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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Pope Provides for Predator Presence at Youth Synod

Edit: Considering that most cases involving predators involve degenerate clergy preying on minors of the same sex, is it wise to continue promoting the outdated but highly corrosive revolutionary sexual ideologies of the late 60s and the individuals, like Rosica, who are its fanatical proponents? 

If I were a Canadian parent, I wouldn’t want Rosica anywhere near my children, or anyone else’s children.

I’d go a step further and say that this initiative and the Vatican’s current endorsement of it is a sign of the absolute irreformability of Francis and his clique of aberrosexualist collaborators.

Two staff members of Thomas Rosica’s 'Salt + Light Media' are auditors of the Synod of Bishops who can attend meetings and speak out. Rosica is considered a proponent of liberalization of the Church teaching on homosexuality.

Vatican ( Four employees of P. Thomas Rosica's "Salt + Light Media" are participating in the current synod. Two of them belong to the 50-member group of auditors. Canada's Catholic youth is thus represented exclusively by "Salt + Light Media" employees.

The auditors attend the synod meetings and are allowed to speak there. However, they have no voting rights. 34 of the 50 synod auditors are younger than thirty.

The two other employees of "Salt + Light Media" are collaborators of the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops.

Rosica, himself a member of the Vatican Press Office, considered this circumstance to be "a strong sign of confirmation by the Pope" and recognition of the Church's mission of "Salt + Light".

The media project supports Pope Francis and will soon broadcast the documentary "The Francis Impact". It is a continuation of "The Francis Effect", which represents the pontificate as extremely positive. The announcement text for "The Francis Impact" states that Pope Francis is "for many people in the world the most authentic and credible moral authority". [lol]

Father Rosica has recently caused a stir by saying that Pope Francis will break with Catholic traditions whenever he wishes, "because he is free from disordered attachments." has reported this: with Pope Francis a 'new phase' for the Church begins

Shortly before it had become known that Rosica wanted to say a “Mass” for "LGBT Catholics". After this project became known, Rosica canceled his participation. In 2015 he had argued that the Catechism of the Catholic Church should find another language on homosexuality. has reported here: Canadian media priest and Vatican advisor will preside  LGBT Mass

Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Obituary: A Holy Jesuit Priest from Canada

Edit: rather than take the bus, this Jesuit liked to walk.  He lived a simple life with few comforts save for the joy of learning and inventing.  His simplicity was an inspiration to many.

June 12, 1931 - January 22, 2012

Fr Lawrence Abello SJ, renowned professor, inventor and a devout companion of Mother Teresa passed away on January 22, 2012 at St Xavier's College, Kolkata. Born in Leuven, Saskatchewan, Fr Abello joined the Jesuits in 1956; he volunteered for the Darjeeling Mission, and took his final vows in 1974. He taught philosophy in India, earned a PhD in physics from Wayne State University, Detroit and held two patents for his inventions. Fr Abello was a champion of the unborn, immersed himself in the service of the poor and guided many who chose to work with the poor in Kolkata. He is survived by brothers Fr Louis and Tony Abello and sister Ms Giacinta Auser. He will be sadly missed by many. Fr Abello will be laid to rest in the Jesuit cemetery at Kolkata. 

Donations in his memory may be send to: Canadian Jesuits International,
70 Saint Mary Street,
Toronto ON Canada, M5S 1J3
Tel: 414651824, Toll Free             1-800-448-2148

Image from Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Anglican Bishop Leads His Flock Into Sinai

Editor : who knows where these Anglicans are going. But because they've refused to embrace the all-holy Sodomy, the entire congregation of three hundred souls is departing the place where they and their ancestors have worshiped for almost two hundred years. Not wanting to engage in a protracted legal battle, the local Bishop has opted to go into exile at a nearby community center. It's unclear where they are going to go after taking such a principled stand as a congregation, whether they will take advantage of the Holy Father's Anglicanorum Coetibus or not.

By Kelly Patterson
It was a historic moment in Ottawa as a subdued crowd of about 300 filed out of St. Alban’s Anglican Church on King Edward Avenue on Sunday, leaving behind a place where some have roots going back to Confederation.

Founded in 1865, the church where Sir John A. Macdonald worshipped has been in the spotlight ever since a showdown over same-sex marriage and other issues led the congregation of St. Alban’s to leave the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, and, after a bitter battle, the building they have called home for 146 years.

“This is kind of historic. We’re in a new era,” said Sheila Lang, 79, as her grandchildren — the seventh generation of her family to attend the church — played in the reception hall of the Ottawa Little Theatre, where the congregation, now called the Church of the Messiah, will meet until it finds a permanent home. Meanwhile, the diocese will establish a new congregation at St. Alban’s, with a relaunch planned for Friday.

Read further....

Meanwhile, the seeds of Anglicanorum Coetibus are continuing to sprout.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Conservative Anglican Bishops Weighing Against the Crashing Waves

Editor: To mix and match some metaphors, like King Canute,  a tiny band of Bishops are trying to shout against the crashing sea, or to right the sinking ship of the overwhelmingly trendy Anglican Communion in Canada. Isn't this like closing the gate after the cows have escaped? They should put a sign up on the chamber doors as you enter this viper brood,  "abandon all hope ye who enter".
Six conservative bishops have banded together in the hope of influencing the overwhelmingly liberal House of Bishops in the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC). The six have pledged to observe with “gracious restraint” the three-fold moratoria of the Windsor Report.

Although the six have been dubbed “gracious restraint bishops,” there is no official name for their association. Nor is it formally related with a similar American group, Communion Partners.
The group includes three relatively new bishops — the Rt. Revs. Stephen Andrews (Algoma), Michael Hawkins (Saskatchewan) and Fraser Lawton (Athabasca) — and three longtime bishops: William Anderson (Caledonia), Andrew Atagotaaluk (Arctic) and Larry Robertson (Yukon). At the April meeting of the House of Bishops they declared:

“We are pleased to announce the establishment of an association of bishops in the Anglican Church of Canada who are committed to a policy of ‘gracious restraint,’ embodied in observing the three-fold moratoria as enjoined by the Windsor Report. Between ourselves we agree to observe the discipline of the Windsor moratoria until such time as there is clarity in the Communion about the final status of the Anglican Covenant and our mutual obligations.”

Link to story, here...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vindictive Pro-Abort Priest Sues Lifesite in a fit of Rage

Raging priest, Fr. Gravel, who is on record for attacking the teachings of the Catholic Church is now suing the organization that reported his evil deeds.  It should mean that the raging ex-catechist and politician will have to cover their substantial legal costs when all's said and done.

He claims that Lifesite damaged his position in the Church.   Perhaps you did that when you decided to flaunt your anti-Catholicism by saying the following:

“I am pro-choice and there is not a bishop on earth that will prevent me from receiving Communion, not even the Pope.”
Actually, this case should have trouble even being heard, unless they Lavender Mafia has paid off the judge.  Just goes to show you how vindictive and nasty these people are.

Lifesite, here.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Calgary Anglican parish accepts Pope’s offer to join Rome

Perhaps this is jumping the gun, but it should be evident why the incoming Anglicans are regarded with such suspicion by many Bishops and their camp followers, they're afraid of being put out of work.

Calgary Anglican parish accepts Pope’s offer to join Rome

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Diocese head of schools on leave | The Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre, PA

This time it was a married layman. Considered that married folks are more likely to abuse, perhaps having a married clergy isn't such a grand idea after all, but you people, most of you, were probably smart enough to see through the hype.

Diocese head of schools on leave | The Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre, PA

But wait, there's another one, this time a Canadian, Anglican "priest" facing charges as well. Maybe it isn't just Christian clergypersons we should be hunting down, but the white male?

But we almost forgot to mention that strange case of Deacon Levine, who is currently on hold from becoming a priest, who is also under a pal of supsicion owning to his relationship witht he mostly discredited Society of Saint John.

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:06 am Post subject:


On a related matter, Deacon Joseph Levine, originally superior of the disgraced Society of Saint John and unsuccessful candidate for the priesthood first for the Diocese of Scranton and then Paterson, New Jersey (see below), has resurfaced as a "patoral year seminarian/deacon" on the staff of St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Bend, Oregon, in the Diocese of Baker ( If at first you don't suceed ...?

Ordination Permanently out for Former Local Deacon

A Deacon Formerly Associated with the Controversial Society of St. John Will Not Be a Priest in the Catholic Diocese of Paterson, N.J.

By David Singleton
The Times-Tribune [Scranton PA]
May 30, 2007

Deacon Joseph Levine is still a deacon in the diocese, but will not be ordained to the priesthood, Marianna Thompson, the diocesan communications director, said Tuesday.

The diocese announced late last week that Deacon Levine would not be ordained Saturday in Paterson as previously scheduled, but released no other details. Four other men were ordained.

Ms. Thompson confirmed Deacon Levine's ordination is off permanently, a result of the "discernment" process during which the deacon and church officials examined his call to the priesthood.

"As we deepened and widened our discernment process, we discerned not to ordain Mr. Levine," she said. "He will not serve as a priest in the Paterson diocese."

Deacon Levine is the former superior general of the Society of St. John, a clerical association once headquartered at a rural compound at Shohola in Pike County. Recognized by the Diocese of Scranton in 1998, the society was suppressed by Bishop Joseph F. Martino in 2004.

At the time of the group's suppression, two of the society's priests were the subject of a sexual abuse lawsuit filed by a former St. Gregory Academy student. The Diocese of Scranton settled the suit in 2005.

Diocese of Paterson officials acknowledged receiving questions about Deacon Levine's suitability for the priesthood. In an e-mail to the diocese last month, Society of St. John critic Jeffrey Bond, Ph.D., accused the deacon of covering up alleged sex abuse by society priests while superior general.

The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, which asked the diocese not to ordain Deacon Levine, applauded the decision.

"SNAP is very pleased that the Diocese of Paterson is taking a proactive stance in screening its candidates," said Father John P. Bambrick, outreach coordinator for the organization's New Jersey chapter.

David Clohessy, SNAP national director, said colleagues and supervisors who have knowledge of abuse by clergymen have a moral obligation to speak up, and there should be consequences for "secrecy and duplicity."

"We think the bishop should trumpet this far and wide," Mr. Clohessy said. [We think Clohessy should be hung along with the perps for being, at best, a Soviet patsy]

And don't forget another one-time inhabitant of Oregon who has since moved to good old Chicago, Cormac Brissett, for whom consent is the only criterion, as Mark Shea puts it so nicely, of the good whose own pederastic intrigues will no doubt earn him his spurs at the gay parnassus alongside names such as +Weakland, Shanley, Geoghan, +O'Brien, +Mahony, +Gumbleton, +Eidschenk, Liuzi and the once great but now failing Jesuit Order to which he now proudly belongs.

Here's the letter written to Mr. Levine from Dr. Bond's website in its entirety, which shows amply that Mr. Levine didn't do anything to correct the problems and simply hoped to stonewall till the thing blew over. It's amazing that there are still people like "Pat" writing in the comments below who want to defend these types:

An Open Letter to Deacon Joseph Levine, Superior General of the Society of St. John
Dear Deacon Levine,

When I first saw your picture on the front page of the Society of St. John's May 2002 Epistle, I thought for a brief moment that there might still be some hope for the SSJ with you as the new Superior General. I wondered if you might honestly address the former Superior General's betrayal of the SSJ's vision, and thus seek to make a new beginning. That faint hope was quickly dashed, however, when I read your unqualified and dishonest praise of Fr. Carlos Urrutigoity.

Fr. Urrutigoity, as you know well, has been accused of homosexual molestation by three different people from three different places: first, by Fr. Andres Morello, the former rector of the SSPX seminary in La Reja, Argentina, where Fr. Urrutigoity was a seminarian; second, by Bishop Fellay on behalf of a young seminarian who had left with Fr. Urrutigoity when he was expelled by Bishop Williamson from the SSPX seminary in Winona, Minnesota, where Fr. Urrutigoity was a professor; and third, by a graduate of St. Gregory's Academy in Elmhurst, Pennsylvania, where Fr. Urrutigoity was a chaplain. This most recent accusation was made in a federal lawsuit filed by the St. Gregory's graduate and his parents.

In addition to these three accusations, there is abundant testimony, including affidavits, establishing Fr. Urrutigoity's habit of sleeping in the same bed with young men and boys.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of the SSJ's sexual and financial misconduct, you boldly state in the May 2002 Epistle that the SSJ has "advanced under Fr. Urrutigoity's leadership from being a mere group of friends with a common idea to becoming a close-knit and disciplined religious community." While I am prepared to believe that the SSJ is "close-knit," I balk at the suggestion that it is a "disciplined religious community."

First and foremost it must be said that the SSJ is not, and never was, a "religious community." The portrayal of the SSJ as Benedictine has been part of the fraud initiated by Fr. Urrutigoity and now, sadly, perpetuated by you. As both Bishop Timlin and Bishop Dougherty made clear to Fr. Richard Munkelt and me, the SSJ is nothing more than a group of diocesan priests with permission to live together. Nevertheless, the SSJ literature has continually suggested otherwise to the detriment of many unsuspecting Catholic donors.

Bishop Dougherty was particularly insistent on this point, and he reported to Fr. Munkelt and me that he had stressed this when he reprimanded Fr. Urrutigoity, Fr. Eric Ensey, Fr. Daniel Fullerton, and Fr. Dominic O'Connor at a meeting on the Shohola property in September 2001. Bishop Dougherty was deeply concerned because, as he explained to Fr. Munkelt and me, the misuse of the trappings and titles of religious life is, more often than not, a cover for serious sin. How right he was! It should also be noted that Bishop Dougherty, troubled by the SSJ's excessive use of novenas for fundraising purposes, quipped to Fr. Munkelt and me that he was going to become a Lutheran if he saw any more advertisements for Society of St. John novenas.

How sad that Bishop Dougherty has not found the courage to stand for the truth he well knows. Instead, Bishop Dougherty is hiding behind a false notion of obedience to his superior, Bishop Timlin, who refuses to protect young souls from the sexual predations of Fr. Urrutigoity and Fr. Ensey. And you, Deacon Levine, appear to have chosen the same path as Bishop Dougherty. You are reputed to be one of the finest minds ever to graduate from Thomas Aquinas College—undoubtedly the best Catholic college in the country—and yet you refuse to face the truth. What is the value of being able to cite chapter and verse of St. Thomas' Treatise on Law if you cannot, or will not, recognize lawlessness when it is staring you in the face? Do you still believe, as you told me last summer, Fr. Urrutigoity is like St. Ignatius of Loyola insofar as he operates on a plane "above the realm of human reason and prudence"? Is this how you have justified to yourself Fr. Urrutigoity's habit of sleeping in the same bed with boys?

I would suggest you re-read St. Benedict's Rule, especially chapter 22 entitled "How the monks are to sleep." The first line of this chapter reads as follows: "All the monks shall sleep in separate beds." St. Benedict adds that all the monks are to sleep in one room, if possible. If not, then the monks are to be grouped in tens or twenties with a senior in charge of each group. A candle is to burn throughout the night. Finally, the younger brothers are not to sleep in beds next to each other, but interspersed with those of their elders. Now compare these balanced and prudent rules of St. Benedict with Fr. Fullerton's defense of Fr. Urrutigoity's habit of inviting young men to sleep with him in his private quarters. Fr. Fullerton had the audacity to argue that this was done because the SSJ wanted to follow the "Benedictine spirituality" of receiving all guests as Christ.

Read also chapter 35 of St. Benedict's Rule entitled "Weekly kitchen service." You will find nothing there about catered meals from gourmet restaurants.

While it is an outright deception to call the SSJ a "religious community," it is simply absurd to call it "disciplined." Even the SSJ's most loyal supporters, in moments of candor and frustration, have admitted that the SSJ priests, quite frankly, live and often behave like spoiled children. They expect nothing but the best—be it furniture, food, drink, or cigars—yet they squander and waste what they are given. Perhaps this explains why you, though only a deacon, were chosen to be Superior General rather than any of the SSJ priests.

If the SSJ is really the disciplined group you say it is, then please explain how the SSJ—just this past month—has been kicked out of yet another house where some of its members were living rent-free. This is the third house that the SSJ has been ordered to vacate after abusing the generous hospitality of the owner. I am amazed that even now, while the SSJ is under close scrutiny, your members could not at least pretend to be concerned about the property of others. Even naughty children know how to behave well under the threat of punishment, but not so the SSJ. Your "disciplined" group just expects that new living quarters and more money will be provided for them.

Furthermore, where is the discipline in allowing priests under your authority to continue to lie to Catholic donors about the scandal surrounding the SSJ? As the new Superior General, you are now responsible for the lies being told by your telemarketing priests, especially Fr. Dominic Carey who has been shameless in his willingness to deceive donors.

Finally, Deacon Levine, you yourself have not been honest and forthright in your letter about the status of the Catholic city the SSJ has proposed to build. You conclude your letter by exhorting your supporters to "persevere in charity" with respect to this "ambitious project" (that is, give more money), yet you are as silent as your predecessor in the face of the hard questions that must be answered: Is there really any hope of building on the Shohola property? Have you acquired a legitimate public access route yet? Or are you still secretly trying to sell the property? And how has the SSJ spent the five million dollars donated to build its city and the College of St. Justin Martyr?

As you exhort Catholic donors to trust you with even more money, I exhort you to put aside the purple prose of your first official letter and, instead, speak the plain truth about these weighty matters.


Dr. Jeffrey M. Bond
The College of St. Justin Martyr
142 Market Road
Greeley, PA 18425

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Catholics Should Stop Funding Kairos


Catholics should stop funding KAIROS
By Fr. Alphonse de Valk
Issue: January 2010

Throughout much of 2009 Canada’s Catholic bishops have been struggling how to handle the controversy with the Canadian Catholic Organization of Development and Peace (CCODP). Readers will recall that the controversy began in March of 2009 when the pro-life news agency, which issues daily bulletins on the internet of what is happening in The Americas and the rest of the world with respect to the “life” issues (abortion, contraception, bio-ethics, sexual orientation, etc.) came across evidence that a number of foreign partners of CCODP were involved in sometimes anti-life activities.

On enquiry with D&P HQ in Montreal it was discovered that D&P “did not have a policy for or against abortion.” (“The Development and Peace conundrum,” C.I., Sept. 2009, p. 3). In an age where secularism is ruthlessly anti-life and neutrality is an unknown commodity, that meant that D&P was quite comfortable supporting anti-life organizations under the guise of “we don’t know anything about it.”

Link to original...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Media Hoopla against Prince Charles Pre-ordered and Planned

Insight into the manufacture crises and mood manipulation of the liberal media-czars.


We heard nothing on the TV news media about the 'relevance of the monarchy in Canada' until a week or two before the arrival of Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall in Canada.

The survey the media manipulated must have been taken in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver in a mixed culture where a monarchy is seemingly unknown.

All during the royal visit, the TV media and especially the TV news presenters (Peter Mans-bridge, Tom Clark, etc.) had debates and long-winded discussions ad nauseam about whether Canada should drop the monarchy and become a republic. Manipulation was quite obvious.

Now I ask you, wasn't that a fine welcome for the Royals? On previous royal tours, there would be full coverage of the Royals' daily happenings, but during the recent tour we were shown snippets only, about two minutes in an hour-long newscast. Tells you what the TV media is about, doesn't it?

Also strange is the fact that since Prince Charles and the Duchess left Canada on November 12, there are no more debates, no more discussions on the monarchy. Why? The late Senator Eugene Forsey would turn over in the grave to know the TV media showed so little respect for our 'Royal Visitors.'

The TV news media has a lot to answer for the constant barrage of such untimely discussions of the monarchy when the Royals were in Canada. Present the news, don't manipulate it.

Doris F. Saar,

Pembroke, ON

Monday, November 30, 2009

Bishop of Calgary Suspends FSSP

In another very public but tolerated case of clerical-abuse, the Bishop of Calgary has decided to suspend the FSSP Parish in his Diocese. It's not the first time the Department of Public Safety has made imperious, pusillanimous and unreasonable demands designed to attack the truths of the Catholic Faith.

From: [parvenu74]
Sent: November 30, 2009 10:09 AM
Subject: Calgary's Saint Anthony Parish: forbidden to have Mass if communion in the hand is not offered?

Dear Bishop Henry,

On the front page of your diocese's website, I see there is a letter in which you are forbidding the distribution of communion on the tongue due to H1N1 concerns. Separately, I have heard that you have forbidden the Parish of Saint Anthony's in Calgary, which is serviced by priests of the Fraternity of Saint Peter, to offer Mass using the Missal of 1962 because that Rite of Mass is incompatible with communion given in the hand.

Is this true?


From: Bishop F.B. Henry
Date: Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 11:34 AM
Subject: RE: Calgary's Saint Anthony Parish: forbidden to have Mass if communion in the hand is not offered?

Dear Michael

The Fraternity ahs informed me that they are unable to comply with the directives in my pastoral letter re reception of communion. Therefore, the Latin Mass will be suspended until the temporary sanctions have been lifted as recommended by the Medical Officer of Health.

Peace, Bishop Henry

November 25, 2009
Rev. C. Blust, FSSP
St. Anthony’s Parish
5340 4th St. SW
Calgary, AB, T2V 0Z5

Dear Fr. Blust and My Brothers and Sisters of the Latin Mass Community of St. Anthony’s

The sacraments (and sacramentals – like holy water) are entrusted by Christ to the church which is responsible for determining through regulation the manner of their proper celebration. The bishop is the chief liturgist in the local church or diocese. In the event of a pandemic, we ought to try to reduce the possibility of transmission of a virus and protect the faithful – also the body of Christ. Our current liturgical restrictions in Calgary aim to do precisely that . This is a difficulty for some but we must remember that a Catholic spirituality is not an individual affair but communitarian from the get-go. For the love of our brothers and sisters we have mandated the sacrificing of a personal preference in the manner of Eucharistic reception for a temporary period.

Receiving communion on the tongue is not a dogma of faith. Nor is it an absolute. Since the Eucharistic Celebration is the Paschal Banquet, it is desirable that in keeping with the Lord's command, his Body and Blood should be received by the faithful who are properly disposed as spiritual food. In the Diocese of Calgary, all the faithful may receive communion on the tongue or in the hand - this also applies to the faithful who choose to celebrate the Eucharist with the Latin Mass community at St. Anthony’s, Calgary and St. Patrick’s, Medicine Hat. However, due to the current N1H1 pandemic and in accordance with recommendations received from the Medical Officer of Health, communion on the tongue is temporarily suspended.

I want to be perfectly clear: no one is to be denied the Eucharist, what is at issue is the manner of reception.

Participation in the celebration of the Eucharistic sacrifice is a source and means of grace even apart from the actual reception of Holy Communion. It has also been long understood that when circumstances prevent one from receiving Holy communion during mass, it is possible to make a spiritual communion that is also a source of grace. Spiritual communion means uniting oneself in prayer with Christ’s sacrifice and worshiping him present in his Body and Blood.

Nevertheless, the current pandemic circumstances do not warrant the non-reception of the Body and Blood of the Lord in favour of a spiritual communion.

Wishing you all the best, I remain,

Sincerely yours in Christ,

+ F. B. Henry
Bishop of Calgary.,3425913.0.html

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Bishop to Replace Bishop Raymond Lahey

By Charles Lewis, National Post

Pope Benedict has appointed a new bishop to replace Raymond Lahey, who left his diocese in Nova Scotia earlier this fall after being charged with possession of child pornography.

Brian Dunn, right, the present auxilliary Bishop of Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., will be taking over at the Diocese of Antigonish, a part of the Catholic Church that has seen its share of troubles. It recently finalized, under Bishop Lahey, a $15-million settlement with those abused by parish priests. And then in September, the diocese was rocked again when Bishop Lahey was alleged to be carrying pornographic images of teens on his laptop while going through the Ottawa airport.

Read more:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why Australia (and Canada too) is better off with a Monarchy

This Essay was published earlier by Charles Coulombe and it contains an apologia for Monarchy. It attempts to awaken an appreciation for its deeper religious significance and therefore, it's importance for society as a whole, even a society dominated by republican sentiments and political mechanisms as the Commonwealth is.

"Whereas the People of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania, humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God, have agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and under the Constitution hereby established."

By Charles Coulombe

The character of Kings is sacred: their persons are inviolable; they are the anointed of the Lord, if not with sacred oil, at least by virtue of their office. Their power is broad - based upon the Will of God, and not on the shifting sands of the people's Will ... They will be spoken of with becoming reverence, instead of being in public estimation fitting butts for all foul tongues. It becomes a sacrilege to violate their persons, and every indignity offered to them in word or act, becomes an indignity offered to God Himself. It is this view of Kingly rule that alone can keep alive in a scoffing and licentious age the spirit of ancient loyalty, that spirit begotten of faith, combining in itself obedience, reverence, and love for the majesty of Kings which was at once a bond of social union, an incentive to noble daring, and a salt to purify the heart from its grosser tendencies, preserving it from all that is mean, selfish, and contemptible. (P J Joyce, John Healy, pp 68-69).

Read further...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Diogenes Sounds off on Highly Placed Clerical Homosexuals

Diogenes sounds off again about the issue of homosexuals in the priesthood and in this case, the episcopate. He notes the way one of Bishop of Antigonish Raymond Lahey's defenders, Archbishop James Weisgerber, who objects that Bishop Lahey shouldn't be tried in the court of "public opinion", is not being honest with us. This dodge sounds suspiciously familiar. It is an attempt to appeal to good-natured fair play all around. Bishop Weisberger thinks it's just about a man's sexual "preference", one which he doesn't seem to think will produce an "affective maturity" contrary to canon law.

We'll try to add to what Diogenes has suggested by saying that one might detect a heterodox and dangerous (depending on his place in the hierarchy) individual when he attempts to drag out platitudinous emotional appeals to fair conduct, which don't stand well in the face of existing canon law. A canon law which they disingenuously attempt to sidestep and ignore with the predictable results we've seen thus far that go hand in hand with heterodoxy, declining parish enrollments, embarrassing criminal cases, divestment and a "vocations crisis".

Diogenes also points out that Homosexuals are not to be put in positions of authority as rectors of Seminaries. It's a good rule because no one normal will want to deal with an emotionally immature and obsessive man with an "affective" disorder. Is it any wonder that the crop of clerical homosexuals has procured for us such a ramshackle Church in America?

The Monarchy is still Revered in Canada: relevance of Mainstream Journalists questioned.

Not a small number of Journalists are questioning the relevance of the Monarchy during Prince Charles' visit attempting to incite a "national dialogue" about something they've already concluded.

The following article from Reuters here says that the relevance of the Monarchy should be questioned, but it seems more obvious from the actual polls that, a few journalists notwithstanding, that the majority of Canadians revere their Queen and the Institution of the Monarchy as much as Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The thing that should be questioned here is the quality of the news services offered to Canadians.

The article did manage to correctly quote the Prime Minister:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper told the St. John's ceremony that Canada's association with the monarchy was a "defining symbol of our unique Canadian identity."

This is Prince Charles's 15th visit to Canada, but his first since 2001. Queen Elizabeth is expected to visit the country next year.

Article here...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Queen is as Popular as Ever in Canada despite Media Distortions

Significant increase in popularity for the Queen in Canada in New Zealand at BBC which they say is even up from 2001, but this Wikipedia poll says 78% favor the Monarchy.

But there are others, pre-emptively predicting the abolition of the Monarchy in Canada, primarily from strange outlets like ths politically dubious report from Yahoo.

The Queen generally stays out of political frays, but it's hard not to imagine that the leftists want to belittle her importance to Canada prior to her visit in 2010 for political advantage, so no doubt, there will be those wanting to "dialogue" about her irrelavence to Canada when it's clear from the massive jiggerng of the polls that the majority of Canadians actually do favor the Monarchy and look forward to welcoming her Majesty next year.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Canada is getting new Nuncio

Father Raymond J. de Souza: The Vatican's man in Canada
Posted: October 29, 2009, 8:38 AM by NP Editor
Filed under: Father Raymond J. De Souza

This week, the diplomatic corps is bidding farewell to Archbishop Luigi Ventura, the apostolic nuncio to Canada for the past eight years and the most influential Catholic in Canada this young century.

The apostolic nuncio is generally thought of as ambassador of one state to another, but that is not quite right. The Vatican City State does not have diplomatic relations with any country. Diplomatic relations are with the Holy See.

What's the difference? The Holy See is the legal expression of the pope's role as universal pastor of the Church. States maintain diplomatic relations with the supreme authority of the Catholic Church, which is recognized as a sovereign power in international law.


According to the Office of the Apostolic Nuncio, we do not know who the new Nuncio for Canada is as of yet as the former Nuncio, Archbishop Ventura, goes to Paris.

And from his farewell address, he writes some fairly amazing words, particularly the following quoting Spanish writer, J.M. Prada

We are not without our challenges even today, and we know that they are not small. The principal challenge of our age seems to me to be anthropological, a hegemonic vision of the world that transforms the human person into a socially engineered object. A new anthropology imposes cultural paradigms that are unattackable and indisputable. One offers, according to the inspired expression of a young Spanish philosopher, "the opportunity to transform one’s interest and one’s desires into liberties and rights. However these are not more inherent to nature but they become gracious concessions of a power that legally consecrates them" (J. M. de Prada).

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