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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Mass Celebrated for the First Time in Geneva Cathedral Since 1535

Cardinal Koch describes worship in February as a great symbol of unity

Zurich ( In Geneva, the city of Calvin, an ecumenical event of historical importance is imminent: On February 29, 2020 (the coming year is a leap year), a Mass will be celebrated in the Cathedral of St. Pierre in Geneva for the first time since 1535, by the Catholic Bishop of Geneva-Lausanne-Friborg, Charles Morerod.  The Swiss President of the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity, Cardinal Kurt Koch, described the upcoming event in a capital of Protestantism as a great symbol of Christian unity.  It was pointed out in Swiss and French media that such a process would have been absolutely unthinkable just a few years ago.

St. Pierre is the main church of the Reformed in Geneva.  Ecumenical hospitality for Bishop Morerod in this church is therefore of particular importance.  According to a sermon by Guillaume Farel, who announced the principles of the Reformation in St. Pierre on August 8, 1535, the signs of Catholic cult had been erased from the Geneva cathedral.  Jean Calvin then worked as a preacher in St. Pierre for 23 years.

Edit: Morerod is an Old Liberal 68er. Not much unity here. The Calvinists will like the sacrilegious Communion in the hand.


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Female "Pastor" Smashes Marian Statue in Brazil to Pieces -- Brazilian Catholics Outraged

Edit: in the US, Catholics probabaly would have bleated ineffectually about freedom
of speech and done nothing.

(Rio de Janeiro) The "pastoress" of a Protestant congregation smashed a statue of Our Lady of Aparecida. The scene was filmed and released to the public. The great indignation caused by this caused the woman apologize in a video for her deed.

The incident occurred in the hinterland of the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo. In Botucatu, a Protestant female pastor of a local congregation performed a memorial service for Our Lady of Aparecida, Brazil's most important pilgrimage destination, in a meadow, and beat her with a hammer. The hammer attack left the Marian statue  in pieces. Brazilian media talked about it as the act of frenzy and even obsession. The fact is that in certain parts of Protestant free churches, they are strongly influenced by Calvinism, where there is a radical dislike for Mary and the worship of the Mother of God. The sectarian attitude must be repelent to all members of the Catholic and Orthodox Church.

The devotees of the "pastoress" cshouted "Hallelujah" during the destruction, praised Jesus and spoke of a "purification".

The destruction scene was filmed and the video released. The indignation was so great that the "pastoress" was compelled to publicly apologize for her misdeed.

2017 marks the 300th anniversary of Aparecida's Matian apparition. On 24th of July, Pope Francis visited the pilgrimage site in the State of Sao Paulo. At that time, the police uncovered a bomb. It was a professionally produced explosive set with deadly intent. Whoever  had set the bomb could not be found out. In the run-up, left-extreme and aberrosexual organizations had protested against the papal visit. Francis had traveled to Brazil for World Youth Day.

Text: Andreas Becker
Image: Youtube (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bishop of de Oruro Prohibits Communion in the Hand in His Diocese

Edit: here's a google translation with some editing.  Adalantela Fe is the website which the late Bishop Livieres continued his important work after being thrown out of his diocese for no substantial reason.

[Adalantela Fe] Recently the Bishop of the Diocese of Oruro, Bolivia, Monsignor Cristobal Bialasik, in his usual Sunday celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass this Sunday August 16, has said that in the diocesan Church entrusted to him, he will not continue to give the consecrated Host -- Body of the Lord -- in the hands of the faithful (i.e., those who are not priests).

The prelate rightly undermines the administration of the Eucharist in this way, as he himself said, it has been noticed lately that some people do not consume the Host upon receipt, and want to carry it out of the church for purposes unknown.

The jealous priests of old wanted to be sure that those who received the Host were known parishioners, to avoid profanity, as there were Jews and members of other groups and ideologies who attended Masses to profane the Body of Jesus, throwing Him to the floor, spitting and trampling on Him.

As we are reminded by Msgr. Athanasius Schneider, the practice we now know of Communion in the hand was born in the seventeenth century among the Calvinists, who did not believe in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist. "Not even Luther would have done it," said the bishop, "In fact, until relatively recently, Lutherans were kneeling communicants and on the tongue, and even today some do this still in Scandinavia".

St. Thomas Aquinas, in his great Summa Theologica, confirms and explains:

"The administration of the Body of Christ is for the priest for three reasons.

"First, because he consecrates in the person of Christ. But as Christ consecrated His Body at the (Last) Supper, so also He gave it to others to be shared with them. Accordingly, as the consecration of the Body of Christ is for the priest, also its distribution corresponds to him.

"Second, because the priest is the appointed intermediary between God and the people, therefore it corresponds to him to offer the people's gifts to God. Thus it is for the people he distributes the consecrated gifts.

"Third, because of reverence for this Sacrament, nothing touches it but what is consecrated as the corporal and the chalice are consecrated, and likewise the priest's hands touch this sacrament. Therefore, it is not lawful for anyone else to touch it except from necessity, for instance if it had fallen on the ground or also some other emergency." 1

Because of the loss of the sense of sin, warned by Pope Pius XII, today many faithful have lost faith in the Eucharist, in which Jesus is present with his Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity as well, as communicants receive Holy Communion and attend Mass, it is clear what degree of faith there is in the Real Presence.

The most serious desecrations are accomplished by the administration or reception of the sacraments, or in the case of the Holy Eucharist, by debasing it in celebration, that is in mortal sin, hence a deliberate and remarkable irreverence towards the celebration of the Holy Eucharist is the worst sacrilege.

I well remember one Sunday in Chile, where a pastoral worker was visiting a rural parish. Once in town, we attended Mass. The pastor -- a good and holy priest -- had a visible disability that certainly not let him move. At the time of communion, the nun who was acting minister of communion held the chalice in one hand, while in the other she began to administer them. In approach to receive the Body of the Lord, it seemed, he started the Hosts, and in doing so not so small fragments fell to the floor, which the religious seemed not to notice. After the Mass, two outsiders, without asking permission, quickly went to kneel before the many visible pieces scattered, and moistening their fingers consumed them.

Similar events are often repeated and in many countries there have been groups of lay people whose sole responsibility is to collect fragments of the consecrated Hosts that have fallen after giving communion in the hand. 2

Too numerous to mention are all the desecrations against Jesus in the Eucharist, but let us note the following:

Receive Communion with serious sins on the soul, without having confessed before a priest.

Eucharist is received in a posture of sitting and standing.

After Holy Communion few remain in intimate worship of Jesus and almost all leave immediately after Mass.

During Communion and after they then they sit, and are often talking.

The songs, manner of dress, talk and general behavior of the people, does not differ much from what happens in other meetings.

Chants and instruments used, clapping hands, give the Mass a sense of carnival more than a religious function.

The forgetfulness of Jesus present in the Tabernacle by the faithful and even many consecrated persons, is almost complete.

The Prince of Theology states: "Both the wicked and the good eat this celestial food, but with ends how opposite. Here is life and there is death the same yet issuing to each in difference infinite." 3

Germán Mazuelo-Leytón

1 AQUINO, TOMÁS, Summa Teológica, III, Q. 82, Art. 13.

2 MAZUELO-LEYTÓN, GERMÁN, El diablo no tiene rodillas,

3 AQUINO, TOMÁS, Secuencia de la fiesta de Corpus Christi.

From Adelante de Fe with some revision of a google translation.