Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Election Fraud & and the Illegitimacy Crisis.

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Anonymous said...

Good listen.
Thank you for posting.
God bless -Andrew-

Gene Armstrong said...

Agreed. Trump let down the white man.

Tancred said...

Trump is building the wall and has reduced immigration substantially.

If this cause is so important for Ann, why is she campaigning for RINOs in GA who aren't for the agenda she claims to support?

Monty Hall said...

RINOs keep the pundit class employed. Trump's usefulness to her ended when he got elected.
From the grapevine, I've heard that she dumps men right after the 2nd or 3rd time she opens
her legs for them. Probably took her a while to readlise that the Donald likes his women to
have a little meat on their bones.

Larry Renner said...
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Anonymous said...

Ann supports Feminism + renounces all forms of White-European identity politics.
She's like the based Rino at
Paul Ryan's house party.
God bless -Andrew

P.S. Anyone else notice the amount of women wno ran for and won political office?
1 sign of an effeminate Godless nation is homosexual women who don't have children,work like Men + run for office.
Men we need to get it together.
Women are not supposed to be our leaders + fighting our battles!
-God bless -Andrew