Sunday, December 26, 2021

Bergoglio Christmas Present: Get Third Jab or You’re Fired!

Pope Francis had Corona apartheid tightened in the Vatican.  If you don't let yourself be injected a third time, you'll be kicked out.

 (Rome) Shortly before Christmas, the Vatican State Secretariat tightened vaccination apartheid.  If the employees of the Holy See do not get themselves “vaccinated” a third time within January 31, 2022, they face the risk of dismissal.

Citing the decree he issued on September 28, Cardinal State Secretary Pietro Parolin had a new Corona decree published yesterday in the Osservatore Romano on behalf of Pope Francis.  With the September decree, the new apartheid regime had been established at the Roman Curia, which had been introduced shortly before in the Vatican State.  Since October 1st, only those who have a so-called EU Green Pass can enter the Papal States, which corresponds to the 3G regulation in the Federal Republic of Germany, the 2.5G regulation in Austria and the certificate regulation in Switzerland.  According to this regulation, healthy people - at any point in time since the outbreak of the pseudopandemic have been at least 99.5 percent of all people - no longer exist, which already says everything about their meaningfulness.

Those who do not have a Green Pass are only allowed to enter St. Peter's Basilica and there only for the four Masses that are celebrated in the morning between 7:30 and 9:30 a.m.  The stay is limited to this period.  As soon as the Mass is over, the Green Pass tickets will be invalid.

According to official information, however, the epidemiological curve north of the Alps has been falling for a month, and rapidly.  It has dropped to an eighth of the November high.  South of the Alps this takes place somewhat more slowly, but the extent is known from other countries and does not pose a risk of overloading the health system. Nevertheless, the corona measures are tightened by the governments and are constantly reaching new, unfamiliar and, above  all, negative climaxes in their language.

The Coronavirus policy of the government was carried out without facts at any point in time, but this was not so clearly recognizable for the citizens in 2020. It is now quite obviously happening.  The Holy See also joins the tightening regardless of real developments.  This particularly affects the staff and employees of the Holy See.  Anyone who does not get “vaccinated” a third time by January 31, 2022 is considered to be “unvaccinated”.  That means constant worries about the workplace.  Anyone who refuses will be banned from entering.  As at the beginning of 2021, the Vatican is threatening its employees with a worthless suspension and dismissal without notice.

 The “redeeming vaccination” brought nothing but dangers

 All those who believed that the “redeeming vaccination” (Bill Gates: “Only vaccination can save us”) would put an end to the Corona theater were already mistaken a year ago.  A “vaccination” with a genetically modified Covid preparation became two syringes.  Now there are already three.  And there is no end in sight.  The EU has reduced the “validity” of the gene serums to nine months.  Further reductions are already in the room.  The next identical decree of the Cardinal Secretary of State for the fourth “vaccination” has already been announced.  And every new step that belies all announcements and promises is made under massive pressure: The threat of losing one's job meets all the criteria of coercion, especially in view of the fact that the Covid syringe can have dangerous side effects and consequential effects.  But Pope Francis, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Corona Commission of the Vatican are silent on the morality of this highly dubious approach.  Rather, through their pioneering role, they provide other governments with a “moral” justification for their dubious actions.

The failure of the ecclesiastical hierarchy and, in its wake, moral theology meanwhile cries out to heaven.  It reflects in a significant way that Covid-19 is not the threatening killer virus, but is being misused for completely different interests.  SARS-CoV-2 was never a pandemic, which is why there is talk of a "planemia" to show that someone is directing in the background.  But the Corona Theater is even more a pandemic of the corrupt, because there are gigantic profiteers, large and small Corona winners and, above all, the criminal silence of many who would know better.

The Holy See was even the first state to introduce compulsory vaccination and vaccination apartheid.  Pope Francis has been setting a bad example for 22 months, which is why he is rightly criticized in that he plays a leading role in the Corona theater.  It was also he who disguised “vaccination” as a “moral duty” and called it an “act of love”.

A vaccination that is not one, that nobody needs, that does not work, but is dangerous, should be an “act of love” and a “moral duty”?  In the meantime, even those who have been vaccinated are laughing at the supposedly “dangerous” Omicron variant.  More and more people are beginning to see through that since December 2020 the same choreography has been repeated for the umpteenth time.  Whenever the facts create a relaxed mood in the population, a "new variant" of the virus emerges, with which governments and accomplices are stirring up panic.

Cruel mercy

The Vatican, which has a pioneering role in the governments' corona delusion measures, will only allow access to the Vatican State from February 1 to employees who have been vaccinated three times.  If you cannot show a third “vaccination”, your Green Pass will lose its validity.  However, anyone who does not appear at their place of work because the Vatican gendarmerie denies them entry is considered to be absent "without excuse", is suspended from work without continued pay and risks being fired.

 That is the cruel "mercy" of Pope Francis in Corona madness year number three towards his own employees.

 Literally it says in the decree published yesterday by Cardinal Secretary of State Parolin:

“The absence leads to the consequent suspension of the wages for the duration of the absence, without prejudice to the pension and social assistance deductions as well as the family allowance".

 However, if the absence persists, one will be dismissed.

 The Cardinal Secretary of State describes this procedure as “appropriate measures” to “counteract the speaking of the current health emergency and to ensure that activities are carried out safely”.

Pope Francis gave his employees a "Christmas present" that weighs like a yoke on them.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi

Image: Church Militant (screenshot)

Trans: Tancred



Anonymous said...

Let’s Go Francis!

Leo Ignis said...

The Vatican City State is setting the example of how a nation should behave as a world citizen.

Unknown said...

lends a whole new meaning to FJB

JBQ said...

Bergoglio moves toward one world socialism even as the good Lord is born. He is "one slique tomato".

Tim Stedman said...

He has effectively made the jab a condition of participation in the next conclave. This is voter suppression

Anonymous said...

Would you kindly ask Pope Francis and Cardinal Parolin and their best buddies to be generous Christians and offer to volunteer to take the third (and fourth, and fifth etc.) Jabs on our behalf. That would be the kindest thing they can do for their fellow man. If they cannot (will not) do such generous action then they should sack themselves from the Vatican staff/payroll. Happy New Year!
Sincerely yours.

Unknown said...

Bergoglian FAT LIP service!


Anonymous said...

Bergoglio according to some news reports is already dead.

Hugo DeValera said...

"Bergoglio according to some news reports is already dead.
That might be Damian, the resident Gossip and would be papal Underaker.

Tancred said...

Hugo DeValera said...

Fake news.

susan said...

"The vaxes (that aren't vaxes) are safe and effective!"

Fake news.

Henk Botha said...

Grave diggers in the USA are working over time to accommodate the thousands of the anti-vaxx 'My body, my Choice' Patriots who eventually drop off the twig after clogging up the hospital system and exhausting front line staff.

Tancred said...

Fake news, Gaybrielle. It’s more likely that they have a backlog due to Biden bucks and everyone staying home and not working. I actually looked around for the story, and that’s as non-existent as your argumentation and critical thinking skills.

susan said...

"Robert Koch Institute report released today states that 95.58% of the #Omicron cases in Germany are fully vaccinated (28% of those had a "booster"), 4.42% are unvaccinated," Disclose TV reported."

keep up the big lie might still be able to pull a few more gullible souls to hell with you.