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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Holy Mass Against the Building of Israeli Wall Around Bethlehem -- Next Week Israeli Court Decides

(Bethlehem)  On February 8th Abuna Mario Carnioli, Catholic priest of Beit Jala in the valley of Cremisan near Bethlehem will celebrate Holy Mass in the olive grove, "to cry out to heaven", as Fides reports, "that the time is, to let this land return to righteousness, because justice will bring security and peace",  says Abuna Mario in his appeal.  The valley lays near Beit Jala west of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

Since October 2011, the priest has prayed and celebrated Holy Mass and the Stations of the Cross as well as the Rosary in the olive grove of Tales.  Today the Mass intention is special.  In the coming weeks the Court of Appeals of Tel Aviv will decide over the recourse, which the owners of the property of Tales have brought against the Israeli wall construction.  An appeal was also made by the Salesians, who have had a cloister in Tall since 1885.  In addition to an expanding wine growing business, the cloister has, above all, a home for orphans and children from needy families and several schools, among them a vocational school teaching many different jobs and not least, a theological seminary with students from the whole world.  Since 1996 it hasn't just accepted Christians, but children and students of all religions.  With the start of the second Intifada and the Israeli sealing of the occupied areas almost all of the projects of the Salesians were choked off.  Since Israel has pursued the wall, Bethlehem has been completely threatened with being shut off completely from the outside world.

"Unite yourselves in prayer, so that the Lord will enlighten the Israeli judges", wrote Fr. Carnioli in his appeal. For the priest can only imagine that  "a sick mind have developed this wall of shame of the division," because "it does not bring security, but only robs our families, the country and stifles our community whose lives are made impossible." The wall also destroys "one of the most scenic areas of the Holy Land," said Mario Abuna. Because of the Israeli construction of the wall more than 50 Christian families living in the valley have to be expropriated. The Salesian monastery of Cremisan has given these families a secure existence for more than 125 years, with its vineyards and olive trees. "Now they risk losing everything," said the priest.

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Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Kloster Cremisan