Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Bergoglio Leading Rosary for Peace at Santa Maria Maggiore with Faithful

 Families from Ukraine, Syria and Venezuela as well as military chaplains and refugees are praying the rosary in Santa Maria Maggiore

Rome (kath.net/KAP) Pope Francis prayed again for peace worldwide - especially in Ukraine - in a special celebration on Tuesday evening.  In Rome's Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore he led a rosary prayer in front of the statue of Mary Regina Pacis (Queen of Peace).  In view of the ongoing war in Ukraine, he called Mary: "Give us the great gift of peace and let us soon put an end to the war that has been raging in different parts of the world for decades and has now also invaded the European continent."  The Pope also asked "to reconcile hearts filled with violence and revenge".

People affected by war and conflict prayed the rosary with Pope Francis at Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome's main Marian church: a Ukrainian family representing all families experiencing the violence of war;  military chaplains who offer hope and comfort to affected populations;  Volunteers, representing all people who continue their service for the benefit of others, even in situations of great danger and uncertainty;  a Syrian family and a Venezuelan family representing those suffering from the conflicts, as well as some refugees who had to leave their homes and are now trying to build a new life.  Bishops and diplomats also attended the prayer, among them the Ambassador of Ukraine to the Holy See, Andriy Jurash.  At the same time, at the end of the Marian month of May, peace prayers were held in Marian shrines around the world - for example in Ukraine, Iraq, Syria and Bahrain.  Francis had previously asked all Christians worldwide to participate.  Since the start of the Ukraine war, the Pope has repeatedly called for peace.  At the end of March he dedicated all of humanity, especially Ukraine and Russia, to the Mother of God in a solemn act in St. Peter's Basilica.  Many Christians from all over the world had joined his supplication for peace.

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