Thursday, June 11, 2020

Logos vs. Chaos in South America

Edit: he's live now. AMDG


Anonymous said...

He just did Africa yesterday

Anonymous said...

Jones is great on the JQ, but borderline retarded on race. His contempt for "White Guys" gets old as well. Let us not forget, he pissed allover Pat Buchanan when Pat correctly pointed out that White People need to stick together back in the 90s. The ethnic neighborhoods are long gone, and the Catholic hierarchy has utter contempt for the working/middle class Catholics that made the Church work.

One thing you can never take away from Jones, is how he nailed the Religious Right. He tells this story about meeting Ralph Reed back in the early 90s after the fall of the Soviet Union. Jones claimed he spoke to Reed about Evangelicals getting serious about fighting degeneracy, porn, and abortion now that the communists were out of power. Jones soon realized that the Religious Rights reason for being was to "Bless" Israel.