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Monday, May 30, 2022

Old Liberal Midwife to Francis Pontificate Cardinal Angelo Sodano Deceased

Angelo Cardinal Sodano with Pope Francis, to whom the former chief diplomat of the Vatican had opened the door to the pontificate.

(Rome) Last Saturday the death of Angelo Cardinal Sodano was announced. The former Cardinal Secretary of State of Pope John Paul II died in Rome on Friday, May 27 at the age of 94. He made a particularly controversial statement about the Third Secret of Fatima. Above all, he was the door opener to the pontificate of Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio.

From farmer's son to chief diplomat

The Vatican diplomat from Piedmont was the son of a farmer and a Christian Democrat member of parliament. He was ordained a priest for his native diocese of Asti in 1950 and then sent to Rome. There he earned a doctorate in theology and then a doctorate in canon law from the Pontifical Lateran UniversityIn parallel, he graduated from the Pontifical Diplomatic Academy and entered the diplomatic service of the Holy See.

In 1977 Paul VI appointed him titular archbishop and apostolic nuncio. In 1988, John Paul II appointed him Vatican Foreign Minister at the Roman Curia, and in 1991 appointed him Cardinal Secretary of State.

Benedict XVI, who was the same age, removed him from this influential position when the German Pope pushed back the influence of the Vatican diplomats on Church leadership. From 2005 to 2019, Sodano served as Cardinal Dean, the highest-ranking representative of the College of Cardinals. As such, he played an important role after the surprising resignation of Benedict XVI.  and during the Sedevacante and the preparation of the conclave at which Pope Francis was elected.

On February 11, 2013, on that historic day when Benedict XVI. announced his resignation, Sodano answered him as cardinal dean in the assembled consistory that this announcement came "like a bolt from the blue". This did not seem credible to many observers. However, the image of lightning became a reality in a different way that same day, when actual lightning struck St. Peter's Dome a few hours after the announcement. A unique and shockingly symbolic phenomenon that, contrary to claims at the time, has not taken place before or since.

It was then-Cardinal Sodano who, as Cardinal Dean, convoked and led the General Congregations before the conclave, although he himself, being over 80, could not take part in the conclave.

Is the Third Secret of Fatima Really Past?

As Cardinal Secretary of State, Sodano helped publish the so-called Third Secret of Fatima. Shortly before the announcement, he read a statement on May 13, 2000, at the end of the Mass celebrated by John Paul II in Fatima. It contains the controversial sentence:

"(...) the events to which the third part of the Mystery of Fatima refers now seem to belong to the past".

Cardinal Secretary of State Sodano with Condoleezza Rice

After the former Apostolic Nuncio in the USA, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, had commented on this, Wolfram Schrems wrote in May 2020:

“Finally, Viganò names the policy of concealment and lies of Cardinal Angelo Sodano, then Cardinal Secretary of State (1991-2006), and Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Sodano’s successor in this office (2006-2013). He accuses them of having persuaded the people of God that the words of the Virgin Mary had nothing to do with the crisis in the Church and with 'the collusion of modernists and Freemasonry behind the scenes of Vatican II'. (As is well known, the Vatican stated in the publication mentioned that the vision of the Third Secret referred to the assassination attempt on John Paul II on May 13, 1981, was thus fulfilled and lay in the past, further questions are superfluous: Please go on, here there is nothing to see.)” 

Relentless opposition to Benedict XVI.

Sodano couldn't get over his disempowerment by Benedict XVIThe German Pope was never forgiven for appointing Cardinal Bertone, a non-diplomat, as Cardinal Secretary of State. Sodano became his bitter opponentThe circle of Vatican diplomats close to him did not belong to the secret circle of Sankt Gallen, but they made life difficult for the Pope from Marktl am Inn and sought revenge.

In the 2013 conclave, the progressive Fronde around Team Bergoglio managed to form an alliance with the Sodano group, expanded to include Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York and those Italians wearing the purple, most notably Cardinal Scola, who wanted to prevent the Archbishop of Milan, and Benedict XVI's desired successor. This formed a heterogeneous majority that elected Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope. As the Corriere della Sera reported two days after the conclave, the newly elected Pope Francis addressed the cardinals in the Sistine Chapel and acknowledged his election with the words:

"May God forgive you."

Flows of money for looking the other way?

It was Archbishop Viganò who, in connection with the Vatican's McCarrick Report, asked why the former Cardinal Secretary of State Sodano was not heard. The report was intended to clarify the serious allegations made by the former Apostolic Nuncio in the USA, but in fact, it clarified nothing and covered up even more. Monsignor Viganò asked what Cardinal Sodano knew about McCarrick and why he still didn't prevent his rise.

In this context, revelations by WikiLeaks of Julian Assange already pointed in a certain direction. It is about opaque cash flows in the tens of millions. It is well known that money is power. This was evident in the case of the unspeakable founder of the Order of the Legionnaires of Christ, Marcial Maciel Degollado, and also in the no less unspeakable case of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Both appear to have secured themselves by lavishly donating money to influential figures in the Vatican, thereby avoiding investigations and sanctions. 

According to the British historian Henry Sire, who published the explosive book The Dictator Pope under the pseudonym Marcantonio Colonna and was expelled from the Order of Malta for it, Maciel provided the then Cardinal Secretary of State, Sodano, with hefty sums of money. McCarrick's cash flows have never been investigated. The McCarrick Report prevented that, too.

The Corona Narrative

Cardinal Sodano's health had deteriorated in recent days. The Corona narrative should not be missing either, as the Italian press agency ANSA claimed a connection with a “recent Covid 19 infection”. In fact, the cardinal had routinely been tested positive by a PCR test in the course of examinations, which, as is well known, means nothing. 

In fact, ANSA immediately weakened their suggested connection by stating: "The disease joined other diseases from which the famous cardinal had been suffering for some time." The pseudo-pandemic is primarily a product of the mainstream media, to which they remain true to against all evidence. The cardinal was “vaccinated” three times with the experimental spike preparation and belonged to the silent crowd of churchmen who found not a word of criticism of the arbitrary and disproportionate harshness of Pope Francis’ Corona measures.

On May 27, Angelo Cardinal Sodano died at the age of 95 in the Roman Columbus Clinic, which belonged to the Foundation of the University Hospital.

Requiescat in pace.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image : Wikicommons/MiL

Trans: Tancred


Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Evil and Modernist Canonist of Manchester Initiates Lolsuit Against Gary Voris

 Edit: here's my five centavos on this lawsuit against Voris and Company.  While I really dislike Voris' biased, untruthful attacks against the SSPX, I am glad that he's trying to help Brother Andre and the Slaves of the Immaculate.  It's a shame that the usual suspects are using the corrupt Catholic hierarchy in New Hampshire to attack a ministry they don't like.  In an article a commenter left in the comments section of the previous page, the Union Leader, the facetious journalist made a big deal out of the anti-Semitic dispositions of the Saint Benedict Center and Brother Andre, even alleging that the original reconciliation of the Slaves was the result of Brother Francis Maluf renouncing his "anti-Semitism" and removing several articles about the usual suspects from his blog.  I refuse to believe that.  It's amazing that a tiny religious minority (2% of the population) can bring so much weight down upon a religious organization that dares to criticize it.  Clearly, we don't have Freedom of the Press any more where the privileges of a certain Cosmopolitan group come to fore.  Anyway, the next time someone asks you to renounce your anti-Semitism, ask them if they'll renounce their anti-Catholicism.

At any rate, doesn't "Father" Georges de Laire's intended lawsuit against Church Militant remind anyone of the time when Basilian, Thomas Rosica, attempted to sue fellow Canadian, traditionalist mincer, Vox Cantoris?  This is about as ridiculous on the part of de Laire.

Here's de Laire, mincing to the Gospel lectern.  It looked for a moment like he was going to fall at 18:02.  But I ask you, how can a man make the charges against the SBC while living a posh lifestyle in his million dollar getaway resort, and tolerating a disrespectful and discraceful "liturgy" like this?  It's hard to believe this is supposed to be a Catholic Mass.  

It would be a shame if any of you jerks called up the chancery, or left a message for the "incompetent canon" George de Laire on his phone 603-236-7272 or on Linkedin.  Also, and I'm not recommending this, contact Mary Averil, it looks like she actually runs the Diocese of Manchester at 603-663-0185.

I looked at the webpage for the Diocese of Manchester and it's hard to figure out who's responsible for it.  Lots of foreigners and permanent dad and granddad deacons in the clergy section too.


Saturday, October 24, 2020

Roman Prosecutor Also Investigating Becciu for Embezzlement

Angelo Beccciu, still as Curia Archbishop and substitute, with Pope Francis.

(Rome) Cardinal Angelo Becciu until a month ago, Prefect of Congregation for the Causes of Saints of the Roman Curia, was registered by the Rome Public Prosecutor in the investigation register. The suspicion is embezzlement.

The move is a result of legal assistance solicitation of the Vatican's prosecutors to proceed against Cardinal Becciu for unlawful financial transactions, the investigation concerning each time when he was until 2018 a substitute in the Vatican Secretariat of State.

The investigation was opened by the Italian public prosecutor's office in Rome because Becciu is accused of diverting 700,000 euros from the Vatican coffers to his brothers. He tried to hide this flow of money behind bogus operations. The money originated directly from the Peter's Pence to finance the annual collection from the faithful around the world for the Pope for administration and charitable works.

The findings so far coincide with the confession of Mgr. Alberto Perlasca, an employee of the Vatican State Secretariat, who had received the relevant transfer orders from Becciu, his superior at the time.

From 2013, the money went to the Spes cooperative in Ozieri in Sardinia, which is run by Beccius' brother and is connected to the local Caritas. However, it was not used for charitable or humanitarian purposes, but for an expansion and modernization of the cooperative headquarters. Money also went for the carpentry company of a second brother and to a company selling beer for a third brother who is a professor of psychology at a Catholic university in Rome.

As part of the legal aid agreement, the Rome prosecutor is also investigating an investor and a financial broker who helped Becciu with property purchases in London worth 350 million euros from Vatican treasuries.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: (screenshot)

Trans: Tancred