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Thursday, December 12, 2013

"Humble" Communist Baby Killer of Uruguay Legalizes Drugs

(Montevideo) Who is José Mujica, the "poor president", who is putting Uruguay on a heading for  the legalization of prenatal infanticide, drugs and "gay marriage"? Loved by the media because of his gestures of frugality and modesty, he is transforming the Latin American country into a lab for radical leftist experimentation.
José Alberto Mujica Cordano, called El Pepe, won another victory on Wednesday when the Senate in Montevideo finally legalized the cultivation and sale of marijuana. And even though the majority of the population rejects the drug legalization. Uruguay, the small state of twice the size of Austria and with 3.2 million inhabitants, pressed between the two giants Brazil and Argentina, is now in all the daily newspapers in the world. So far, the "liberalization" of the country was largely  quiet and unobserved.

The Self-Confessed Atheist with Feeling for the Right Gestures

2010, the self-confessed atheist, Pepe Mujica was elected president. In the 60s he had been connected to the communist guerrilla movement Movimiento de Liberación Nacional - Tupamaros (MLN-T), then emerged with Soviet help in most Latin American countries and exaggerated their mischief.  He sat in jail for 14 years up to 1985. In 1989 he was among the founders of the Marxist-Leninist Movimiento de Participación Popular (MPP), which he has represented in Parliament since 1994. Mujicas wife is the MPP chairman and also sits on the MPP in the Parliament.
El Pepe has assured that the marijuana legalization was not driven to deliver the land to  drugs, but "an important market to deprive drug traffickers". There is a state authority to legally grant licenses for drug cultivation and to control the sale of drugs. The sale is only possible to take place through pharmacies who apply for it and only to adults.

El Pepe the "Poor President"

Mujicas drug liberalization is only the latest of his "inventions". El Pepe, who officially claims to be a flower grower by profession, but has never really exercised a profession as a livelihood, as his critics say. Since his election as president, he embodies a radical left-wing populism. The example of a government representative, who does not aim for the general welfare, but an ideologically motivated decomposition thereof. However, he holds his revolutionary spirit as invisible as possible parading before him. Outwardly, he pays particular attention to gestures that please the media, while he prefers to make a policy on breastfeeding. This is all the more easier, like as the left state leaders "with a heart for the people" the media likes so much. They coined a number of non-political nick names and descriptions of El Pepe: gestures of humility as a modern form of "canonization" without a critical analysis of what lies behind them.
In the International lifestyle magazine Monocle, a Spiegel favorite, Tyler Brule, has called him "the best president in the world". The left Le Monde praised Mujica as "the poorest president of the World" because he still lives on his small farm and retains only a tenth of the President salary for himself. The rest he donates to organizations whose political line he supports. The left La Repubblica celebrated El Pepe few weeks ago, as "a symbol of modesty," as "Anti-Consumist and atheist, loved by the poor, hated by the rich."

From Communist Guerrilla Child Murderer

The road to the Presidential Palace was made possible by a broad leftist coalition, the Frente Amplio  (FA), whose pillars Mujicas MPP, is like the political arm of the former guerrilla movement, forming the Socialist Party and the Communist Party of Uruguay. The spectrum ranges from the left wing of the Christian to left-wing extremism. At international level, the FA is part of the Socialist International . It holds 50 of 99 and 16 of 30 seats, a slim majority in both chambers of the Uruguayan Parliament.
Since taking office in 2010, Uruguay has become the parade ground to the left of liberal society politicians. The first official act, the killing of unborn children, was legalized, against which his predecessor, Tabare Vazquez still struggles with a veto and great personal commitment. The doctor, Vazquez, stood at that time against his own Socialist Party, which he left in protest because of their position in favor of infanticide. The "poor" Pepe Mujica had no such scruples.  After his election as president, he said, he covered the murder of unborn children as the "rights of women". Today abortion is legal in Uruguay to the 12th Week of pregnancy.  Then El Pepe pushed for Uruguay to become the first South American country to legalize "gay marriage".  Now the cultivation and sale of marijuana has been legalized.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: ACI Prensa
Trans: Tancred