Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Gone With the Wind Will be Gone Because it Might Offend Certain People

Edit: they're going to erase the past and your identity.
[Yahoo] HBO Max has removed the classic film Gone With the Wind from its movie library following a number of calls to do so, in light of the ongoing global protests for racial equality.
ScreenRant first reported the news, and a search of the HBO Max archives confirms that the movie is no longer available to stream. The film, released in 1939, won ten Oscars and became one of the top-earning movies of all time, and was prominently featured in HBO Max’s initial advertising push. But its romantic depiction of Civil War-era America and whitewashing of slavery is seen as problematic by many modern-day viewers, especially in light of the current social unrest regarding racism and police violence. (HBO Max has not officially commented on the reasoning behind the move.)


David O'Neill said...

This is taking things to a totally unnecessary level. Like the desecration of the Churchill stateu in London people MUST realise that we are BECAUSE of our history. In fact without Churchill & his generation these 'lunatics' would not even be able to protest.

Constantine said...

Even the Hebrew people know better than to blot out classics like Shaskpeare and his stories that depict Jews in a negative light. It's the past. It's like the Islamic terrorists destroying the remnants of ancient temples.

Paul Jackson said...

But they would not need to protest in that case. They would be employed by the state to terrorise people instead. Mind you, looks like things are going that way anyway.
Who needs Nazis or Soviets when governments like UK's deceive andtand their citizens almost as rekentlessly?

Paul Jackson said...

But they would not need to in that case, because they could be employed by the state to terrorise people, just as they are paid by Soros etc today.
Same job; different paymaster.
Who needs Nazis and Soviets when governments and media such as UK's have manipulated, programmed and terrorised their citizens in recent months almost as effectively?

newguy40 said...

And, yet TCM keeps showing Cabin in the Sky every few days.

James said...

I remember the liberal outcry when the Taliban took over Afghanistan and destroyed ancient statues and artifacts.
Even the U.N. stuck their snout into it and condemned the the destruction of ancient history.
Up is down. Down is up.

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. Gone with the Wind is a classic movie, and does not whitewash slavery etc. THe violence, and the pandering to blacks since the accidental though brutal killing of George Floyd is sickening. One look at Amazon Prime is a good example. Before the Floyd incident, there were few if any black or black hero.heroine movies posted. Why? Not out of bigotry, but because there was such a low demand. Now, on entering the website, there's a huge sign "BLACK LIVES MATTER", and then row after row of black theme or all black stars movies.....you have to go down pretty far to movies that should appeal to everyone. I saw another post on Amazon declaring "Here are 68 Black owned/Black products everyone should support.
Next, companies will start hiring nothing but black people.
I am not a bigot, and I am a minority myself (my Mom is Irish American, my Dad is Indian (from India, not Native American Indian). But I don't expect special consideration in anything. Because to a tremendous lot of people, I look good....and made a success out of being a male model. But I didn't pursue it. I sent my portfolio into a modeling agency as a joke/dare because a friend bet me I'd get picked up and I said I wouldn't. I lost. The rest has been 11 mostly great years. But I didn't expect doors to open to me because I am a minority....I worked damn hard.
A week of protests after this accidental killing of a black man was perhaps justified, but destroying property, vandalism, looting, and not trying in some quarters to bring down Trump is just sick.
I would't be surprised if TArump wins anyway, because people are sick of all this.

Damian M. Malliapalli

susan said...

zombie apocalypse.

JBQ said...

A point of note on Margaret Mitchel and "Gone with the Wind". She left her estate in Atlanta to her nephew who then passed it on to the Archdiocese of Atlanta. Wilton Gregory had just become the bishop.---There was a mansion on the estate. Gregory went in and had it torn down. A larger one was erected and Gregory moved in. The laity in Atlanta went crazy. He had to turn it over for use as a retreat center.----The point made by Gregory was well taken. There are no African-American Catholics. Gregory resents the ones who are white and live in the suburbs. They have the money and it is they who support the archdiocese.----My cousin received an annulment from her marriage through this archdiocese. She worked with a priest who investigated and filed the paperwork. He had her doing all the small jobs to build up his ego. Once the annulment went through, he brought it to her and vulgarly asked for sexual recompense.----Recent actions by Gregory in his new home of DC are very understandable. He has deep links to the gay lobby in the U.S. through being an auxiliary for Joe Bernardin in Chicago. In Atlanta, he had made his point. By moving onto the estate of Margaret Mitchell, he sent a message to the blacks of Atlanta that white society had been put in its place.

Anonymous said...

Except that blacks cannot stand Gregory.
He is a wildly effeminate black man. They believe in keeping that stuff on the "down low". And that isn't flaming Wilton.
Notice how many black converts he made to Catholicism.

Anonymous said...

Wilton is a queer, just like his mentor Cardinal Joe. Just like maybe Red Hat Parolin and white dress Francis.

Damian M. Malliapalli

The last Catholic pope in my lifetime was Benedict XVI. Hope there's another one before another year is out.

James Joseph said...

In Iraq, the locals complained about Israeli and Americans looting museums and destroting antiquities associated with pre-Islamic civilization. The Jews don't care about you or your patriarchy. They pray every week and to annihilate everylast drop of your Amalek blood.

James Joseph said...

The locals in Afghanistan said it wasn't the Taliban. Locals have told me similar things first hand. Israelis pose as Arabs. They destroy everything. They haven't opened a Goethe institute in Kabul. It's madness.

Nass Botha said...

Sounds like a round table discussion at a Boers convention.

Constantine said...
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Constantine said...

People are led to be manipulated because they are predictable slaves of their own appetites. Give them what their appetites crave, and they will work for the manipulators

Tancred said...

I’ve heard that black people despise Bernardina of Chicago also.

Anonymous said...

History begins when and how we SAY it begins!

Anonymous said...

Bp.Bernardin's Luciferian touch up of the Chicago cathedral is ominous.
That tens of thousands of Catholics see this
macabre demonic symbolism weekly and say nothing is even more