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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cardinal Re: No Sacraments for the Remarried and Divorced

Emeritus Cardinal Re does not consider it possible to revise this legal requirement of the Church, for "an objective situation can not be changed".

Vatican City ( / KNA) The emeritus Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re (80) does not believe that Pope Francis will remove the exclusion of remarried divorcees from the ecclesiastical sacraments. He does not consider it possible to revise this canonical rule, Re on Tuesday said to the Internet site Vatican Insider. "An objective situation can not be changed," said the former prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, who served as the highest-ranking cardinal the conclave for the election of Francis.

However, Francis  is  keen to improve the Church's pastoral care of the divorced and remarried, the cardinal stressed. This should be aimed to encourage those affected in their faith and to enable them to live in prayer, and with regular attendance at Sunday Mass. Currently being worked on are ways to make the Church's closeness to these people  more visible. [Scary, Divorcee Liturgies?]

Concern for the family is counted among the main topics of this pope.

The second major concern of the Pope was to strengthen the collegiality with the bishops, says Re, who also headed the Pontifical Commission for Latin America. But Francis would simplify the processes in the Synod of Bishops to make the interaction of the synod efficient. With regard to the reform of the Curia, over which the committee appointed by Francis of eight advisory Cardinals currently meeting at the Vatican, Re said it would take time and an intense reflection.

Re noted in the interview the positive balance of the first year pontificate. All over the world suggests  broad sympathy for Pope Francis, especially in the southern hemisphere. Francis had changed the style of the papacy, the Cardinal.

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cardinal Kasper's Mental Gymnastics and the Media Catholic With a Drained Battery

(Vienna / Berlin) Austrian Radio broadcast on Thursday about the subject of religion, two separate reports on its the website. They are a perfect cross-section of how newsrooms in secular media, including those that are subject to special public order, thinks about religion and especially about the Catholic Church. The selection of topics and their treatment reveal what kind of person is attracted to the opinion threads. In this specific case it comes to Cardinal Kasper's panning for the camp of the rebels within the Church on the subject of remarried divorcees. The Cardinal offers mental acrobatics while talking about the church that can amaze you. Add to that the comment of a Catholic Women's Representative, which belongs to those quotable Catholics tolerated in the secular media who wished to express themselves as "critical of the CHurch" and especially anti-Catholic.

Kaspers Mental Gymnastics that Henry VIII wa Made a Victim of Church "discrimination" ...

In the German-speaking world, there are voices being raised that want to let it get into open confrontation in the Church. Due to the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. and the election of Pope Francis a climate was created that have given the aging Progressives a whiff of morning breeze. It seems like they wish to gather for a final battle in which it is all or nothing. After a first groping on various topics such as women priests, female Cardinals, lifting celibacy, the struggle is now focused on the question of admitting remarried divorcees to the sacraments. The entire progressive agenda is trying to put itself through the breach.

After the Cardinals Marx and Lehmann and the bishops Zollitsch, Ackermann and Purst, Cardina Walter Kasper now stands on the side of the rebels. The already retired, over 80 years of age and former of Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, said, according to the Hamburg weekly newspaper, Die Zeit, on the subject of remarried divorcees: "I think that changes and openings have become necessary." The paper presents the former German Cardinal as a "confidant" of Pope Francis (see also the warning to Benedict XVI about a ... Kasper -. Anti-Ratzinger Papacy in Planning ).

.... and the execution of Saint Thomas More for self-defense

The Cardinal gave to understand that he was also expecting and wishes for a "change of course" in Rome, because it must be possible for remarried divorcees, says the Cardinal to "participate fully in the Christian and ecclesial life again." The Cardinal addressed the radical intervention in the Catholic doctrine of marriage was concealed with a regard to "mercy": "What is possible with God, namely forgiveness, that should succeed even in the Church." The doctrine must not be misused to "discriminate" against individuals Österreichische Rundfunk quoted the Cardinal.

The Cardinal also played the tune, weighting Jesus' mandate against God's mercy, the mercy canceling the command as such. A new slip of the tongue, to the Pope Francis himself is not innocent in his "pastoral approach" with its focus. If you follow the thinking of Cardinal Kasper, then the Catholic Church has "discriminated" for 2000 years against the people with the sacrament of marriage. King Henry VIII was, therefore, no dissenter and the executed Thomas More and John Fisher are neither martyrs and nor saints. Henry VIII was rather the victim of a "discriminatory" Church, resisted in self-defense against his Lord Chancellor and the Cardinal, of the faithful who wanted to discriminate against him further.

Media Catholics with Batteries Drained of Catholicism

Thus, there is the second message: undereducated and mere label Catholics appear on behalf of the Catholic Church and largely determine the "Catholic" image in the secular media. Christine Haiden, the chief editor of the Church tax-financed World of Women [Welt der Frau], published by the Catholic women's movement in Austria, has once again given proof. Haiden asked in a commentary for a daily newspaper, for the "equality of men and women in all areas of the Church." This hasn't happened, so her condescending admonition with which she rose up at the same against the Pope, that all "attempts at reform" of Pope Francis would remain "superficial". "Many structural problems of the current Church - even those like rampant clericalism, of which the Pope takes note - are related to the separation of the sexes", Haiden claims to know.

In secular daily newspapers, weekly magazines and on public broadcasting only the "usual suspects" appear as guest commentators to speak on the subject of Church, except for rare exceptions. Self-declared Catholic "experts" appearing on behalf of the Church, whose testimony is mainly characterized as comprising that their Catholic battery seems to be empty all the time. So also with Haiden, who invites you to one of the usual, mindless "thought experiments": "What if a woman were Pope of a church ...". At least at this point a still reasonable Catholic has the healthy Catholic sense that to go any further is a waste of time. The author advocates for all sorts of things, just not for the Catholic faith and the Catholic Church.

Got Uppity "thought experiments" She Approaches the Apostles as a Know-It-All

The rest is just Haiden's boldly pretentious lecturing with the ever-tearful outraged, demanding, arrogant tone. And you can well imagine the many Jewish, pagan, sectarian know-it-alls during the time of Jesus and the apostles, even then, yet wanted to explain to him and to his disciples that it was all very different. How it ended for Jesus and for almost all the Apostles, we also know: And if you're not willing, then I'll use force.

Each day that such a chief editor stays longer in office with church funds and such a newspaper is published, is a day lost for Christ and a loss for the Church.

Intellectually Honest Decision Necessary: ​​Those Who do not Want to be Catholic, Should Leave

Pseudo-Catholics like Christine Haiden would do well to summon the bishop and to present a clear, accurate and above all intellectually honest alternative: either they want to be Catholic, then they have become a believer to submit to the Church's teaching, which should presented to them by the bishop with generosity and with patience, because maybe they really do not know them; or they do not want to be Catholic, then you should let them go their own free will according to their ways Le Loi, c'est moi may be a household word of the powerful, yet there are no La foi, c'est moi, neither for Haiden, nor for theologians a là Paul Zulehner or Hans Küng, nor for Cardinals as Marx, Lehmann and Kasper, not even for a pope. How to make Haiden sail under false colors to spread a poisoned propaganda to non-Catholics, is a crime before God and the faithful. It helps no wife and no family to be Catholic and to gain eternal life.

Where the contents fade and will is is obviously no longer even believed what Mother Church has taught for 2000 years, as handed to her by Christ, "structural reforms" come in the foreground and dominate the scene. But the first and only "structural" reform, which urgently addresses the misery of the Church, is to ensure that all are Catholic within who says they are "Catholic", who are in diocesan offices, associations, media, schools, seminars. Where this is not possible, the corresponding organization should be dissolved. In other words, the biggest mislabeling of all times is preparing an end, that has crept in all levels in the Catholic world. Here follows no remedy, no one should be surprised when at last competent diocesan bishops, who are in the greatest of confusion about what actually is Catholic and why the Catholic voice in the world is to weak or distorted to be heard.

Text: Martha Weinzl / Giuseppe Nardi
 image: Messa in Latino / Diocese of Linz
Trans: Tancred

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Militant Bishop's Widow and Pope Friend, Clelia Luro is Dead

(Buenos Aires) Clelia Luro, the militant widow of former Catholic bishop Jeronimo Podesta is dead, the former bishop of the Diocese of Avellaneda, Argentina turned to the end of the 60s to Marxist Liberation Theology and the Soviet paradise of the workers and peasants. In 1967 the Vatican had urged him to resignation as diocesan bishop and made titular bishop. In 1971 Podesta turned his back on the Church and married his secretary, Clelia Luro. As "Tabernacle Bolshevik" Podesta worked, flattered, as a former Catholic bishop, in the Soviet-directed Christian Peace Conference (CFRP). In this medium, the Catholic left two fought for the abolition of celibacy, and for the "general" priesthood instead of the "ministerial priesthood" and a rebuilding of the Church in base communities.

Luro: "Bergoglio called me every Sunday"

As Podesta died in 2000 in great poverty, Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio was the only member of the Argentine episcopacy who visited him. Since then, there had been a cordial relationship between the Archbishop and current Pope, with Podesta's widow. The two phoned each other once a week. A habit that Cardinal Bergoglio at least partially retained as Pope Francis. Luro, however, could not make friends with Pope Benedict XVI.. Luro wrote him several letters, even in her own name, other times in the name of this or that progressive "base community". However, she ran to Benedict XVI. with her demands for the abolition of celibacy, approval of remarried divorcees to the sacraments and the "democratization" of the Church and that does not open doors.

Clelia Luro died in hospital in Buenos Aires. She got to know Bishop Jeronimo Podesta in 1966. The then 39 year-old mother of six children lived separated from her husband. She went along with the bishop in a new relationship that caused Podesta after a long double life to give up the priesthood and episcopacy. Under Pope Paul VI. thousands of priests turned away from their calling, and were transported back to the lay state. Luro, meanwhile, had divorced. In 1972 they married. In one of the letters to Pope Benedict XVI. she emphasized that the known liberation theologian Archbishop Helder Camara of Olindo and Recife had "blessed" their marriage.

Podesta was Especially Important to Bergoglios Upon his Death 

A few days before the election of Pope Francis, Luro said in an interview: "A month before his death Jeronimo said to me, 'Clelia, I will speak with the Archbishop.'" The woman asked him why he wanted to do this since the predecessor of Bergoglio had refused any conversation. "He is a very intelligent Jesuit, he will listen to me," replied her Podesta. "The two spoke two hours together. Jeronimo was very happy then," so went Luros' story.

As Podesta was dying in San Camillo Hospital, Archbishop Bergoglio prematurely ended a commitment and rushed to the hospital. He gave Podesta Extreme Unction. The former bishop was no longer conscious, "but he held my hand firmly," Archbishop Bergoglio said according to her.

"I know what it meant for Jeronimo to be near Bergoglio at his departure from this life," said Luro. The Archbishop had told the nurses in the hospital. "Don't send Clelia away, let her be there with him to the end." "Before I was allowed to stay with my husband only 15 minutes. Since then sympathy and gratitude for Bergoglio has grown in me ... He is a man of gestures, and some believe because of these gestures," said Luro.

Luro "Prophecy": Pope Francis Will "Soon" to Abolish Priestly Celibacy

Luro was a crusader for her own right. But the Pope also served in this. In early July, Luro was spoke to the German-speaking world, as she told the press a few months after the papal election of the Austrian daily, Die Presse to be sure that Pope Francis will abolish celibacy priest "soon." As the widow of a former priest and bishop, the fight against celibacy was a hobbyhorse for Luros, as previously also that of her husband, which she rode up to her death.

In the beginning of early 2012, he published an interview book with his friend, the Rabbi of Buenos Aires, Abraham Skorka, "About Heaven and Earth" (the German edition was not published until after his election to the papacy), the then Cardinal Bergoglio said about priest celibacy: "It is an issue that will be discussed in Western Catholicism at the insistence of some organizations. Currently it holds fast to the discipline of celibacy. Some say with a certain pragmatism that we lose workers. Suppose western Catholicism would reconsider the issue of celibacy, so I think it would do it for cultural reasons (as in the East) and not so much as a universal option. At the moment I am in favor of maintaining celibacy, with all the pros and cons that it brings with it, because there are ten centuries with more positive than negative experiences ... The tradition has its weight and validity. The Catholic priest chose celibacy gradually. In 1100 some elected to, others were not ... it's a matter of discipline, not of faith. You can change it. Personally, I never came to mind to marry."

"Repent, Observe Celibacy" and Not a Double Life - Archbishop Bergoglio and Celibacy

What the Archbishop of Buenos Aires did not brook, was a priest living a double life. "If someone comes to me and tells me that he has impregnated a woman, I listen to him, I try to calm him down and slowly, slowly I make him understand that the natural law comes before his right as a priest. Consequently, he must give up his priesthood and to accept his child, even if he should decide not to marry the woman. For just as this child has the right to have a mother, so it also has the right to have a father with a face. I take care of his papers in Rome, but he must give up everything. Now, if a priest tells me that he was carried away that he made a mistake, then I will help him to deal better with passion. There are priests, some better, but not others. Unfortunately, some won't even to say it to the bishop. "With the better," said Cardinal Bergoglio, "repent and observe celibacy. The double life is not good for us, I do not like, it means yielding to falsehood. Sometimes I tell them, 'If you are unable to tolerate it, then make a decision,'" said Cardinal Bergoglio in his conversation with Rabbi Skorka in the book.

So was Clelia Luros' assertion last summer merely wishful thinking? How Pope Francis responded in telephone conversations with the window, of the particularly joyful interview after his election, is not known, nor when the Pope called for the last time. The two telephoned anyway on the 7th of September according to Luro. It was then she accused Gustavo Gutierrez, the "Father" of liberation theology, of having treated her husband poorly in the 90s once (see own contribution Cardinal Cipriani: "Müller is a Bit Naive" - Impulsive Clelia Luro: Has Liberation Theology Really Changed? ).

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Picture: Priest Renta
Trans: Tancred
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Prefect Mueller: Remarried and Divorced May Not Go to Communion -- Rejection of Contradictory Demands and Orthodox Praxis

(Rome) Curial Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller, the Roman Prefect of the Congregation of the Faith, has reaffirmed the Church's existing teaching on the indissolubility of marriage again. He was quoted in the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano which had already been published back in June in the Daily Mail ( see separate report ). This gives his remarks importance not only for the German-speaking world, but for the world Church.

Archbishop Mueller states in it that there is no possibility of admitting remarried divorcees to the sacraments. On this question there can be no exceptions, one can not even leave the decision to the person concerned, or justify it by a decision of conscience referring to "mercy".

Pope Francis' statements, which were made late July on the flight back from World Youth Day had spoken in terms of a "period of grace" for remarried Catholics, which was widely interpreted as an imminent change of course for the Church in these matters, as well as the Freiburg manipulations( see separate report ) had caused a considerable stir and confusion within the Catholic Church. With his detailed opinion, the Prefect of the Congregation relates with clarity the position and reaffirmed Catholic doctrine on the sacrament of marriage. The essay is an obvious answer to the Freiburg circular and especially to the German Church's increasingly vociferous desires and demands for "flexible" soltions from the tradition of the faith.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Image: Sacri Pal azzi

Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Nothing Changes!" -- Vatican Speaker Denies Changes Regarding Remarried Divorcees

Cardinal Lehman
(Freiburg / Rome) The disobedient advances of the sedevacantists of the Archdiocese of Freiburg have caused quite a stir with the approval of admitting remarried divorcees to Communion. The key word is magical for many journalists. The former Communist, now Democratic Left channel of the Italian State RAI broadcasting released the message already at 6:45 pm in the morning news. Rome responded with a clarification by the Press Office: "Nothing changes"

Freiburg Won't "Go it Alone" - Schismatic Lehmann-Church Explores Boundaries of the Church

The reactions of the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart and from the Archdiocese of Munich-Freising show that the Freiburg is apparently means that it is "going it alone" in its provocation. Part of the German-speaking Church has found itself for some time in a state of latent schism. At intervals, "open schism is rehearsed" ( Messa in Latino ), but of course not completed, because then the whole benefice and revenue from the Church-tax would be lost. The advances serve rather to explore how far one can go in latent schism currently in order to take the Church down just a bit more.

The "German" breach which was to be beaten into the walls of the Vatican, even enraged some tempers at the Tiber. The theme of remarried divorcees was on the agenda of the meeting of the new C8 Cardinal Council. Pope Francis has already announced that the next Synod of Bishops will deal with the issue. Everyone understands that German pressure and even unilateral action, however, is not appreciated in Rome.

Vatican spokesman: "Local Pastoral Office, but Not an Official Expression of Diocesan Authority"

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi waved it aside from the daily press briefing: "It changes nothing! There is no news for remarried divorcees." The "Document", is addressed to the director of the Vatican Press Office "comes from a local ministry office" and not the bishop. There had been a "rush to judgment", which made a lot of noise, but is "not an official expression of the diocesan authority", according to the Vatican spokesman.

Emeritus Archbishop Robert Zollitsch of Freiburg will be Apostolic Administrator until the appointment of a successor, "was not consulted and not answer for this document," said Father Lombardi. For the Vatican Freiburg is a diocese among thousands. Nevertheless, the explosive force of the inroads is aware and knows that lurking behind the door are not only imitators in all the dioceses in the German language area, but also beyond.

Cardinal De Paolis, "Bishops Were Called to Order, as They Contradicted the Cornerstones of the Doctrine of the Faith"

Velasio Cardinal De Paolis, a noted canonist, he was President of the Prefecture for the Economic Affairs till 2011 and is currently the apostolic delegate for the Legionaries of Christ, was surprised by the German advance. "It is amazing that such a proposal of a diocese is of such importance as Freiburg. Long ago, several bishops were called to order, because they issued instructions that contradicted the cornerstones of the Doctrine of the Faith, which were endorsed by the former Holy Office in the years of Joseph Ratzinger. "

"The current rules prohibit, therefore, the continuation of allowing remarried divorcees access to the sacraments," said the cardinal. "In order to receive absolution in confession and thus access to the Eucharist, one must be in a state of grace of God. The remarried divorcees are in a situation which is contrary to the law of God for marriage. The priest must therefore refuse communion," said Cardinal De Paolis.

"Statements of the Pope to be interpreted in Light of the Traditional Magisterium" - Progressives See Their Chance

But why was the appeal made in Freiburg to Pope Francis, the cardinal was asked. And his answer: "All statements of the Pope on the issue are to be interpreted in the light of the traditional Magisterium," said Velasio Cardinal De Paolis.

This prevents those, who are alien to such terms such as "divine law" and "the cornerstone of the Doctrine of the Faith", who see an opportunity. A progressive Vaticanist at Vatican Insider wrote on the subject: "But with an innovator such as Pope Francis it is not the time for crusading ultimatums. The Synod on the Family is talking about marriage, nothing about remarried divorcees, and couples who live together. The acceptance of progressives in the Curia is not excluded in the Church, but the place to change the standards is surely not a local pastoral office'. In the coming months we will see better whether, Freiburg case 'is classified as a slip or as a diocesan 'prophesy' for a change for the world Church."

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Image: Cardinal Rating
Trans: Tancred
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cardinal Kasper Leads a Progressive Coalition to Elect a Weak Pope

Edit: we were reporting earlier that wed hoped that Cardinal Kasper had turned away from his Old Liberal ways as a protege of the dissident Hans Kung.  He not only kept mostly silent, but moderated many of his former opinions, even encouraging his fellow Germans to obey the Holy Father at one point.
Now the wily Conciliarist smells blood in the water and is leading the progressive bloc in the Council to elect at least a man they can manipulate to further their agenda.  Here’s the translation from Giuseppi Nardi and his interpretation, which is very perceptive:

(Rome) Cardinal Walter Kasper, will participate in the conclave, though he is 80 years old, in two days. He will thus be the oldest papal elector. The German Cardinal, the most weighty representative of the progressive cardinals, is spinning the threads of an anti-Ratzinger Pontificate.
The former assistant to Hans Küng was removed in 1999 by John Paul II as the Bishop of the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart and transferred to Rome, where he was until 2010,  the President of the Pontifical Council on Promoting Christian Unity. The promotion was part of a smooth reconstruction of the German episcopate by repression of the progressive influence. As a "minister" of the Holy See, Kasper moderated his attitude, although he had not abandoned it. Within the Roman Curia, he was theologically the real opponent of Benedict XVI. Since his resignation announcement, it was difficult not to see the Cardinal as the most important representative of the progressive camp to advance amid the Conclave participants. It is a direction that is no longer numerically  great among the electors, but looks for allies.

Assistant to Hans Küng as head of the progressive cardinals

Little surprise, then, that the Left-Liberal Italian daily La Repubblica [They also do Vatican Insider] asked the Cardinal for an interview. That paper, which published the dubious rumor  by an allegedly scandalous shocking content of Vatileaks-final report, which allegedly prompted Pope Benedict to resign. The unproven sex-crime-and-Vatican rumor was spread worldwide. La Repubblica is currently one of those papers of similar political alignment that try to significantly influence the conclave from the outside.
The newspaper asked Cardinal Kasper what he would say to  Benedict XVI,  when he visits him after the conclave. The Cardinal did not  too shy to announce through the media today what he would eventually intend to say in person to the former Pope, but in any case, still Pope.  It’s hard to imagine less respect. Kasper's remarks reveal a certain nervousness that in Benedict XVI. the Cardinals could recognize maybe a preferred candidate to succeed him, or at least to prescribe and influence the  who his successor will be.

“Advice" as a warning - Kasper’s revolutionary plans

Kasper's response thus acts more on the conclave, then an imaginary conversation with Benedict XVI. after the conclave disguised as a "piece of advice" which corresponds to more of a warning. So what would the Cardinal tell his German compatriot?
"Many things. The first is a piece of advice. I would recommend him to let himself be used by anyone.The danger is too great that the church leadership suffers his influence. This must not happen. He has made his clear decision that requires a step back. He must, therefore, impose restraint. He must avoid to relate questions that church leaders and church politics to interfere. Then I would still be friendly with him, talk about what we both care about the most, theology. "
The newspaper stressed then that the German Pope, especially in the local church, sees an authoritarian figure who dictates from above, which is why in Germany particular worth is put on independence from Rome. As to the question of whether Kasper also sees it this way, the Cardinal contradicts, but rather calls for an unspecified democratization of the Catholic Church to Protestant model:
"It takes a new form of exercise of church leadership. This form is called collegiality, a more horizontal government. The collegiality of the bishops must extend through forms of representation to all parts of God's people. Such collegiality would go in the direction of the Second Vatican Council of the unity in diversity among all who believe in the gospel and greater dialogue with other religions. It is necessary to get away from the dryness of Roman centralism by the conviction that the center does not mean centralization.
The reform of the curia is a priority. At the same time it is also a big problem, because today there is a lack of internal dialogue in the Roman Curia. The departments of not talking to each other, there is no communication. This situation is changing.
In the General Congregations, we have not talked about Vatileaks. I think that the Curia should be revolutionized, and generally independent of Vatileaks. I believe that next to the word reform is a second word: transparency. The Curia must begin to stop fearing transparency. "

"Celibacy, women priests, homosexuality" and Kasper’s silence

According to La Repubblica move "celibacy, women priests, homosexuality [...]" the conscience of many believers back "issues" with emphasis in the public debate. " Cardinal Kasper also contradicts not a word in this case, if it is received in its response on another keyword:
“The banning of remarried divorcees from communion is a wound. I will not pretend to the previous track, but one thing is certain: there needs to be serious rethinking on this issue. It takes humility to approach the argument from case to case. The determination can be changed according to the diversity of the situation. "
Cardinal Kasper expresses no preferred candidate as the next pope: "I wish that there is no objection to anyone. We have to be open to everything, for every nationality and every geographical origin. "

Brazilian bishops have called on the progressive media, to create the right atmosphere for Cardinal Schemer

Meanwhile, it was revealed that large movements are in progress, the Archbishop of Sao Paulo, Cardinal Odilo Scherer is being brought in camp as a candidate of the “Left" position. Movements, in which the progressive classical types as Lehmann and Kasper, are connected. As at the largest Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo reported on the  5th of March, the Brazilian Bishops' Conference has not only called the cardinals of the largest Latin American country to vote for Scherer, but also specifically asked the progressive mass media to create the right atmosphere for the election Scherer.
It is not only the ten percent of the old progressives who gather around Scherer in the conclave, but all “Liberal" cardinals who believe that the reconstruction of the church by Pope Benedict XVI went too far. Thus  an anti-Ratzinger successor is  secured to cancel the pontificate of Benedict XVI  in its "restorative" parts.  The alliance, which also includes parts of the Roman Curia. Those Curia who were, under Pope Paul VI and John Paul II, were greatly enhanced by a number of new councils, academies and commissions. The heads of some departments want to live a life of their own as much as possible, which is why they are traditionally interested with the progressives for a weak pope, which Cardinal Kasper indirectly expressed. Those who know him are convinced that Cardinal Kasper thinks there is a plan B  next to Scherer.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Screenshot Romereporters

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