Sunday, October 25, 2020

A Pivotal Moment of U.S. History

By David Martin 

While the Marian apparitions of *Bayside still await formal sanction from the Catholic Church there is no denying that many of the Bayside prophecies are unfolding in our time.

On October 6, 1980, a dire prophecy was given at Bayside which appeared to reference the aftermath of the coming 2020 presidential election. Note that 1980 was 40 years ago, with 40 being the sum of 20 + 20. Forty years ago we were given 2020 vision of what was coming to America and it appears that 2020 is the year wherein we could begin to see this prophecy fulfilled.  

The Blessed Virgin told the seer Veronica of the Cross while in ecstasy: 

“Your country, the United States, My child, shall have great trial—the winter and the wars. There shall be internal strife in your government, and your streets will become running with blood.” 

Internal strife in our government is the very thing that has been building for the past several months and there is every reason to believe it could soon explode into all-out revolution. 

The Solution 

Here is where a united chain of prayer can make the difference. People everywhere are encouraged to join in on the powerful Novena to St. Michael the Archangel that ends Monday, November 2, 2020. 

The intentions of the novena are: 

1. That the Holy Spirit enlighten the American people to make the right choice for President of the United States in order to avert a rapid and ruinous decline of civilization.


2. That the Holy Spirit enlighten or remind the people that the preeminent issue of our time that should guide their vote is the safety and protection of God’s human creation from conception to natural death.


3. For all our personal needs, especially the grace to brave these trying times with unflinching faith, fidelity, and love. 

We have arrived at a historic crossroads when it will be necessary for Americans to make the right choice to preserve our freedom. It is crucial that America reelect Donald Trump because God has raised him up to deliver America from the New World Order. A Trump victory will keep America free, which in turn will keep the western world free, but if Socialist Joe Biden is elected it would bring about the fall of America to Communism, whereby the entire world would eventually be shackled under a communistic one-world government. 

In the final analysis, such a fall will have come as divine retribution for our having removed all barriers to abortion  something Biden has vowed to do  so we should understand that the upcoming election is the last chance we have to keep America free since Donald Trump will outlaw abortion if given another four years in office. His outstanding record as a fervent advocate of life leaves us no other recourse but to infer this.

We have push-button power to make the difference on Nov. 3 so let us invoke St. Michael and the Heavenly Host that America will choose wisely and keep America free. 


* Marian apparition site in the New York City borough of Queens where the Virgin Mary and Her Divine Son appeared from 1970-1995. These visitations took place during outdoor Rosary vigils held on the eve of important feast days of the Catholic Church, during which over 300 powerful and enlightening messages of prophecy were transmitted to the world through the late seer Veronica of the Cross. The vigils continue to this day. 

The messages warned of the general and ever increasing state of corruption in the world and unmasked the cancerous corruption within the Church. According to the message, the spiritual revolution within the Church has been largely responsible for the growing spirit of revolution in the secular world. The message warns of a coming worldwide Warning and Chastisement and calls for a universal return to penance and prayer to avert the annihilation of nations. 

We are reminded that all prophecy given is conditional to man’s response. For more please visit  














PW said...
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Joe Byrne said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes, Joe Byrne, funny enough NO ONE has died of the flu this year. Its ALL Covid. Its a miracle!"

Also, "Bayside" was condemned by the Bishop of the Diocese of Brooklyn
in 1986, who said "1. No credibility can be given to the so-called "apparitions" reported by Veronica Lueken and her followers."

Anonymous said...


I work at a major medical center in the midwest U.S. .
The death stats from COVID are a lie. The published daily "COVID updates" (from the Med Center) prove it.
This reported recent "surge" has everything to do with influencing the re-election of Donald Trump.

Fred € said...

Bayside is bunk.
I find more convincing in the Medjugorje scam than the visions of a Rockette

Anonymous said...

Bayside: The Medjugorje of America because of its many dubious messages!

Constantine said...

We don't need visions or prophesies to see with our 2 eyes what's on the wall. It's as clear as day. Fatima only proves that it was to happen. It was given to Popes that could have done something, such as call off the Second Vatican Council, or start a Council under a more traditional Pope, such as Pius XII, but did not. And no Consecration then, means it is, as Mary states in Fatima, "late"now. In other words, in human terms, "TOO late". And John Paul II made sure these morons were nominated bishops, like Bergoglio. And that's besides the pedophiles JP2 protected, like McCarrick. All these bishops were so friendly and got so cozy with the Leftist Allies that helped the US destroy Europe as a result of winning the war against Germany. And I say "Germany", because evil cannot be killed, and is not subsisting in only one nation, but in all nations. Including the prideful condescending USA, who pretends it can make a Paradise on Earth by "making the World Safe for Democracy", just by putting aside our Religion, and just focus only on what all can agree upon and be "nice". Evil fills in the gaps when one leaves the vacuum.
Europe is the CENTER OF CIVILIZATION. Without Europe there is no Greco-Roman Music, Arts and Philosophy. The US is good only at Technology. And we are threatened by having our European Civilization removed and replaced with the placebo of Technology and Technocracy as our culture. A culture devoid of heart. "The hearts of many will grow cold".

David Martin said...

Don't forget, they condemned Jesus too, but as with the bishop's condemnation it wasn't legitimate.

The fact is that the Brooklyn bishop/diocese did not follow the CDF norms to investigate Bayside before making their statement, thereby nullifying the statement. For while the bishop said that his statement was based on a "thorough investigation," the diocese never investigated Bayside, the proof being that they can provide no report of an investigation, - a sham! No investigative committee ever convened, no diocesan representative ever attended a Bayside vigil, none of the miracles and cures were ever examined by any member of an investigative committee, and the seer was never approached or questioned by anyone from the chancery even after she had made earnest efforts to lay her cards on the table with the diocese. They rather told her to kindly get lost because they weren't interested.

What the bishop's "investigation" boiled down to is that he read a handful of the Bayside messages that were brought to his attention. Immediately he observed that the message was not moving in the direction of today’s progressivist church but against the modern trend.

For instance, the Church today “authorizes” the practice of receiving Communion in the hand; Bayside calls it "a sacrilege." The Church endorses the use of lay Eucharistic Ministers at Mass; Bayside calls it "a farce." The Church approves the Charismatic Renewal and the ‘calling down of the spirit,’ Bayside says they are "calling down demons." The Church now applauds the novel role of women in Church; Bayside says women are to stay off the altar. Today’s church all but venerates the innovative “reforms” of Vatican II; Bayside says that “Satan sat in on Vatican II.”

It was these and other like observations that compelled the bishop to say that Bayside "is contributing to the confusion which is being created in the faith of God's people, as well as encouraging them to act against the determinations made by the legitimate pastor of this particular Church."

However, a closer look at the controversy unveils a nerve that Bayside apparently hit. Unbeknownst to many, Bishop Mugavero was a gay-rights advocate and an avid supporter of the gay-lesbian New Ways Ministry, which derived its name from his 1976 pastoral letter, Human Sexuality. Therein he tells the gay community: "We pledge our willingness to help you... and to find new ways to communicate the truth." He expressed sympathy for gayhood, saying: "Our community must explore ways to secure the legitimate rights of all our citizens, regardless of sexual orientation."

Bayside on the other hand says, "All who become part of or condone homosexuality shall be destroyed."

Hopefully, the foregoing provides a clearer picture of what the "investigation" was really about.

Peter Comestor said...
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Anna said...

Constantine, I read all your comments with uplifted heart. Thank you, sir.

Unknown said...

I believe in Bayside and have been attending Rosary Vigils there since 1990, I even received a miraculous cure there. It is a true apparition site.DEC