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The declaration of the Austrian Bishops' Conference on the government's compulsory vaccination - a pathetic document.

The declaration of the Austrian Bishops' Conference on the government's compulsory vaccination - a pathetic document.

 Notes from a stunned Martha Burger *

The focus is currently on Austria.  The discussion about mandatory vaccination is responsible for this.  The Alpine republic is the experimental laboratory for doing what not even the totalitarian communist China has done so far.  Austria's bishops yesterday published a statement giving the government the green light for radical intervention.  The Bishops' Conference stood behind the sharp fall that its President, Archbishop Franz Lackner OFM, made before the federal government on December 3rd (see Archbishop Lackner, wake up!).  The bishops say to the people in an exaggerated way: accept the compulsory vaccination and shut up.  They say it more euphemistically: accept the compulsory vaccination and be "reconciled".

 The bishops are not solving the corona issue because they apparently don't want to bring it into line.  They bypass all questions that concern them directly and that people want an answer to (see 32 Corona questions to the bishops and moral theologians).  It is regrettable, but it should be noted, that they have degenerated into an appendage to the government.  The Bishops' Conference executes the turquoise-green-red corona will.  What is meant by this - yesterday's government reshuffle showed it - the will of the hardliner duo Mikl-Leitner / Sobotka, two former ÖVP interior ministers from Lower Austria, who installed the third in the league, the previous interior minister Karl Nehammer, as the new Federal Chancellor yesterday.

History does not repeat itself.  What does repeat itself are mechanisms that work in history.  What we are experiencing right now is history for the history books.  An anonymous meme that circulates on the Internet, with a view to the incidence values ​​that are put forward by the governments as the basis of their coercive measures, articulates strikingly: "Warning: The current incidence is 1933".  One could also write: "Warning: the current incidence is 1984".  Who can hear, hear.

The bishops, above all their President, Archbishop Franz Lackner of Salzburg, and the most influential prince of the Austrian Bishops' Conference, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, Archbishop of Vienna, neither hear nor see.  At least they pretend they can neither hear nor see.  They are led by a government that is blind and deaf.

Some details of the explanation

— No, the Covid vaccination is as little an “act of charity” as a disinfectant dispenser is a “place of charity”.  It is also not an "essential contribution":

— because the Covid gene therapies are not a vaccination and the Bishops' Conference is apparently unwilling to make this distinction correctly;

— because the Covid gene therapies are useless, i.e. not necessary, for 98 percent of the population, because SARS-CoV-2 does not pose a threat to them;

— because, according to the government, the Covid gene therapies would "protect" and is "safe", but this has not been proven by any independent studies;  rather, they seem rather ineffective, as demonstrated by vaccination failures ("vaccination breakthroughs"), hospitalized vaccinated people and vaccinated corona deaths;

— because the Covid gene therapies lead to vaccine damage, which, however,is denied by the same government and its supply chain for opinion control in the same apodictic style as they previously talked about (tested) the alleged "pandemic".

 The alleged “broad scientific consensus” of which the bishops speak cannot be grasped on the basis of scientific studies.  Where are the studies that support this “broad scientific consensus”?

How does the Bishops' Conference explain that the US FDA has recently decided not to make the reasons for the “emergency approval” of Pfizer / Biontech's gene preparation available until 2076?

How does the Bishops' Conference explain that the Italian government, despite a court ruling calling on it to do so, does not publish the reasons on which facts and whose recommendation made it the first western country to impose a lockdown at the beginning of March 2020?

Both questions concern Austria directly, on the one hand because of the provisional approval in the EU, which was only carried out in a crooked manner, on the other hand because the Austrian federal government imposed a lockdown a week after Italy and with reference to the Italian example as the second country.

Who “reports on a daily basis” that the resources in the hospitals are “exhausted” and that “even the most urgent operations have to be postponed”?  Where is the evidence for these claims and, most importantly, their contextualization?  Why do the bishops step onto the thin ice of government propaganda without need?

Like Archbishop Lackner last Friday, the Bishops' Conference also suppresses the fact that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith excluded compulsory vaccination in its note of December 21, 2020 by stating that vaccination could only be voluntary.  With such central abbreviations, the bishops do not act as servants of the church, but as bailiffs of the government.

And no, nobody has to get vaccinated for SARS-CoV-2, because this virus has the relevance of an average flu.  Therefore, only the relatively small risk group has to weigh up between corona damage and vaccination damage, which should not be done lightly.  But the bishops do not say a word about this, just as the government does not.  On the contrary.  If it has her way, virtually everyone will be driven into the needle.  Where does this unusual vaccination fanaticism come from?  Shouldn't the bishops ask themselves that too?

In any case, nobody needs to be vaccinated to “protect the health system”.  Strengthening the health system would be the job of the government.  In the context of Covid-19, it would even be their only job.  Instead, the government turned a medical problem into a political one.  Only then did the matter begin its fateful course.  The bishops should finally demand that the government put the facts on the table, who or what prompted them to set fatal decisions in spring 2020 and why.  Until today she has not done that.  Wouldn't the knowledge of these fundamentals be the first prerequisite for being able to take a position at all, as the bishops did yesterday?  Do the bishops even have the information they need?  They cannot have this from the government because it does not communicate them.  But where from then?  From the politically controlled ORF?  From the daily newspaper, which is dependent on Corona special  press funding?

Incredible waste of money paired with hypocrisy

 Question to the bishops: What did the federal government, what did the state governments do during this time to strengthen the health system?  How many intensive care beds were newly created in the pandemic?  How many new staff were employed?  What improvements have been made for the self-sacrificing health workers (pay, working conditions, etc.)?

How much money was instead wasted on mass tests on healthy people who are without any sustainability?  Let's look at the numbers:

The total costs of the entire intensive treatment of all levels (personnel, medicine, energy, kitchen costs, laundry, etc.) for adults (children do not play a role in Corona) amounted to 931 million euros in Austria in 2016.

The total costs of the more than 99.9 percent pointless corona tests (since the state forces healthy people to test and does not bind a positive result to a clinical diagnosis despite contrary WHO guidelines) are estimated by the Federal Ministry of Health at 1.8 billion euros by the end of the year.  This does not even include tests in companies and schools, which make up two thirds of the tests estimated by the ministry.

In plain language, the government's corona policy wasted an enormous amount of money through the tests taken into account by the Ministry of Health in the cost accounting (approx. 60 percent of all tests), with which the capacities for intensive treatment could have been doubled.

Isn't that known to the bishops?

Because if they knew it, one would have to accuse not only the government but also them of hypocrisy.  What else are the federal government's crocodile tears about an “overloaded” health system that is being saved to death by the same government.  For many corona and vaccination deaths, this is tragically to be taken literally.

These 1.8 billion euros do not even include the costs for 40 percent of the tests and for the Covid gene preparations and for their storage, transport and delivery (premises, staff, vaccination buses, vaccination advertising, etc.), which are for the health service and  withdrawn from other areas, flow into someone's wallet.  They do exist, the Corona  profiteers.  The bishops do not see them.  They’re  looking in the wrong direction.

Limiting key points: Compulsory vaccination only if proportionate and without alternative

The bishops name restrictive cornerstones for compulsory vaccination.  Obviously, they are not serious about it.  In the context of their explanation, the comments seem to be more of an alibi to actually advertise the need for vaccination among byte faithful.  If they were serious, they should first and foremost have to state clearly and unequivocally that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has made it clear that vaccination (by which it wrongly means the genetic manipulation Covid syringe) can only be voluntary.  The bishops keep this fact quiet.

After all, they  write that a mandatory vaccination can only take place “with due regard to proportionality” and if “all other options have been exhausted”.  They also write that it is "ultimately" the "responsibility of the rulers to judge whether these conditions are met".  “Ultimately” say the bishops.  Up to this “ultimately”, however, a transparent, fair and open dialogue would have to be conducted.  A vaccination requirement is excluded a priori in connection with SARS-CoV-2 because of the low risk.  Because if a mandatory vaccination is enforced, what kind of “duties” will we have to face tomorrow?  Should the entire human species really be made dependent on the pharmaceutical industry?  Is that the human image of the year 2021?

By the way, what contribution do the bishops themselves make to the dialogue on these pressing questions?  What contribution do the bishops make to enable others to conduct this dialogue?  This does not take place.  It is only dictated from above.  Woe to you if you disagree!

According to their own declaration, the bishops are making no contribution.  This coincides with the painful observations made over the past 22 months.  The bishops do not say a word about the "proportionality" situation and whether "all other possibilities have actually been exhausted".  On the contrary: on December 3, Archbishop Lackner described the “vaccination” as “without alternative”.  This is not repeated in the statement of the bishops, but what is to be made of this restriction in view of the speech of their President?

Since Bill Gates declared that vaccination alone could “save us”, the government has not even considered “other options”, let alone “exhausted them”.  Rather, it prevents other possibilities, such as the approval of real vaccines, such as Hungary and San Marino have done for example.  She is boycotting drug therapy for Covid-19, which would automatically relieve the burden on the healthcare system through treatment at home.

The restrictions on compulsory vaccination mentioned by the bishops cannot be meant seriously for this reason alone, otherwise they would have admonished the rulers to finally give up the one-sided vaccination fixation.

Are the vaccination dead of a "temporary" mandatory vaccination only "temporarily" dead?

When the bishops finally speak of a “temporary compulsory vaccination”, this can only be understood as a euphemism.  Otherwise it would be mockery.  Spiking with a genetic manipulation preparation, which the bishops themselves describe as a “serious interference with the physical integrity and freedom of the individual”, cannot be reversed.  So what does “temporary” mean when the goal is to spike everyone?

Is that how cheap you want to make the poisoned apple palatable?

The pastor of St. Ulrich am Pillersee in Tyrol (Archdiocese of Salzburg) died on November 22nd, one day after his third vaccination.  The chronological sequence more than suggests a causal relationship to be assumed.  This one tragic death, which is currently repeated across the whole of the country, should have prompted the Archdiocese of Salzburg to be extremely careful with regard to “vaccination” and compulsory vaccination.  Nothing like that happened.  Some scribes hastened to deny any connection with clairvoyant gifts.  Anyone who asked legitimate questions was accused of spreading fake news.  The archdiocese has remained silent since then and deleted the dead pastor from the diocese's personal database days ago.

In the opinion of the bishops, how should one imagine the "temporary" obligation to vaccinate for vaccinated dead and vaccinated victims?  Are they even “temporarily” dead or disabled?

As a reminder, when someone dies of a virus (unless artificially created), that's the way of things.  When someone dies of a vaccination, it is a pointless, man-made death, and there are clear sources or blame.

Yes, bad things are going on.  They only affect a virus peripherally.  To a far greater extent, they concern a non-transparent, authoritarian and fact-free government policy.  And above all they concern abysses in interpersonal dealings, in dealing with other people and their dignity.  These abysses show up, which is very painful, also with the bishops, especially Archbishop Lackner.  The pastor of St. Ulrich am Pillersee, who received the third vaccination and dies, affects Archbishop Lackner directly.  The censorship against Dean Ignaz Steinwender, when he published an orientation guide for the vaccination, affects Archbishop Lackner directly.

And anyway: What does “temporary vaccination” mean?  Anyone who lets themselves be spiked “buys” a vaccination subscription.  A government expert has already said that a “booster vaccination” may be necessary every month.  The government has lured people into the "vaccination" with the promise that it would then be "over".  In reality, nothing is over.  Now do the bishops want to drive people into “vaccination” with a similarly misleading promise?  No, your Excellencies, this “vaccination” never ends, because the wrong course set by the government does not allow an end from the beginning (through mandatory mass PCR tests).  And once the mandatory vaccination has been introduced, the “temporary” mandatory vaccination becomes a permanent mandatory vaccination.  Will someone then apologize to the people?  No, the government has not kept a corona promise so far and has never apologized.  Apart from that: What use is an apology if, with the blessing of the bishops, the permanent vaccination regime is in place?  The PCR tests are then no longer needed, at least according to government fantasies.  Then there is no longer any need for a virus.  The law then forces every citizen to be “vaccinated” twice, three times, four times (twelve times?) A year.  Virus or not.  Those who do not lose their civil rights.

And the icing on the cake: It will never have been officially verified whether SARS-CoV-2 is really the threat claimed by the government.  A few years ago the term "post-factual" was in vogue.  Now you know what is meant by that.  Reality was yesterday.  What counts today is who can enforce his fiction.

So where and how should healing occur when the damage is in full swing?

How is healing to be made if those who cause harm do not turn away and the bishops encourage them to do so?

Unilaterally assumed inability to discourse

Do the bishops make fun of the people when they write in their declaration: "Unfortunately, a threatening level of discourse inability has already been reached"?

The bishops do not indicate with a word that with this statement they mean, or at least mean, the government and the opinion-controlling media close to the government.  Why not?  The inability to discourse, which can actually be ascertained to a terrifying extent, comes from the government.  The mainstream media are even actively preventing the discourse in government wake.  This development is not just a few days or weeks old, but almost two years old.  Didn't the bishops even notice?  Do you not even notice the one-sidedness with which a certain corona narrative is dictated and other opinions are suppressed and defamed?

Are you not familiar with the qualitative difference between the inability of individual citizens to discourse and the inability of the government and the mass media to discourse?

Not only that: the bishops even unilaterally pass the “buck” on to the concerned citizens, who often feel powerless because they have not been heard for many months, but are ostracized and insulted.  The division of society, Excellencies, does not come from the common citizen, because he has no access to the ORF, no access to the daily newspapers, no access to the ministries and the medical associations, and certainly not to the corona profiteers.  You don't even have access to the bishops, who have already sealed themselves off and supported the corona policy tacitly or hastily (remember the ban on public services), and who have now passed over to open complicity.

What would you call it when the bishops do not reproach those responsible in government and the media, but they do reproach the people?  How do the bishops define government membership?

The bishops warn, albeit late, that people who do not want to be vaccinated should not be denigrated across the board.  But what is compulsory vaccination if not this denigration by the state?  Or do the bishops want to say that one shouldn't verbally abuse the unvaccinated, but one may disregard their conscience and vaccinate them against their will?

“We urgently need a salutary disarmament of words and gestures”, but that requires the government to give up its authoritarian compulsive fantasies.  At this point, as at others, the statement by the bishops falls short.  Why?  Because it is the highest maxim of the bishops in everything they say: not to criticize the government.  Not even a government that is seriously threatening to lock a third of the people (and the trend is rising) in prison from next year?

What will happen when the two-thirds who were spiked for believing the government realize they have been betrayed?  Yesterday alone, the vaccination status of 300,000 Austrians was changed from "vaccinated" to "unvaccinated".

Action is required for healing and reconciliation

First, the end of the government's insane corona policy, the total failure of which is only not yet generally apparent because it is doggedly covered up by the mainstream media.  But how long will that be possible?

Second, an end to dictation and instead an honest, free and open discourse about corona politics.  Linked to this must be a return to real information instead of propaganda.

It should therefore be made clear that SARS-CoV-2 is neither a killer virus nor a threat to the general public.  It's no more dangerous than your average flu.  As long as this fact is not recognized, any Corona fight will remain "deception and delusion", as it is currently sung so appropriately in the Advent song "O come, come, Emmanuel":

If these two conditions are met, especially the first, healing and reconciliation will break out.

Thirdly, I would like to say a word to the bishops: They have proven a terrifying failure in the Corona crisis, which in their area is not inferior to the total failure of the government's Corona policy.  One reason for this is the subservience with which they offer themselves to the government.  The climax of this unworthy attitude is the appearance of Archbishop Franz Lackner on December 3rd in Vienna and the seriously deficient declaration of the Bishops' Conference published yesterday

Finally, as a serious warning, a word from a letter to the reader:

"Lord, in heaven, you help us, because government and bishops have betrayed us! "

The statement of the Austrian Bishops' Conference in the wording:

Protection.  Heal.  Reconcile.

Declaration by the Catholic bishops on the debate about a temporary vaccination requirement

The corona pandemic, which has dominated our lives for almost two years, continues to present us with great challenges.  In the meantime, various vaccines are in use around the world that have been shown to provide protection against severe disease.  Nevertheless, quite a few people in our country have not yet accepted this vaccination offer.  The reasons for this are diverse.  Now the state intends to introduce a legal obligation to vaccinate against the coronavirus.  As bishops, we would like to help clarify the issues related to this.


A broad scientific consensus rates vaccination against Covid-19 as an essential contribution to protecting people from serious, even life-threatening illness.  Those who get vaccinated also protect the public health systems from overload and all those who need intensive medical treatment not because of Corona, but for other reasons.  It is reported daily that the resources in the hospitals are exhausted and that even the most urgent operations have to be postponed.  For this reason we urge the bishops to be vaccinated again.  We recall the words of Pope Francis: “Vaccination is an act of charity”.  However, since the previous calls have not been sufficient, the government is now planning a temporary legal obligation to vaccinate.

Compulsory vaccination is a serious interference with the physical integrity and freedom of the individual.  It is therefore only permissible if all other possibilities have been exhausted, taking proportionality into account, in order to protect the population - in the event of a pandemic, the health system and thus human life.  Ultimately, it is the responsibility of those in power to assess whether the prerequisites are met and whether a temporary vaccination requirement is now the appropriate means of protecting the common good.  We cannot give a detailed vote on the concrete form of the law and will therefore not take part in the assessment process.  However, we would like to point out that it is urgently necessary to make exceptions due to the situation or health and also to keep the legal consequences within an appropriate framework.  The goal must be to protect health and freedom equally.


Along with the debate about the appropriateness of measures to combat Covid, we perceive a dangerous polarization in society.  It shows itself in the overheated and disrespectful way of attacking each other with careless accusations, insinuations and violent language.  Unfortunately, a threatening level of incapacity for discourse has already been reached.  In addition to appropriate forms of protest, the state measures to contain the pandemic are increasingly related to the Nazi regime of injustice.  Such shameful trivializing of Nazi crimes must not be tolerated.  It also meets with our absolute incomprehension when people who fight for the lives of people in medical care and nursing are mocked.  It is also decided to reject the blanket denigration of all who do not want to be vaccinated.

We urgently need a salutary disarmament of words and gestures.  Too many injuries and rifts have already happened, presumably with dangerous long-term consequences for our family and social relationships.  We have to work towards a new culture of conversation at all levels.  Listening is healing!  Let's do everything we can to learn this most important prerequisite for every successful communication over and over again.  Only respect for opposing opinions and different points of view can ensure peaceful coexistence.  However, this also includes the general acceptance of legal requirements that must be met in the interests of the common good.


Advent is the time of preparation for the feast of the birth of Jesus.  Many people these days long for more silence, deceleration and relief.  For this reason we propose, right now, to avoid unnecessary outrages and fruitless debates as far as possible.

Let us refrain from anything that might degrade, hurt, or humiliate someone.  A collective pause like this would do us all good.  Let us use the time to reflect on our own point of view and to think about the contribution to reconciliation that each of us can make in our living environment.  Let us also use the time of Advent for personal and common prayer, in which we give space to the healing presence of God.  We bishops expressly invite you to do so!  Prayer doesn't need many words, just an openness of mind and heart.

Protecting, Healing and Reconciling is an Advent program that is a real alternative.  It shows an ingenious way to a reconciled coexistence, which our country absolutely needs in the face of the great challenge.  "Be humble, peaceable and patient, bear one another in love and strive to maintain the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace" (Ephesians 4: 2f), the apostle Paul calls out to us.

We consciously ask God's blessings for all people in this challenging time!

 Vienna, December 6th, 2021

 * added by Giuseppe Nardi

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Trans: Tancred



Jim Hoffnung said...

It is crystal clear that anti-vaxxers share a common belief that 'their individual rights' 'their body, their choice', notions of 'sovereign citizenship' are above the moral and social good of the rest of humanity.
COVID - 19 laws and regulations have been put in place to prevent or limit the damage anti-vaxxers do to the natural and moral rights of everyone else. They need to understand this. It's not rocket science.

Tancred said...

Naturally, and as is usual, Gaybrielle won’t be responsible for being so fantastically and dishonestly incorrect in his craving to defend the party line.

JH said...

MAGA Donald knew the right thing to do about vaccination against COVOD - 19 as Reuters reported a few days ago:

"Former President Donald Trump revealed he received a booster shot of the COVID-19 vaccine, drawing boos from a crowd in Dallas."

Way to go Dallas!
..... and have a Happy Holiday

Seth said...

The dummass was hospitalized with COVID and recovered. Why the hell did he take any of the jabs, let alone the booster?

Andy Gubla said...

"Why the hell did he take any of the jabs, let alone the booster?"

Because he took the best medical advice available in order to lessen the possibility of him infecting the people closest to him. Whoever the hell they might be.

Tancred said...

>best medical advice


Andy Gubla said...

" medical advice". Exactly the same medical advice you were given to get yourself fully vaccinated, which you have done. Bravo, Tancred.

Tancred said...

You need to take some testosterol, Flaybrielle.

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