Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Will Bergoglio Take the Vaccine Made From Children Murdered by Pfizer?

The Vatican plans to implement a vaccination plan in early 2021. Will Pope Francis also get vaccinated?

(Rome) The Vatican is currently preparing a vaccination plan against SARS-CoV-2. In the first few months of the coming year, the employees and residents of the Vatican State will be able to get vaccinated against the coronavirus - including Pope Francis. A corresponding agreement has already been made with a pharmaceutical company. Will Pope Francis, who actively supported the governments' Corona measures, also appear as a "role model" for vaccination?

The Covid-19 vaccine was "reserved" for Pope Francis and the residents and employees of the Papal States at the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. The administration of the State of Vatican City issued a request to all concerned to get vaccinated. It was not just about protecting one's "own health", but also for the health "of other people," said the Governorate .

The new Director of Health and Hygiene of the Vatican State, Andrea Arcangeli, said that "only through general immunization of the population can real public health benefits be achieved". He therefore sees it as his task to offer all residents, employees and their families “the opportunity” to be vaccinated against this “dreaded disease”.

The Vatican has around 3,000 employees and 800 residents. Arcangeli confirmed that the necessary vaccine doses were reserved with Pfizer. This is the first vaccine, according to the Vatican health director, which has an effectiveness “of 95 percent”. And it is the only vaccine that is currently being approved by the relevant European and American authorities. Further vaccines could be introduced later, which would have to be tested for their effectiveness and safety.

But what does 95 percent effectiveness mean if 0.04 percent of the population in Austria is currently hospitalized at the height of the second corona wave (comparable figures for the Federal Republic of Germany and Switzerland are not available at the moment, but based on previous experience they should be in line with the same orders of magnitude). In the missing five percent effectiveness that Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna show, this value is 125 times greater than  0.04 percent. So what is the real relevance of the vaccine beyond interest-based self-promotion? Vaccinate healthy people while those at risk are still not protected? Alone the already known side effects (pregnant women, women wanting to have children, Allergy sufferers) affect a much larger population group than the 0.04 percent actually threatened by the coronavirus. Apart from the fact that, due to a lack of studies, not really anything is really known about side effects and consequential effects, because the strict approval criteria for the corona vaccine have been suspended, although this - according to Bill Gates, many governments and their paid experts - the general population should be vaccinated.   

Arcangeli stressed that minors are "currently" not vaccinated in the Vatican because there are "no studies" on this age group. As far as allergy sufferers are concerned, a medical examination is recommended before any form of vaccination, said Arcangeli. In his statement, the health director reiterated general guidelines that are also represented by other governments in Europe. However, it is not known where these uniform specifications come from. 

The US company Pfizer, its German partner BioNTech and the pharmaceutical company Moderna recently announced that their vaccine was 95 and 94.5 percent effective against Covid-19, respectively. The companies are awaiting approval of the vaccine from the US FDA. If approval takes place there, rapid approval is also expected in the EU, although the usual approval requirements are not guaranteed.

The Catholic Medical Association also took the position of the aforementioned pharmaceutical company on the vaxxines. Life rights groups expressed concern in mid-November that cells from aborted children would be used in the manufacture of the vaccine. The medical association did not confirm this assumption. While it was true that such cells were used in the animal testing phase of the vaccine, that was not the case for the manufacture of the vaccine developed.

The concerns of the pro-life movement were triggered by another pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca, which developed in collaboration with Oxford University an anti-Covid-19 vaccine and used aborted children for cell lines. The Catholic doctors expressed the hope that AstraZeneca would also look for and find other ways to manufacture its vaccine.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Vatican News (screenshot)

Trans: Tancred



TM said...

Will Benedict XVI take the vaccine ?

newguy40 said...

I'm afraid that the American Catholic Bishops Conference credibility with me is less than zero.

Tancred said...

Who cares?

Anonymous said...

I would not take a vaccine made from cells of aborted fetuses. It is repulsive to think that any pharma company would use that to manufacture the vaccine. I know it is morally objectionable, but on a physical sense, it's sickening.

I supposedly already had/have COVID-19, but all I ever developed was a slight sore throat and a headache for a few days. Apparently I'm ok but still quarantined.
But I would get the vaccine anyway, I think.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Constantine said...

What if an employee refuses the vaccine? Is he fired? What if a Cardinal refuses?

Anonymous said...

One lung "Pope" Frankie of the rapidly disappering novus ordo "church" will happily take a placebo vaccine on TV; we will never know if he got the real Gates Soros needle, that shot in the arm is for the deplorables and the chumps.

Anonymous said...

If they televise Bergoglio getting the vaccine, then this "church" has become a total joke (if it hasn't already under him and his people)

Damian M. Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

It's a joke.

Shauna said...

What if you're required to be vaccinated to attend Mass? The gov't might impose this but it wouldn't surprise me if the bishops beat them to it.

Anonymous said...

Keep praying the Holy Rosary +
Sacred Heart of Jesus novena.
This + confession/receiving Holy Communion worthily are our hopes.
Please consider fasting after
Midnight for Holy Communion.
God bless -Andrew-

Anonymous said...

We will hear mass in secret it was so for centuries when Catholics were willing to die for the faith, today in Covid virus ball worshiping NuChurch "catholics" are only willing to hit the subscribe button.

Leo D. Lion said...


Oscar Sarsotti said...

El Santo Padre harà solo lo pertinente y autèntico.