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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hungary Hands Over Public Schools to Religious Institutions

Catholic procession through the streets of Budapest
Socialists are upset because traditional morals and
values are now being taught in schools with government help.
 Isn't it the role of government to facilitate virtue?
>Edit: we’ve been following this for a while and it’s simply magnificent.  Of course, the Socialists are furious.  In other countries, the exact opposite is happening.

In a way, this is really a vindication of Cardinal Mindszenty who, despite being sold out by his superiors, held true int his passion against the Communist government of Hungary.

[TFP] The Hungarian government is transferring public schools to religious institutions, reported the French magazine L’Express.

This policy has infuriated socialist leaders within and outside Hungary and even in European countries where public education has had calamitous results. The angry complaints center on the fact that traditional morals are being restored with the help of Hungarian government policy.

Schools have brought back the singing of religious hymns as well as beginning the classes with prayer. And students’ parents get to choose the catechism to be taught to their children.

Churches retain their school subsidies regardless of the number of students. In the small town of Alsoörs, which L’Express presents as a typical case, out of a total of ninty-six families only two voted against transferring the school to the Church, underscoring the strong popular support this measure has.

Curiously enough, a Catholic priest, perhaps led by an ecumenical mentality or “dialogue” with the secularized world, after consulting with the bishop refused to take over a school.

The local Lutheran minister Miklos Rasky immediately agreed to do it and, very satisfied, said: “The current government is clinging to Christian values. This enables us to reconnect with our traditional role in the education field.”

The perplexed school teachers, the majority of whom are Catholic, were told by the pastor they will be replaced by Protestants.
Eighty schools have already been transferred by municipalities, which were also glad to no longer have to pay for these expenses that were unsustainable in the current crisis.

Leftist unions and political parties are also angry about the catechism classes now being given in schools that are still in state hands.

Education Minister Rozsa Hoffmann deplores the lack ofmoral values: “We want to restore them, whether it is protection of human life, respect for work and for the law, honesty and love of country. School is not just a place to gain knowledge: it must also transmit values,” he explained.

The education law fits into the context of the new Constitution which extols Christian values and rehabilitates the “Holy Crown” of Catholic Kings, the Hungarian incarnation of sovereign power.
Hungary Hands Over Public Schools to Religious Institutions

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Passion of Cardinal Mindszenty

Cardinal Mindszenty -- a Priceless Grain of Wheat

Munich ( Father Werenfried van Straaten, founder of  the worldwide Catholic assistance organization "Kirche in Not" [Church in Need] preached free of charge on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the year about the popular resistance against the Soviet occupation of Hungary  began on 23. October 1956.  This talk was related to the fate of the Hungarian József Cardinal Mindszenty and his example for today.

Father Werenfried knew Mindszenty personally and visited him during the uprising on the 30th of October 1956.  The talk is only available now in a CD recorded on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of +Mindszenty's death in 1985 and praised him as a "priceless Hungarian grain of wheat".

The former Primate of Hungary is said to have "taken a cross on himself such as hardly any other Cardinal had to endure", said Father Werenfried.  After his incarceration by the Communist Regime on the 26th of December 1948, he was tortured for a week.  "On nights he was beaten with a rubber truncheon and by day he was prevented from sleeping", said Werenfried.  "So he was destroyed as a man, and appeared through the peep-hole in the door as one dead."

After his release +Mindszenty finally, as Werenfried criticized, became an "was sacrificed as an object of exchange in Ostpolitik to the illusion of the diplomats ."  "He had to leave his fatherland and was maltreated exactly as God's own son, who took the form of a slave and was obedient even unto death on the Cross."  That a "spiritual giant like Cardinal Mindszenty" was subject to this obedience, is a sign of his great holiness, stressed Father Werenfried and appealed to his listeners, never to be sparing, when it so happens, to help persecuted and oppressed Christians:

"We, who bear the smallest part of the cross of Christ, remain poor for eternity, if we don't take the greatest part of the love, that which the persecuted Christians need, to take as our charge.  While our brothers are washed in blood and tears, we will be tested in love.  If we are not eager in our superabundance and not heroic in our love, then we must tremble in our eternity."

To awaken this love in men, is the mission of the organization "Kirche in Not", said Father Werenfried, and warned therefore, that the persecution of the Church worldwide is a "symptom of a spiritual battle not unleashed by men".  With a view to the situation of the Church in the West he declared:

"For decades, the Faith has only been preached reluctantly and every has been done, to undercut God's Commandments.  People have ceased in the battle against evil and aligned themselves with perversions, which the fallen man feel enamored of."

Werenfried criticized further, that the defensive system of our society is disconnected by this false pacifism.  "The result of this infection is death", insisted Werenfield and said, "the less one believes in the Devil, the more dangerous he becomes."

Die Audio-CD "Kardinal Mindszenty - ein kostbares Weizenkorn" kann unentgeltlich auf bestellt werden. [You can order the German CD free of charge at that link]

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