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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Enmities Are Also of Long Duration

Joseph Ratzinger, Archbishop of Munich and Freising for a few months, at his cardinal creation by Paul VI. 
in St. Peter's Basilica in 1977.

(Rome) Enmities also last a long time. That's what Benedict XVI is getting to feel. An orchestrated media campaign is once again attempting to dismantle his reputation. And once again, things are not as claimed.

Benedict XVI will, God willing, celebrate his 94th cradle festival in a few weeks. As of September 2, 2020, he is the oldest pope in history. Leo XIII had this primacy so far. who, however, died in office at the age of 93. Benedict XVI renounced it, not for the benefit of the Church. For almost nine years he has been the first “pope emeritus” in Church history. And although since then he has no longer taken part in the leadership of the church and lives in seclusion in the Vatican Gardens in the Mater Ecclesiae monastery, the hostility of certain circles against him has not broken.

In recent days, in an orchestrated media campaign, he has been accused of having entrusted pastoral duties to two convicted pederasts as Archbishop of Munich and Freising, a post Joseph Ratzinger held from 1977 to 1982. The media outcry was triggered by a report by a law firm on sexual abuse in the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising, which the media  insists "severely burdened" the former archbishop. In reality, the expert opinion is characterized primarily by morality and not by evidence. DieTagespost wrote on January 20: "The Westphal law firm is attempting the media execution of the emeritus pope". They can be certain of  support by a specific mainstream.

The report on Benedict XVI. was submitted last Thursday. His secretary, Curial Archbishop Georg Gänswein, published a press release yesterday in which Benedict XVI. corrected himself. Not necessarily a smart move, but one that honors him. 

In contrast to his statement to the commission of inquiry at the time, he now confirmed his presence at a meeting in 1980. As was to be expected, this correction caused a second wave of scandalous headlines, this time even more hypocritical than before: “Benedict XVI. gave false testimony,” headlined Die Welt. A word that is as strong as it is disproportionate. However, this indicates the direction of impact. It's about discrediting, discrediting the reputation of Benedict XVI. and of course the Church. The latter is apparently accepted with approval by certain ecclesiastical circles in order to advance their agenda. The correction that Benedict XVI. made, which is simply the correction of a footnote, is presented by the media cartel as if the (lack of) evidence had been provided that the allegations of the abuse report were correct. But in reality it is a classic media misrepresentation.

Benedict XVI had said in his statement at the time that he had not been present at a particular meeting in 1980. The events happened decades ago. The point, however, is that the said session was not about what is being insinuated. The Daily Mail therefore headlined: “No lie, one mistake”.

Archbishop Gänswein writes in the declaration for Benedict XVI:

"Even if he tries to read it quickly, he asks for your understanding that the complete review still needs time in view of his age and his health, but also because of the large volume. There will be a statement on the report.”


And further:

"But he would like to make it clear now that, contrary to what was said during the hearing, he took part in the Ordinariate meeting on January 15, 1980."

For this it is executed:

“So the statement to the contrary was objectively wrong. He would like to emphasize that this was not done out of bad faith, but was the result of an error in the editing of his statement. He will explain how this came about in the pending statement. He is very sorry for this mistake and he apologizes for this mistake.

However, what remains objectively correct, as documented by the documents, is the statement that no decision was made at this meeting about the pastoral assignment of the priest in question. Rather, the request was only granted to provide him with accommodation during his therapeutic treatment in Munich."

One could also speak of hypercorrectness, since the correction of a marginal event that has nothing to do with the actual question is tantamount to media "suicide" in the heated atmosphere. The prompt relentlessness of the media cartel provides evidence that every little thing is used to discredit.

Finally, Msgr. Gänswein writes in the statement:

"Benedict XVI. is close to his former archdiocese and home diocese these days and is very connected to it in his efforts to clarify. He thinks especially of the victims who have experienced sexual abuse and indifference.” 

So it "fits in time" that yesterday 125 church employees, professors of theology, some priests and other employees "denounced the 'discriminatory' policy of the Church" and confessed to be homosexual, for which they also presented their own website called OutInChurch. AFP, one of the world's three most influential press agencies, also dedicated its own report to the "outing".

The denunciation of the sexual abuse scandal by clerics, which is above all a homosexual abuse scandal, does not primarily serve the victims or the cleansing of the Church, but Her dismantling. The first goal is to demand changes in Her sexual morals, particularly through the recognition of homosexuality. A contradiction? Not at all. The 1968 scene had a slogan for this: "Destroy what destroys you". An abstruse motto that was developed in the anarchist, neo-Marxist milieu, but has been widely used ever since. The homo movement received its decisive impetus from the 1968 riots: the "liberation of sexuality in a liberated society".

Text: Giuseppe Nardi

Image: MiL

Trans: Tancred


Thursday, June 11, 2020

Trump Thanks Archbishop Viganò for His Open Letter -- Revelation of the Dark Church -- Francis Promotes Cover-up Artists

Edit: Catholic Snooze Agency doesn't know what to make of Archbishop Carlo Viganò or Trump's praise of him.

[CNA] President Trump on Wednesday tweeted that he was honored by a letter written to him by former apostolic nuncio Archbishop Carlo Viganò, which warned the president against secular and ecclesiastical agents of an atheistic globalist new world order.  
The president's tweet is the latest in a series of events that have kept the archbishop in the headlines for much of the last two years, a period in which he has become a polarizing figure in the Catholic Church, and morphed in the public eye from a whistleblowing diplomat to a prognosticator of impending doom amid a spiritual and political battle for world domination.  
“So honored by Archbishop Viganò’s incredible letter to me. I hope everyone, religious or not, reads it,” Trump tweeted June 10, linking to Vigano’s recent open letter addressed to the president.
Edit: here we have more evidence that Francis is promoting evil Cardinals loyal to him, stacking the deck for further leftist destruction of the Church's structure in future, and the promotion to a key post, of a man who was part of the suite of Secretary of State Cardinal Sodano. What will Spiritual AIDS and his Budghie say?  Who cares.

by Archbishop Viganò 
WE HAVE JUST been through one of the most disgraceful episodes in which we have seen the prince of lies at work to discredit the book of Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Robert Sarah by covering them with vile insults and vulgar insinuations, and the Pope’s jailer, as a judas, now also acting as a hitman. 
And once again we find ourselves dealing with another masterpiece of deception: the confirmation by the Pope of the elections of the new Dean and Vice-Dean of the College of Cardinals by the Cardinal-Bishops. This has gone almost unnoticed and yet conceals a devious strategy. It should be borne in mind, in fact, that in June 2018 Pope Francis increased the number of Cardinal-Bishops, which had remained unchanged for centuries, promoting four new ones in one fell swoop. In this way he secured a majority in favor of him, as he has always done with the creation of new members of the College of Cardinals. 
To Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, appointed Dean of the College at the age of 86 and therefore excluded from the next conclave, I wish an even longer life than that of his father. But his appointment is a cover for that other more effective appointment — of Cardinal Sandri — which has been prepared ad hoc to pilot the next conclavesecundum Franciscum, that is, according to an updated and augmented edition of the St. Gallen Mafia.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

If It Had Been a Priest, It Would Have Been All Over the Papers

Edit: the Austrian press, like the Catholic Church in Austria, is dominated by Freemasons, Communists and Progressives of all kinds. Stories involving horrific cases in orphanages run by the government go largely unnoticed, despite the sheer number of the victims and the pedigrees of the perpetrators.  Those familiar with, which was silenced by a massive harassment campaign and federal police investigation, for suggesting a pervert comedian was in Hell, is almost completely silent now. It’s death coincided with Benedict’s resignation as well, and it was one of the most effective news outlets at exposing this kind of hypocrisy, and many of the priests who contributed to it seem to have gone silent as well.  It’s all very discouraging sometimes, but God is just.

[Gloria] Today in Vienna, I happened to overhear in a cafe the phone call of a lady from Upper Austria who was sitting at the next table.

She was looking at a newspaper. Presumably, she had just read something.

In any case, the lady said on the phone that there was a doctor “near her home" in Upper Austria who was currently in custody. He systematically and on a large scale sexually abused boys and also real children after having drugged them. The doctor had also made films with them etc.

There are 114 documented cases, but not all cases are known yet.

The lady wanted to know who this doctor was and tried to find out more through the medical association and through other doctors. Nobody shared even the slightest information.

No name could be reconstructed from the media reports, not even what kind of doctor the accused was.

Then she said: "If that had been a priest who had made even one wrong move, it would have been a huge scandal; all the newspapers would have been full for days."

But with a doctor this is treated like an "unfortunate mishap". From this she drew the conclusion that nobody really cares about the children.


Sunday, June 9, 2019

Austrian Priest From CDF Cleared of Accusations of Sexual Harrassment

Acquittal for P. Hermann Geißler (The Work).

(Rome) A senatorial tribunal of the Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signatura in Rome pronounced Fr. Hermann Geissler of the spiritual family The Work free of all charges. A former member of The Work accused him of molesting her in 2009.

The Tyrolean Hermann Geissler completed his priestly education in the Collegium Rudolphinum in Heiligenkreuz, which was founded by Bishop Rudolf Graber of Regensburg. In 1988, Geissler joined the spiritual family Das Werk based in Bregenz. In 1991 he received his doctorate at the Pontifical Lateran University and was ordained the same year. After a time in parish ministry, he was appointed to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, where from 2009 he was head of the teaching section.

At the end of January 2019, he asked the Congregation for his laicisation. By doing so, he wanted to be able to keep the Congregation safe from damage and so he could better defend against the allegations made against him. At the same time he urged the continuation of the legal proceedings against him to clarify the matter.

A judge's senate of the Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signatura exhonerated him with a decision of May 15. The judges did not believe the plaintiff and cleared Geissler.

The plaintiff, a former member of the religious family The Work, had a brief sexual relationship with a co-brother in 2008. In 2009, she had sexually harassed Father Geissler, also a brother. In 2011 she left the community "by mutual agreement.” However, she then began a campaign and filed a complaint against the two religious.

Numerous media reported about her as a “victim of abuse,” also internationally. Her "case,” despite not being fact checked, was the subject of feminist documentary films that were broadcast as an indictment on public service television (BR). Herder Verlag published a book about her "case". In the autumn of 2018, the television station Arte broadcast the documentation of God’s abused servants, in which her “case" was also broadly treated. Ready supporters
can always be found in the fight against the Church and especially "conservative" religious communities.

After leaving the Order, it became known that she is married to another priest and has a child with him. The priest was suspended on it a divinis.

Kathpedia writes about the plaintiff that she is "campaigning against the Church and consecrated congregations." The judges may have seen it this way as well.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: The factory FSO
Trans: Tancred

Saturday, August 5, 2017

New York Times Cites This Blog -- Evil Jesuit Firing Shots Across the Bow of Catholic Armada?

Edit: over the past few days, we've been getting a little bit of traffic, a trickle really, from the dispenser of fake news, the Old Gray Lady, which is the company paper of a Mexican globalist.  We've talked about them before when they acted as an instrument of Attorney Jeff Anderson's attack on the Catholic Church in the sex abuse crisis.  Their distortions and omissions should be familiar to those who study the news in these dark times.

Now they are issuing threats to faithful Catholics on behalf of the evil editor of the La Civiltà Cattolica, the decadent leftist Jesuit, Spadaro, the mouthpiece of Sauron himself, describing his own hit piece as a "shot across the bow." In their article, they refer to Church Militant, whose article we cited, as a "fringe" organization. Is that the same as being on the "margins" that the Holy Father talks about so often? Don't bet on it, them's not the kind of margins he's talking about. While they have time to threaten faithful Catholics, these are hard times for the Times, which has greater problems to deal with as it continues its own downward spiral to economic and cultural irrelevance. Perhaps now is the time that Church Militant will admit that we have a big problem in the Holy See?


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Modernist Abbey Shuffles and Whitewashes Predators

Edit: in these sad days, there are no menacing Dominican Inquisitors come like avenging angels to clean house. The devil and his minions are free to do as they please, with some help from the secular media (and the established dinosaur "religious" media) the neglect of the laity, and the malfeasance of the clergy, including even the pope himself, who is no stranger to giving a pass to his very special friends.
Regardless of the large amount of evidence to the contrary, Saint John's Abbey has decided to declare some of its most notorious offenders as not credibly accused and is attempting to reject accusations by a recent victim, and the parents of a  deceased former victim, the late Ben Spanier.  As we predicted, Saint John's Abbey is reinstating one predator, Father Tom Andert O.S.B. to active ministry. (We'd think taking a student on a tour of "gay" bars, and admitting to caressing one victim's forehead, would be enough for a permanent suspension. Hey, it's not like he has a preference for the Latin Mass!) It is unclear at this point whether Andert will be restored to his position as Prior after an upcoming year long sabbatical. We expect that the Modernist Abbey is waiting for things to blow over. It's also attempting to whitewash the reputation of the late Father Allen Tarleton O.S.B..
So far it seems like a large part of the press is willing to help them paint over their dirt. This falls under the column of, "if it were a conservative or neo-conservative institution or prelate, the lefty press and the local authorities would be more forthcoming and intervene category." Surely, Pope Francis, who has an unalloyed fondness for HIS sexual predators and enablers, won't be moved to do anything.  Compare the treatment St. John's gets compared to Archbishop John Nienstedt.  Abbott John Klassen is not only shifting predators around, but he's getting help to do it by the same press that pilloried Nienstedt. The difference?  Abbot Klassen isn't likely to oppose sodomarriage or teach the Catholic Faith we fear.
If you'll recall, Andert was accused of being a sexual predator this summer and stepped down from his post as Prior.  Despite the suicide of Ben Spanier one of Andert's likely victims, an in house review board  found that the accusations against both Andert and the recently deceased and self-confessed predator,  Tarleton.
Tarleton has a history of sexual abide going back to his attendance at St. John's Preparatory School, a high school run by Saint John's, since the fifties. He even admits drugging at least one of his victims before preying on them. 
It's difficult to understand how Saint John's can credibly maintain that these men were laudable given what they've admitted and written, but we live in sad times.
[Saint Cloud Times] Allegations of sexual abuse against the former prior of St. John's Abbey have been found to be unsubstantiated, according to Abbot John Klassen.
The allegations were made by a former St. John's Prep student in July and accused the Rev. Thomas Andert of abusing the student in 1979-80. The abbey retained independent counsel to investigate the allegations and, after a six-month investigation, it concluded that the claims were unsubstantiated.
Father Tom Andert's love letters to the late Ben Spanier:
Abbey's attempt to sanitize deceased predator (Graphic!)
Here's Church Militant helping to cover this:
Helpful info about Andert from Ben Spanier's grieving and very angry parents.  Frankly, I'm still shocked Andert has a job, but then I wake up and remember that this is Collegeville we're talking about.