Saturday, February 6, 2016

Modernist Abbey Shuffles and Whitewashes Predators

Edit: in these sad days, there are no menacing Dominican Inquisitors come like avenging angels to clean house. The devil and his minions are free to do as they please, with some help from the secular media (and the established dinosaur "religious" media) the neglect of the laity, and the malfeasance of the clergy, including even the pope himself, who is no stranger to giving a pass to his very special friends.
Regardless of the large amount of evidence to the contrary, Saint John's Abbey has decided to declare some of its most notorious offenders as not credibly accused and is attempting to reject accusations by a recent victim, and the parents of a  deceased former victim, the late Ben Spanier.  As we predicted, Saint John's Abbey is reinstating one predator, Father Tom Andert O.S.B. to active ministry. (We'd think taking a student on a tour of "gay" bars, and admitting to caressing one victim's forehead, would be enough for a permanent suspension. Hey, it's not like he has a preference for the Latin Mass!) It is unclear at this point whether Andert will be restored to his position as Prior after an upcoming year long sabbatical. We expect that the Modernist Abbey is waiting for things to blow over. It's also attempting to whitewash the reputation of the late Father Allen Tarleton O.S.B..
So far it seems like a large part of the press is willing to help them paint over their dirt. This falls under the column of, "if it were a conservative or neo-conservative institution or prelate, the lefty press and the local authorities would be more forthcoming and intervene category." Surely, Pope Francis, who has an unalloyed fondness for HIS sexual predators and enablers, won't be moved to do anything.  Compare the treatment St. John's gets compared to Archbishop John Nienstedt.  Abbott John Klassen is not only shifting predators around, but he's getting help to do it by the same press that pilloried Nienstedt. The difference?  Abbot Klassen isn't likely to oppose sodomarriage or teach the Catholic Faith we fear.
If you'll recall, Andert was accused of being a sexual predator this summer and stepped down from his post as Prior.  Despite the suicide of Ben Spanier one of Andert's likely victims, an in house review board  found that the accusations against both Andert and the recently deceased and self-confessed predator,  Tarleton.
Tarleton has a history of sexual abide going back to his attendance at St. John's Preparatory School, a high school run by Saint John's, since the fifties. He even admits drugging at least one of his victims before preying on them. 
It's difficult to understand how Saint John's can credibly maintain that these men were laudable given what they've admitted and written, but we live in sad times.
[Saint Cloud Times] Allegations of sexual abuse against the former prior of St. John's Abbey have been found to be unsubstantiated, according to Abbot John Klassen.
The allegations were made by a former St. John's Prep student in July and accused the Rev. Thomas Andert of abusing the student in 1979-80. The abbey retained independent counsel to investigate the allegations and, after a six-month investigation, it concluded that the claims were unsubstantiated.
Father Tom Andert's love letters to the late Ben Spanier:
Abbey's attempt to sanitize deceased predator (Graphic!)
Here's Church Militant helping to cover this:
Helpful info about Andert from Ben Spanier's grieving and very angry parents.  Frankly, I'm still shocked Andert has a job, but then I wake up and remember that this is Collegeville we're talking about.



Anonymous said...

"in these sad days, there are no menacing Dominican Inquisitors come like avenging angels to clean house."

No: there are sodomite child predator dominicans like timmy radcliffe promoted by trannie frannie to corrupt anyone seeking Jesus Christ:

"Dear God please protect me and keep me safe.'"

God will avenge Ben Spanier. And all the sheep who have been destroyed by the evil scum trannie frannie and Team B.

Genty said...

Francis is more than at home with his very special sinners.