Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Timothy Gordon Fired for Saying the Truth about Black Lives Matter

Edit: just wanted to point out a few things in addition to what David Martin wanted to say about slandering Thug Brother Gordon., while I removed all the pernicious code from this post.

Tim Gordon is a shameless huckster and e-celebrity. His fall from grace will be most extraordinary.

[David Martin] Gordon, a popular podcaster [and aberrosexual enabler] and author of Rules for Retrogrades, went on "The Richard Beene Show" on June 5 to discuss his June 3 Twitter posts that sparked controversy in the Garces community and beyond. He told Beene that he stands by his remarks, which included calling the Black Lives Matter group "a terrorist organization" and encouraging Americans to "forcibly defend your cities from arsonist-vandals."

It was for these and other like comments on his social media posts that Gordon was fired from his job. From this we can only infer that the administration of Garces High sympathizes with terror activity.

Timothy Gordon was justified in what he said since the Black Lives Matter movement is an anarchist network committed to bringing down America through revolution. It regards not the lives of Black people but advances their downfall by recruiting them into terror activity aimed at destroying America and themselves, and as such, can only be called criminal. 

BLM Racist

With this, Black Lives Matter is racist in that it fanatically makes issue of race, not charity. Charity for Black people is to encourage in them in the way of brotherly love and the awareness that they were created in the image of God. Like anyone else, they too are called to a life of justice and sanctity, which is not a "white" issue, but a Christian one.

A Black man of honor learns to be "color-blind" in realizing there exists no color or race in Heaven. The soul, the essence of man, has no color, and as such, will be judged by merit without respect to race or color. Like whites and yellow-skinned people, Blacks too are called to rise above the petty cause of color and to live according to truth and justice, and to remember that Christ died on the Cross for them as much as He did for white people.

It was with this frame of mind that Timothy Gordon declared the BLM group to be a terrorist organization. He sought not the castigation of Blacks but sought to spare their reputation by disassociating them with a terror group that merely uses them as hatchets and saws to bring down the government. 

As such, Black people should shake the dust from their heels and remember that they were made for better things than a despicable Communist organization that uses them for their own hateful ends.  


AL Meggers said...

Yes indeed David. How true your comments are
And should resonate in every corner of our confused and fearful populace
God bless you for your voice of reason!

Corinna Swetz said...

Great article. Thanks for posting.

Unknown said...

Yes we are all created equally in the image of God. We cannot take it upon ourselves to retaliate for God the Eternal Father is the only one who can judge and punish. DEC

Karen said...

Complete revisionism. What he says about BLM is good but the decision was made long before he started talking about BLM.

Tancred said...

Thug Gordon wasn’t fired because of his tweets. He chickened out and deleted the ones he made about it.

Teresa d'Avila said...

Gordon is a massive egotist and self-promoting professional Catholic. He makes his living denouncing greater minds than his own with no restraint nor credible evidence: he calumniated both the late Father Nicholas Gruner and the late Father Malachi Martin both of whose credentials, erudition and integrity far exceed his own.