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Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Destruction of the Church in the United States Long Prepared at Benedictine Monastery

Saint John's Abbey, Heresy in Stone
Edit: the Remnant is a newspaper produced fortnightly which has, "For nearly fifty years we have been fighting in defence of the traditions of the Catholic Church and the proclamation of the Kingship of Christ. In print or online, The Remnant calls a spade a spade no matter who is using it to bury God."  Despite being so long in the trenches, they only seem to have first come across nearby St. John's Abbey as the source of trouble just this year. They seemed horrified by the recent national news item which recounted one of the many sexual predators of Collegeville who claimed to have had 200 sexual partners, but still managed to wax nostalgic about the Matt family visits with one of the founders of the so-called "Liturgical Renewal," Father Virgil Michel, and asked incredibly, "what happened?"

Alas, the Remnant doesn't see the connection between the hideous architecture of the campus, the evil of her monks,  Michel, Vatican II and the aftermath.  It's not a controversial statement to say that Father Virgil Michel was one of the forerunners of Vatican II.

We could go so far as to say that he even laid out the praxis in so far as he put his erroneous liturgical notions ad experimentum, using the local laity of Sterns County and the environs as guinea pigs.

Eponymous Flower doesn't normally link to Diocesan newspapers, particularly ones of poor quality like the Catholic Spirit, but the following article really does accurately describe many of the actors which prepared the Archdiocese and indeed, the United States, for Vatican II.   Some of the actors in the article are more guilty than others, some have misgivings, others ascribe to Vatican II things it did not call for or address, but they were all in one way or another, advocates, whether they lived to see the results or not, of a disastrous situation for the Church and the world.

Monday, March 28, 2011

More Accusations Against Leftist "Monks" at Modernist Monastery

Saint John's is a place where you can see a performance of the Vagina Monologues, see modernist architecture, watch pagan ceremonies and see conferences promoting vice of every kind. What you'll be hard pressed to find is Catholicism, because they haven't taught much resembling it for years, just enough to fool those donors who might be attached to it, and the occasional Opus Dei member on the board. Just allow us to maintain plausible deniability, that's all we ask.

Abbot John Klassen continues to deceive. Using Kinsey style tactics to exploit their inferiors and hiding behind a Potemkin Monastery, the "monks" of St. John's have at some point, acquired spiritual and economic capital they did nothing to produce and what's worse, they've used it to defame and defile the name of the Church and the students entrusted to their care who are, almost uniformly, if not already apostated before coming to St. John's University, certainly are before they leave.

Despite the certain testimony of Abbot Klassen at present, more people are stepping forward who claim that they were mistreated and assaulted by the vulgar men he continues to protect. According to Behind the Pine Curtain, more alleged victims will be stepping forward to accuse these charlatans of their crimes.

Abbot Eidenschink has been the recipient of several awards, but as early as the 60s, he was preying on his Novices, men we can be assured, later went on to prey upon others in their stead. In a testimony to human credulity and indifference to evil, St. John's Abbey has honored this man with a very public display of praise, irrespective of the innocent lives he'd irrevocably touched by his depravity.

So, not only was he responsible for preying upon his inferiors, but he was given an award as well, and played no mean part in the destruction of the Liturgy where his pupils, those who no doubt acquiesced to his treatment of them, went on to work their own destruction of the Liturgy, of Catholic religion and education, which is evident from the work accomplished over the years by Father Virgil Michel's "Orate Fratres", which is now called "Worship" whose assistant editor, and Liturgist, is a man who systematically preyed on his students over a period of five years in the early eighties. Like Eric Gill, the man who executed the cover art for the first Orate Fratres, Father Dunstan Moorse is a vicious and heretical reprobate who continues to this day, carrying out the work of Godfrey Dieckman, Frank Kazmarcek, James Moodry and so on.

The deeds of these men is only part of the puzzle, which reveals a massive campaign aimed at the destruction of the Catholic Church's influence in this country and throughout the world.

Interesting photo brought to you by the purveyors of heresy in stone, McGough Construction.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Connection Between Liturgical Abuse and Child Abuse

The Clerical Sex Abuse Capital of the World is Also the Liturgical Abuse Capital. It all started here with one of the greatest liturgical abusers, Father Virgil Michel and his notorious companion, the Faustian, crypto-Marxist Eric Gill.

In discussing the connection between clerical sexual and liturgical abuse, a connection we've been making for a while, it would be encouraging if these people would also begin making the fateful connection of sexual abuse with all forms of pedagogical abuse, including Modernism. In his blog yesterday, Father Z cites MommyWrites, discussing a causal connection between Child Abuse and bad liturgy. Bad liturgy is a component of modernism and to confirm this in a very direct way is to talk about the home of bad Liturgy, which is Collegeville, Minnesota and its flagship quarterly, Worship which was originally Orate Fratres. The Magazine involved a collaboration between the Liturgical Revolutionary (and abuser), Father Virgil Michel and the notorious Eric Gill.

Eric Gill envisioned bad liturgy before most people had experienced it. People in Minnesota were being experimented upon in the 1930s as this blog proves, notably under the tutelage and pernicious influence of Collegeville.

Some who are familiar with Gill's work, will notice early wreckovations, which were fairly common already in the 1930s when Gill was at large:

Of course, you might say, what has interior design got to do with Liturgy? Quite a lot actually, these designs are meant to, if they don't in fact accomplish this, accompany what was in the Pre-conciliar time, the liturgical abuse of saying Mass facing the people.

It's important also to mention the connection, because while Virgil Michel was editor of Orate Fratres with Eric Gill's contribution of the cover art for the first edition; they are both Liturgists and designers in their own right and had passed their legacy to men like Frank Kazmarcek OSB(who is not an abuser of children, but of buildings), Jerome Tupa OSB (who stands accused as a homosexual pederast and is a "painter") and Dunstan Moorse OSB, who is the current Editor of what is now "Worship" produced at Collegeville.

Morse is himself a liturgical abuser and an abuser of children. He was credibly accused by a large number of boys and yet retained his position at St. John's Abbey and despite being on "restriction" travels quite freely throughout the world.

the more recent Editor, Father Dunstan Morse is a credibly accused child abuser.