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Monday, March 21, 2011

Now The Hate Will Fall Upon the Christians

Editor: while NPR and various news organs like the Crescent News Network and the Obama administration were celebrating the Arab Revolt, many others who were more aware of previous Arab uprisings were not so enthusiastic.

As the Coptic Pope has aligned himself against the Egyptian Pseudo-Revolution, all had joined the uproar about him. Now no one is apologizing to the man.

In Egypt, the tensions between Muslims and Christians are growing day to day. This was from the website '' on March 13th.

After the fall of the old President, General Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian Generals are concerned about power, not for the religious freedom of the Christians.

Their disposition has intensified the unrest tremendously.

Recently, soldiers have fired on monks.

In the last days there have been violent confrontations.

In Cairo thirteen people were killed and over 100 wounded when Copts were attacked at a sit down strike.

The reason for the strike: Muslims had destroyed homes of Christians and the Coptic Church of St. Mina and George in the distant village of Soul Atfif.

The soldiers who were called up for this fired upon the Christians and not the aggressing Moslems.

"From the Arabian upraising against despots there has arisen an Arab uprising of hate against religious minorities" - maintains the Free Assemblywoman of the Austrian National Parliament, Dr. Susanne Winter.

What is of particular concern for Frau Winter is the roll that the military government, supported by the USA, which fired on the Christian minority.

On the other side members of the Islamic underground organization "Islamic Jihad" have been set loose, who had assassinated the President Anwar el Sadat in 1981.

"It is all too understandable that many Copts have little euphiria for the future after the collapse of the government in Egypt because of this religious unrest -- said Frau Winter.

The provisional government has made no signals about religious freedom, rather they have fanned the distrust and conflicts beetween Christians and Muslims.

On the supposed "way to Democracy" in Egypt, the rights of all religious minorities must be recognized.


And in a related story, thousands of Africans are leaving Islam. Who can blame them, when things like these church burnings which happened recently in Ethiopia, happen?