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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hippie Pastor Makes Mild Remarks in Minnesota House: Gutless Minnesota Politicians Slither

Editor: The anti-Catholic hate sheet, The Minneapolis Star and Tribune, is attacking a strange and anarchistic looking Protestant Minister, Pastor Bradlee Dean, for a fairly mild message.  In fact, it caused many in the house to lash out with their hate-filed Christophobic bullying, some lazily, indolently comparing him to Hitler and others simpering about what they felt was "hateful".  It just goes to show you that you really can't make concessions to these people, you have to fight them and confront them without fear in your heart.  If you make concessions to the stupidity and error of their position, they will never be pleasee, rather like the anguished souls of the damned in Hell, they will grasp at you to pull you down. Well, this Protestant minister made a very mild statement in the midst of a "controversial" decision to vote on a bill defending "traditional" Marriage.  It's hard to see what's so offensive about what he actually said, unless the members are just objecting to things he's said outside of his speech.  Actually, his argument is a fairly decent argument, which summarizes a quote from the great African Saint Cyprian in his discussion about the people who purchased a Company from the owner and then got the owner fired from his own company.  Actually, it didn't just happen in 2008, it happened in 1775 and it happened at the eve of the Protestant Revolt and it happened every time that the Jews were unfaithful to God Almighty in the times of old.

No one can have God for his. Father, who does not have the Church for his mother
That being said, we acknowledge in a truly ecumenical way, the patriotism and the piety of this strange hippyesque and radical speaker and the basic truth and goodness of his message.
This situation happens in light of the Pro-Homosexual Representative from South St. Paul who attacked a Catholic priest recently without provocation in the most unreasonable way.