Saturday, October 24, 2020

The Glaring Hypocrisy of Deep-State Democrats

By David Martin 

Throughout the 2020 presidential campaign America at large has consistently noted that everything that is alleged against Donald Trump is the very thing Biden and the Democrats are guilty of. The Democrats constantly make impulsive and unfounded statements that Trump is a "white racist" who "doesn't behave" and who "colludes with the Communists" when evidence clearly shows that it is Biden who colludes with the Communists [Chinese] and who doesn't know how to behave himself.  

Who would have ever thought there would emerge a derisive presidential candidate who would openly insult blacks by describing them as "poor" or by saying 'you ain't black if you don't vote for me and my party?' Biden not only misbehaves himself but is mentally deficient - something he has foolishly accused Trump of.  

Biden has accused Trump of being a dictator when it is he who has played the dictator by warning that if elected he will force every American to fund the murder of the unborn (abortion) with their hard-earned tax money. Trump has made no such threats upon the American people.  

The fact is that Trump always behaves himself - he isn't called a gentleman for nothing. Whereas Biden's blunders, lies, treason, and insults have sunk his campaign. His incompetence alone is enough to demoralize anyone with a will to work and succeed. Even liberals know very well that Trump will jump-start their business and prosperity while Biden will shut them down and put them at the mercy of the government for their 'rations' while their Medicare and Social Security are taken from them.  

For Biden is a deep-state socialist who hates the idea of anyone subsisting independently of the government and who doesn't show commitment to serving the government in servile fashion. As he sees it, minorities are nothing more than cattle and slaves to empower his elitist interests.  

Accordingly, he can't stand anyone who speaks with a black, Hispanic, or Indian accent and who isn't purely white. More than once his irritation over non-fluent immigrants has surfaced. He has all the markings of a KKK agent - a racist. 

Trump on the other hand considers not race or color. He is a gentleman, always lending an ear, always listening to the concerns of the people. He thinks only of the life and protection of America beginning with the unborn and does everything he can to alleviate the burden of the people, whether by lowering taxes, granting government rebates, providing jobs, or guarding their borders and interests. 

Yea, Trump is on his way to a historic victory that promises to be a terrible embarrassment for Biden and the Democrats. The poor behavior of Democrats has backfired on them big-time!

There is one economic upswing to this too: handkerchief sales promise to go up.  




John Velaldi said...
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Constantine said...

I was deeply upset that Trump and Pence did not come out with the issues during the debate. Why not come out and promise that gays are not normal, and need corrective therapy? Why not say that the women who had an abortion are criminals, and have, at least, part responsibility in what they did?
Why not explain and attach partial birth abortion, and the now popular infanticide which democrats are supporting? Most of the airhead intellectuals out there just blindly support abortion, and dob't even know this has come out into full blown infanticide. Why not promise to abolish the university systems which have become nests for all the Marxist activism, and breeding grounds for future generations to be indoctrinated and sexually confused?
But then,one would lose votes if one went too radically into it. That's the nature of the system.
But let me end to say, I will vote for Trump. But a victory now seems like merely a delay. But maybe a delay is what we need right now. Maybe with a more conservative and orthodox Pope we can withstand a Democrat President. But when we have both Church and State against us, that would be the worst case scenario.

Anonymous said...

I'm for TRUMP!!

What does everyone think of the new batch of cardinals Bergoglio appointed today? A.H. Wilton Gregory finally got his red beanie. THe only good thing is that he's almost 73, and will have to resign soon. Protégé of the late,infamous Bernardin.
I'm sure all the others are of the same ilk.As usuall, he picked mostly misson land cardinls...passing over for the 7th time the great PAtriarch of Venice, who is obviously not radical enough for Bergoglio.

13 new "cardinals", 9 can vote. Nearly all, past 70.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Thing is, Democrats and their voters are consistent in their hypocrisy. Liars will vote for other liars. Cheats will vote for cheats. Baby killers will vote for baby killers. The problem facing the Democrats now is that the future is Pro Life. They will be finished for the next 20 years unless they realise that the next generation of young voters will be predominantly Pro Life. The Democrats know this so unless they get America in a stranglehold of Communism they are finished. That's what is at stake in this election. Let's all pray to God that trump wins.

Constantine said...

Its just not true that these Leftists don't procreate. They do. Even in Catechism classes they taught that the priest is called "father" because he teaches and provides for the future generations. Nuns are referred referred as "sister" but her children are those she guides and teaches. Their superiors are referred to as "mother". Fatherhood and Motherhood refer not only to genetic perpetuation, but we are all "fathers" and "mothers" as teachers, as caregivers. No one dies childless. But...the opposite is true too. Sodomites perpetute future generations, ad do feminists, as do abortionists, as do haters of the Church, and haters of family. They also teach greed and envy and contempt and violent pride. Its being taught in our Universities, elementary schools, high schools, commmunity agencies, NGOs, media as well as from the Vatican. We are the ones not perpetuating and having few children. Because all our genetic children get snatched by these perverted institutions. They Teach antiChrist and pervesion.That means they perpetuate. Moreover, while the previous generation broke taboos the next generations don't consider the previous generation's actions as bad, but rather, defend them as the first avant garde or explorers, the next generation wants defend the actions of the first, but even go 12 step further to leave a mark. But rarely a child will condemn his mother's abortion ir sodomy . Because that will make him an orphan

Hans Kniesvonbumpsendaisie said...
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Anonymous said...

Everything the Democrats say is a lie: Diversity is strength - LIE, homosexuals are normal - LIE, abortion is a good choice - LIE, Covid will kill everybody - LIE, stay in your basement LIE, wear a mask - LIE, Russia wants Trump - LIE, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a great judge - LIE, climate change will kill billions of people - LIE, and so forth. Want the truth? Turn off and discard your TV forever and read the Catechism of the Council of Trent and pray pray and pray

Anonymous said...

Democrats like crooked old joe because Democrats always believe that they will get a few stolen silver coins if they vote for a thief.

Anonymous said...

Yet today we are one day closer to the end of Bergoglio's reign of terror. Amen

Joe Byrne said...
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