Thursday, December 17, 2020

Credibly Accused Aberrosexual Predator From Australia Attacks Trump

Edit: More evidence, if any were needed, that he's a bad actor. It's no secret that I think this man is a mountebank.  60 Minutes AustraliaLes Tyack's testimony was particularly damning and credible and coupled with the suicides and other accusations against Pell, I'm shocked that the stronger cases against Pell were not brought forward with the less credible one for which he was acquitted. 

ROME (AP) — Pope Francis’ former treasurer, Cardinal George Pell, praised President Donald Trump’s “splendid” Supreme Court appointments and defense of Christian values but questioned his effort to sow doubt in the integrity of the U.S. presidential election.

“It’s no small thing to weaken trust in great public institutions,” Pell told reporters Wednesday in launching his book, “Prison Journal,” about the 404 days he spent in solitary confinement before his sexual abuse conviction was overturned by Australia’s High Court. 

 In the book, Pell muses on his court case and current events in the Catholic Church and around the world, and at one point says Trump is unfortunately “a bit of a barbarian, but in some important ways, he is ‘our’ (Christian) barbarian.”



Monty Hall said...

What better place for a criminal prelate than a penal colony/[

Matthias said...

Only a Pom who looks down their nose could still make that comment.

Matthias said...

I do not like Pell ,and even before he was convicted I felt he was the "Company man" rather than being Christ's.

Oot & a Boot said...

From what I have read, Pell is deeply disliked outside a very limited support group in Australia. Contrary to the spin given out by his fan club, Pell was not acquitted by the High Court but on a technicality: that the lower court failed to hold a 'reasonable doubt.'
It is unlikely he will ever return to Australia as there is a substantial list of civil actions awaiting him.
As for the snivelling Pom, he should remember that it was all those 'colonies' that saved Britain's ass in two world wars running.

Constantine said...

"...but questioned his effort to sow doubt in the integrity of the U.S. presidential election."
To show doubt in a Masonic and pro Enlightenment electoral system is loyal Catholicism. Just as the downing doubt on Francis's conclave is also a virtue.

Lazy Larry said...

Pell had been banned from lockers a public pools as early as the 1970s.