Francis continues his unilateral contacts with representatives of the radical left.
Acts of vandalism against churches and religious institutions, but also verbal attacks against high church officials, have characterized the time before the early Spanish general elections which are to take place on 26 June.
One of the most prominent victims of the attacks is Antonio Cardinal Cañizares, Archbishop of Valencia and former Cardinal Prefect of the Roman Congregation for Divine Worship. In mid-May he had defended the natural family of a man and a woman with children against gender ideology. The cardinal had called "the family founded on marriage," a "precious asset" which need to be defended against attacks.  At the same time he criticized the gender ideology as "the most insidious that there has been in the whole of human history."
Since then representatives of the Left parties  have romped against the leading church representative.The attacks and the anti-Church propaganda are of such hardness that observers see it as a test run, for those who want to muzzle the Church and silence it. At the same time the same parties are pandering to the followers of Islam.
Among the attackers, there are representatives of the socialist PSOE, which last ruled from 2004-2011 Spain and during this time one of the most liberal abortion laws, which introduced "gay marriage" and muzzling laws that allow freedom of expression was restricted.
The sharpest attacks came from the ranks of the new radical left party Podemos by Pablo Iglesias. The architect of the Party founded in 2014, Juan Carlos Monedero, insulted Cardinal Cañizares as a "Monster" and mocked him by belittling his attitude as "repressed homosexuality". Monedero is a professor at the Pontifical University of Comillas and thus employee of the Church, which make the attacks particularly explosive.

Vatican spokesman has denied meeting with Podemos boss

In the parliamentary elections in December 2015 Podemos  with 20.7 percent was straightaway the third strongest. Since formation of a government failed, early elections will be held on 26 June. Podemos has formed part of  a list combined with the traditional radical left around the Communist Party of Spain (PCE). Under the name Unidos Podemos,  Podemos  is forming part of the United Left and Green as a radical leftist united front with the aim, if not then at least to be the strongest force in the country, to be strongest left force before the PSOE, which looks realistic according to opinion polls.
When rumors were circulated that Podemos boss Pablo Iglesias would be received by Pope Francis, Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi SJ denied it. It was a denial with a quick expiration date. Directly from the Pope's circle,   InfoVaticana has received confirmation that Iglesias, "as planned", will be received next September by Pope Francis.
The incident with the wrong denial further undermines the already fragile authority of Vatican Spokesman, Father Lombardi in this pontificate.
Podemos represents - like the entire radical left -  positions to the field of "non-negotiable values" that are in open contradiction to the teaching of the Church. They represent on the subject abortion, artificial insemination, contraception, euthanasia, homosexuality particularly open and radically, a "culture of death".
Point 17 in the party program of Podemos is:
"Abortion. Podemos promises that the abortion in the public health system will be guaranteed. Likewise, all women will have access to all contraceptive methods. Artificial insemination is available to all women without restriction. "
This deadly opposition to the teaching of the Church and the nature of man does not seem to be disturbing to the Church's head. The precondition for the alliance forged with the radical left was the extensive disposal of "non-negotiable values" in the storeroom of the papal programmatic. It was declared by Pope Francis in September 2013, and so it has since been maintained the Church leader.

Contact by Pope confidant Gustavo Vera

Pope Francis with Gustavo Vera

According InfoVaticana contacts between Iglesias and the Vatican were prepared by Argentine deputies Gustavo Vera, a close friend of Pope Francis. The social activist Vera belonged to 2014 the now broken left-liberal Frente Amplio UNEN . Two years ago he founded the party Bien Común (Common Good). The choice of name go, according to his own account, back to a quote attributed to Pope Francis:
"The power is common good. If it is self-interest, it is corruption."
Vera represents his party in the city council of Buenos Aires.
He met recently with Íñigo Errejón, the Group Chairman of Podemos in the Spanish Congress of Deputies, to discuss the last details for the meeting with Pope Francis.
Errejón's father, José Antonio Errejón, was active in the Maoist Workers Party of Spain  (PTE), belonging to the founders of the Greens in the mid-80s and in the mid-90s among the founders of the Anti-Capitalist Left . This leftist group belonged, until 2007 to the Communist led United Left (IU). In 2014 he joined the new radical left party Podemos where his son made ​​a brilliant career.

Sanchez Sorondo: Architect of the Pope's radical left axis

The fine work of the meeting between Podemos boss Iglesias and the pope was accomplished by the Argentine Curial Bishop, Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, who met a few weeks ago with the Mayor of Madrid since June 2015, Manuela Carmena. Carmena belonged to the party which was only legal  until after the end of Franco's rule, the Communist Party of Spain (PCE). As a lawyer her membership was dormant until she got a job as a judge in the 80s under the PSOE government of Felipe Gonzalez. In 2015 she was the victorious top candidate of the left electoral alliance Ahora Madrid between Podemos and the PSOE.
With the reception of Pablo Inglesias, Pope Francis continues his intensive international contacts with representatives of the radical left, while ignoring representatives of the political center and right. The architect of the contacts is the Pope's close confidant and Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo.
Sorondo applauded with obvious satisfaction, as the radical left, gay, Italian philosopher, Gianni Vattimo on 13 March 2015 Teatro Cervantes in Buenos Aires in front of all the prominent left radical figures,  to form a new Communist International, which he dubbed the  "Papal International" because was supposed to be led by Pope Francis.Vattimo said at the time:
"Pope Francis is the only one who is capable of a political, cultural and religious revolution to lead against the superior power of money in the Civil War, which is already raging in the world, and is disguised as 'the fight against terrorism' , but in reality is the class struggle of the 21st century against the large number of the critics of capitalism."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: InfoVaticana / La Alameda (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.clom
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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Vatican Speaker: "Pope Speaks for Himself" and Needs no "Speakers" and "Interpreters"

The Pope Speaks for Himself When it Comes to Argentina

(Rome) Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi SJ clarified that in connection with  relations of the Pope to Argentina that Francis "speaks for himself" and needs "no speakers and interpreters." The reason is that there are different voices and interpretations surrounding the political relationship of the Pope to his homeland who  have led to controversy in recent months. Several people tried to act and interpret themselves as the "authentic" disposition on behalf of the Pope.

The clarification of the Vatican spokesman was carried out in an interview with the Argentine radio station FM Milenium. The daily La Nacion reported about it on June 11. The clarification can be read to the effect that Pope Francis quite is disposed in other areas through interpreters and the press secretary says, but this is only true for relations with Argentina. Father Lombardi himself interpreted papal statements in the same interview papal on other topics.

Pope Francis said on the flight back from Lesbos, himself, to a journalist on the question whether the Post-Synodal Letter Amoris Laetitia will change the content of Church practice and doctrine: "I could say now: Yes, and period."  Instead,  the head of the Church directed, as regards the authentic interpretation of Amoris laetitia, that he had commissioned the Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn with the official presentation of the letter in Rome.

Apart from the official Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi SJ, who himself  makes known, however, that he has only limited access to the Pope and to have information, there is mainly Father Antonio Spadaro SJ, Editor of the Roman Jesuit journal La Civilta Cattolica, indirectly, the journalist Andrea Tornielli and especially the atheist doyen of leftist journalism and Masonic tradition, Eugenio Scalfari, as semi-official Pope spokesman. Previously, there have been no comparable denials that Pope Francis "speaks for himself" and needs no "speaker" and "interpreter." 

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: La Nacion (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lombardi's Gradual Retirement -- Vatican Speaker Gives Up General Management of Radio Vatican

Lombardi's Long Departure
(Rome) He gives  press conferences daily and is especially prominent for those on pastoral visits  beside the Pope, which is why his face and his voice is familiar to all accredited to the Vatican journalists. Soon, you will however have to get used to a new face at the Pope's side. Father Federico Lombardi SJ, since 2006, the director of the Vatican press office, and thus  Vatican spokesman, will soon be relieved of his office. In August 2017, the Jesuit will complete his 75th year. His withdrawal from the offices has already begun.

Piedmontese and Jesuit like Pope Francis

Father Lombardi comes from a Piedmontese family just like Pope Francis. Like him, he also belongs to the Jesuit order. Born in 1942 in Piedmont and raised in Turin, he entered the order of St. Ignatius of Loyola in 1960.  Already, his uncle, Father Riccardo Lombardi, was  a tireless folk missionary who was once called the "microphone of God". His grandfather Luigi Lombardi (1867-1958) was an internationally renowned Professor of Electrical Engineering and Chairman of the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC, member of numerous domestic and foreign scientific institutions, including the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. With his retirement, he was appointed as a senator for life as a member of the Italian Parliament. It's a dignity that was, however, denied him after the war, as all senators appointed during the Fascist period were  annulled by a special court.
Federico Lombardi studied mathematics and theology for several years away at the Jesuit High School in Frankfurt, and was ordained a priest in 1972. Until 1977, he was a member of the editorial staff of the Roman Jesuit journal, La Civilta Cattolica, most recently he has been its deputy editor. After a term as Provincial of the Italian Jesuit Province in 1990,  he was program director of Vatican Radio , 2001 Director General of the Vatican Television Center CTV, 2005 also Director General of Vatican Radio and 2006, finally, Head of the Press Office of the Holy See. With the exception of  Osservatore Romano and the Vatican publishing house, Lombardi had the entire public relations of the Holy See focused in his hands. In 2008 he was also chosen as one of the four General Assistants of the Superior General of the Jesuits.

Gradual Retirement

A few days before the resignation of Benedict XVI. he gave up the office of the CTV to the Milanese priest and communication scientist, Dario Edoardo Viganò, whom Pope Francis appointed in June 2015 as the first prefect of the newly established Communications Secretariat of the Holy See.
Since last February 1st, Lombardi was replaced by the American Greg Burke (Opus Dei) as the new deputy Vatican spokesman. Burke replaced the Passionist, Father Ciro Benedettini of San Marino  as vice-director of the Press Office. Thus the voices grew predicting the dismissal of Father Lombardi. Just whether Opus Dei's Greg Burke should be Vatican spokesman  is conjectured, but is not yet clear.
Yesterday, the daily Bulletin of the Press Office announced a change at the top of Vatican Radio.  Executive Director, Alberto Gasbarri retires end of the month. The simultaneous resignation of Father Lombardi was also announced in the Bulletin. Literally, it said: "On the occasion of the forthcoming end of service of the Director General, P. Federivo Lombardi SJ at Vatican Radio."
Dicastry Director Viganò appointed Giacomo Ghisani ad interim, as the new administrative director of the Vatican radio station. A successor for Lombardi has not been named. The entire communication area of the Holy See is currently concentrated and rearranged under the umbrella of the new Communications Secretariat.
Lombardi will initially remain at the head of the Press Office of the Holy See, and thus also,  the Vatican spokesman. The signs are, however, of change.
"He did not gave me the impression of being an exceptional spokesman for the Holy See, however, he was  - which must be recognized - also not given an easy task in a time of many clarifications, corrections, denials and necessary interpretations, into  which he was forced. Thus, even the best lose credibility. He is 73 years old and therefore could have been in office for some time. Perhaps he can ask himself about his birth,"  said the Spanish columnist and noted Catholic blogger, Francisco Fernandez de la Cigoña.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: Youtube (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Pope Names "Transparence Commission" for Bishops' Synod-- Tense Atmosphere in the Vatican

Bishops' Synod: Press Conference of Cardinal
Baldisseri and Speaker Lombardi
(Rome) Behind the walls of the Vatican there is currently an uphill struggle. Pope Francis especially to criticism that there would be little transparency  in the forthcoming Synod of Bishops. To allay fears appropriate that were the Pope several times, argued vociferously most recently  by some cardinals after the bad experiences of the previous year in Santa Marta, today announced the establishment of a transparency commission was announced. It's an unusual step that reveals the tense atmosphere on all sides.
A ten-member commission whose spokesman for the Synod  will be Cardinal Peter Erdo from Hungary, will be  "to ensure full transparency" said Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, the Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops today in Rome. The Commission will bring together representatives from all five continents. The Commission's appointment is seen as confirmation of the criticism which was put forward last year by cardinals like Raymond Burke and Gerhard Müller,that the Holy See wished to validate a unilateral information policy in a certain direction. What he meant was the direction set by Cardinal Walter Kasper.

Vatican spokesman: Synod Fathers will have no restrictions in dealing with media

"A  final text  is desired that will be the outcome of the considerations and interventions of various Synod Fathers", said Cardinal Baldisseri that this did not specify whether this is to be a final document of the Synod or a Post-Synodal Letter of the Pope. In recent days, it was reported by well knowns such as Vatcanist Sandro Magister  and Edward Pentin, that there would be no final report of the Synod. The reason for this is, so the supposition, is that the pope did not wish to be bound by it.
The criticism for lack of transparency is also being responded to by Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi SJ, who said at today's press conference, that there were no restrictions on the synod in dealing with journalists. The Synod Fathers could talk "responsibly" with media representatives. The Vatican spokesman did not disclose whether the 2014 practice information blackout on the interventions at the synod, is to be repealed.

Ceremony "50 Years of the Synod of Bishops" the Vatican - Pope appoints Cardinal Schönborn to guest speaker

This coming Sunday, the second and final part of the Synod of Bishops on the family begins. Nearly 300 bishops and 120 experts will discuss three weeks in the presence of Pope Francis on Marriage and Family. Controversial topics are the proposal of Cardinal Walter Kasper to allow divorced and remarried to the sacraments under conditions, and the proposal of Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia to recognize homosexuality factually.
The prelude just before the start of the Synod will be a prayer vigil on Saturday from 6 O'clock on St. Peter's Square.
On October 17th, a ceremony will be held around  the Synod, the Synod of Bishops celebrated 50 years as a Jubilee. The institution of the Synod of Bishops was introduced as an independent, advisory body of the world church at the end of the Second Vatican Council by Pope Paul VI. Pope Francis and the Synod Fathers will participate in the ceremony. For the main speaker, the Pope appointed the Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, a declared Kasperian.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Mil
Trans: Tancred
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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Did Pope Francis Really Encourage Lesbian Author Who Has Written "Gender" Children's Books: "Keep Going"?

Edit: there was another book disseminated by an Argentine publisher, featuring the pope involving these themes, which the Vatican also distanced itself from, apparently.
(Rome) Two lesbian authors of "gender" books provided a letter from the Vatican Secretary of State for discussion, which was submitted on behalf of Pope Francis. The lesbians advertised this saying that the pope had "encouraged" the to "keep going."  The headline of Corriere della Sera (online edition) was on Friday: "Pope Francis Writes the Author of Gender-books: 'Keep going. '"
A denial from the Vatican came, in this case, as soon as possible. Together with Vatican spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi SJ,   Vatican spokesman Vice Father Ciro  Benedettini CP clarified: "The Pope has not encouraged the gender theory".

Rapid correction by the Press Office of the Vatican

The full text of the statement by the Deputy Vatican spokesman Benedettini, as published by the Holy See Press Office:
On answering journalists' questions the deputy director of the Press Office of the Holy See made ​​the following statement today from the morning: 
In reply to a polite and respectful letter by Francesca Pradi to the Holy Father, the Secretariat of State has acknowledged its receipt in a simple and pastoral style and clarified in following, that this is a question of a private reply and it was therefore not intended for publication (which was unfortunately done).
In no way does the letter from the Secretariat of State wish to endorse practices and teachings   that do not match with the Gospel, but expressed desires for "to bear ever more fruit for activity in the service of  generations of the young and the spread of authentic human and Christian values."
The blessing of the Pope at the end of the letter applies to the person and does  not portend  any eventual teachings, that do not correspond with the doctrine of the Church, as the Holy Father has emphasized on several occasions in recent years. An exploitation of the contents of the letter is therefore totally inappropriate.

Aberrosexual author sent the Pope her books

Francesca Pradis Aberrosexual animals, which do not exist in reality
This past June 19 Francesca Pradi had written to the Pope, and also sent him 30 of her books. In the letter she complained to have been attacked in the past year and a half by "homophobes", claiming that some Catholic organizations  insisted that she writes books  with content that does not exist in reality. Pradi is with her aberrosexual partner, Maria Silvia Fiengo, the founder of the children's book publishing house "Lo Stampatello" and the author of numerous "gender" children's books advertised as children for  "homosexuality".
Pradi's publications are on the list of books that could be removed from the Mayor of Venice, kindergartens and schools of the lagoon city.

Answer by the State Secretariat - "I was surprised and touched"

Pradi received from the Vatican Secretariat of State a letter of reply on behalf of the Pope, which is signed by the Assessor, Peter Brian Wells. The author made ​​the response public by claiming that Pope Francis had encouraged them in their actions, to "continue". She had been "surprised" and "touched" by  the words of the Pope, to spread to the gender ideology, so went Pradi's interpretation willingly supported and given by the Corriere della Sera. 
The State Secretariat explained within a few hours by its press-service, that this  had  been a  merely routine letter of reply. Indeed, Assessor Wells  signs 60,000 such letters in one year. It had been a standard response of ten lines. To want to derive from that letter, a support and encouragement for the gender ideology, is totally inadmissible.
Pope Francis spoke repeatedly about the gender theory. On the 15th of April at the general audience he said most clearly: "The elimination of the distinction is the problem, not the solution".

What the Press Office makes clear and what not

Correction of the Vatican Press Office
The Press Office of the Vatican made ​​clear the fact that the gender theory does not agree with the teaching of the Church and could not be supported by Catholics, which contradicts the teachings of the Church.  "One important clarification," said Traditio Catholica.
The Press Office also clarified that the words "keep going" were not used in the Vatican reply, but was fictitious from the lesbian author. In addition, the papal blessing is directed to the person and not some doctrine  in force.
The press office did not deny the existence of the letter, but gave the contents a different reading. But why is a "gender" author even supposed to "actively bear more fruit," although they had sent their books and were thus incompatible with Catholic doctrine, the ideological orientation would have been easy to verify. Is there anyone at the State Secretariat  to routinely respond or "routine"?
"The suggestion that the 'authentic human and Christian values ​​will be disseminated ' are laudable, creates the context but, at best, of an ambiguity. Likewise, it may be that the blessing of the person was not their ideology, but the person is a whole. They can not be separated from their ideas. That's like saying, 'I bless xy, but not the ideology that he represents'. That seems a sophism." said Traditio Catholica.

Venice mayor is the new object of hatred of the aberrosexual lobby

In a time in which there is no day on which the aberrosexual-associations do not invent a new "enemy" it wants to bring down; in a time in which the homo lobby, like a horde of beatniks that interject, as aggressive as it is exhibitionist  in its intolerant message, levity is in dealing with the gender theory and their representatives is a luxury that the Catholic Church and all people of goodwill can not afford. This has not altered anything, that the instrumentalization of the pope is obviously not against the Church, but against the mayor of Venice.
The studied architect and entrepreneur, Luigi Brugnaro has been Mayor of Venice since June 14, 2015. After 22 years, he managed to take the mayor's chair from  political left. The Conservatives have clear ideas about Gay Pride ("Carnival"), and gender ideology, which were sponsored by his leftist predecessors with zeal. One of Bugnaro's  first acts was to remove from the libraries of schools and kindergartens all books in which the gender ideology is represented. Since then he is a preferred object of hatred of the "gay" lobby.

Pradis gay penguins and their defiant phrase

The removal of the books also includes Publications by Francesca Pradi, including the richly illustrated story of two gay penguins, they are-- naturally-- male, adopt an orphaned baby penguin.
After rectification by the Vatican, Francesca Pradi took a quick turn. In one of the statements she's been  spreading around, it now reads:
"Pope Francis has not written to me, 'Keep Going'. His answer is not an opening towards homosexual parental families. But it's certainly a change of tone. He gives us the respect back that we deserve, as individuals and as families."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Riscossa Christiana / Amazon (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Friday, May 2, 2014

Pope Francis and Vatican Speaker Lombardi: "I'm Running Behind and Trying Not to Wreck Anything"

Deny Everything!
(Vatican) Pope Francis' controversial call to  an Argentine who is civilly married  to a man  already married in the Church, continues to provide for discussions. Officially, the phone call was not confirmed with Jaqueline Lisboa Sabetta until today, but was also not denied.  Indirectly, it has been confirmed by Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi on April 24. To the content of the conversation, which was only made public by Lisboa Sabetta's husband - straightway -  the Vatican did not want to take a position.  [We translated the bottom one.]

Pope a "Great Communicator": If He Wants Someone to Say Something, he Picks up the Phone

Now Vatican spokesman Lombardi has remarked yet again about the "new papal telephone ministry" (Dom Ariel Levi di Gualdo).At the end of a communication seminar of the Pontifical University of Santa Croce was held in Rome, Lombardi took a position. Pope Francis was "a great communicator". He has some spontaneity in communication, which "breaks barriers," said Father Lombardi. The Pope was "a person who has no boxes that isolate. He doesn't have them whether he is on and off a train in a jeep and drives around the place, or if he takes children into his arms or prompts others to approach. And he doesn't have them in daily life: If he wants to tell someone something, then he picks up the phone and tells him. That is what is therefore a very characteristic aspect. "

Suggested Treating With "Caution": No "Implications for  Church Teachings"

However, the Vatican spokesman Lombardi warned: "One  can now and then make necessary clarifications. We say: Warning, what can only really be said of these things is they are to be treated with caution, because who knows if what someone says who has received a phone call, or is sufficiently trustworthy. Therefore, it should be taken with great caution, without drawing conclusions that go beyond those confidential, personal cases, so there can not be conclusions concerning the teaching of the Church. "

"I'm Running Behind and Trying Not to Wreck Anything"

In his role as Vatican spokesman Father Lombardi said that he was "on duty"'m the person for whom he is to communicate. He had the presence of Pope Francis already for Pope Benedict XVI. made. To the needs of this person he had to adapt. Pope Francis "is a great communicator" and "I run after him and try not to wreck," which he communicates not only with words but also with gestures.

"Frequent Short" Encounters - "Have Not Seen Everything From Pope Francis"

The collaboration between Father Lombardi and the Pope consists of "frequent, but short, quick" encounters.  Compared to earlier  direct contact is not always necessary with the Secretary of State now. In some cases there is also the need for "direct contact".  "In the afternoon, he meets many people in Santa Marta, there are personal and private meetings," which often take place past the State Secretariat and the Prefecture of the Papal Household. To know then what happens, the Vatican's spokesman has  direct contact with the Pope then.
"We have not yet seen all of the communication of Pope Francis," said Father Lombardi, referring particularly to the upcoming visits by the Pope in the Holy Land and to South Korea. The Vatican spokesman speaks in this context of "new stages in the communication of the Holy Father's message to the world." There is therefore, says Lombardi, probably still "many things that we need, I think, to learn and see."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Vatican Inside
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Vatican Speaker Denounces Scalfari and Effects Indirect Critique on Pope Francis

(Vatican) This time   the Press Office of the Holy See immediately answers Eugenio Scalfari's assertion that the Pope had abolished sin. Vatican spokesman Lombardi expressed here a critique of Scalfari that is actually more valid for the Pope.
Last Sunday, the atheist Eugenio Scalfari asserted in his weekly editorial, Pope Francis had sin abolished (see separate report "Pope Francis has Virtually Abolished Sin" - Scalfaris new Christianity, Which God Replaced by I  ). Up until now the Holy See  has held back from addressing  Scalfari.s comments about the unusual "dialogue" between him and the Pope, but this time there was a quick response. Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi denounced Scalfari and his "obvious inaccuracies". "Pope Francis has not abolished sin," said Father Lombardi.
The Vatican stirred this time promptly while they were done last fall after the publication of a letter from the Pope to Scalfari and an interview of the Pope late and very restrained official statements about Scalfari. Vatican spokesman Lombardi told the press: "Scalfari is not so familiar with the biblical-theological."
"Certainly Scalfari's finding  in a long editorial, that the Pope had abolished the sin is not applicable. On the contrary, who really follows the Pope every day, knows how often he speaks of  sin, of our condition as sinners, and especially the message of mercy,"  it is only understood in connection with sin.

Sin and Mercy

Last Sunday, Scalfari wrote that the abolition of sin by Pope Francis was contained in the Apostolic Letter Gaudium Gospel. A finding which was noticed in various media and has been criticized by several Vaticanists. "The fundamental spiritual dynamic, in which also the Pope asserts, is the consciousness of sins and asking for forgiveness for them,"  said Father Lombardi. But Scalfari is not quite familiar with the "biblical-theological field." The general aim was "to see the infinite greatness of God's mercy, and so engage us in this by the mercy and love of God through the experience of renewed Christian life. If someone eliminates the sin, one does not understand the message of mercy any more," says Vatican spokesman Lombardi.

Confused (er) Scalfari? - Father Lombardi Calls for "Dialogue without Misunderstandings"

The Press Office of the Holy See addressed  another glaring error in the  Scalfari's editorial statement: "Another obvious inaccuracy in this article is when Scalfari says that the Pope had canonized Saint Ignatius of Loyola a few days ago, Instead of, as we all know, Peter Faber, the first companion of St. Ignatius of Loyola, while Ignatius of Loyola has been a saint of the Church for several centuries. So I think that one must be careful to continue the dialogue, but   deepened so  that there is no confusion and it is really understood"
Scalfari  is not hurt by the denial.He is basking much more in his success,  that he had enterted into the ring with the previously unthinkable:  the option that a Pope allegedly said the conscience was the highest authority, without any restriction, and abolished sin. 
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Tempi
Trans Tancred

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vatican Speaker Downplays Father Luther's "Rehabilitation"

This comment from EKD President Nikolaus Schneider is "a bit exaggerated", said Lombardi this Saturday for journalists in Freiburg.

Vatican City ( Vatican speaker Federico Lombardi [SJ] has admonished the interpretation, which suggested a >>de facto<< rehabilitation of Martin Luther by Pope Benedict XVI. This suggestion is >>a bit exaggerated<<, said Lombardi on Saturday for journalists in Freiburg. The Advisory President of the Evangelical Church in Germany, Nikolaus Schneider, had [also on FaithWorld] described the words of the Pope at an ecumenical meeting in Erfurt subsequently as >>a de facto rehabilitation<<.

Lombardi said, Benedict XVI. has underlined the >>depth of faith<< of the reformers. For the Pope, the visit to the place where Luther lived and believed, had been very significant. The Head of the Catholic Church had desired this meeting with representatives of the Evangelical Church right in Erfurt, because >>the divine questions of Luther were a central point of the entire trip<<, said the speaker.

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He also said the Faith can not be negotiated, here...