Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The Face Mask Delusion Unmasked

By David Martin

While people have frantically rushed to the stores to get their face masks for the prevention of COVID-19, they haven't been aware that wearing face masks can actually increase the infection risk for COVID-19.

It is no secret that the COVID-19 scare was politically motivated to empower government elites and restrict our liberties. Many state "authorities" have been spreading COVID-19 under the guise of preventing it.

This is evident by their down-talking of remedies that can help in the fight against Coronavirus, their unwillingness to properly treat those with Coronavirus (e.g. denying them ventilators), their promotion of government "vaccines" designed to ruin our immunity and reproductivity, and their requiring of face-mask wearing that often does more harm than good.

The reason face masks are effective in protecting doctors and nurses from infectious disease is because they use the right kind and are properly trained on how to use and dispose of them, but by impulsively wearing the same germ-saturated mask 12-hours a day, people are doing themselves more harm than good. 

Face mask wearing:

— Reduces oxygen up to 60%
— Increases the chance of CO2 poisoning
— Causes increased face touching

The facts are that:

— Masks collect viruses and bacteria that saturate the outside of the mask
— Touching mask and surfaces spreads germs
— Contaminants that sit within mask fibers get re-inhaled
— Fresh air is vital for good immunity needed to resist COVID-19

The reason global elites have needlessly maintained a sense of urgency over COVID-19 is to "justify" their lockdown of society and church. How often have we heard foreboding threats from people like Bill Gates and governors Cuomo and Newsom that 'we better get ready for another 18 months of lockdown because stage-three of the "pandemic" is on the way.' This is nothing more than socialist mind-manipulation through fear—the same fear that has driven people to the local Walmart to get their face masks.

The mere fact that the infamous World Health Organization has stressed the wearing of face masks is every reason not to wear them. The WHO is all about murder and crime (esp. abortion) under the guise of health, which is why President Trump finally broke it clean with them.

The foregoing is not to mention that face masks look hideous and bandit like. Wearing face masks is giving society the image of being a Jihad society and could give Jihads a chance to camouflage themselves when committing their crimes.

The best response is to ignore all the protocol and to simply observe due distancing and bolster immunity through good eating and rest. The fact that state health officials repeatedly downplay the importance of good immunity for avoiding COVID-19 supports the allegation that they are culturing it for political reasons. True medical experts have made it clear that poor immunity will make one more susceptible to COVID-19. Does it take a learned person to know this?

Common sense should dictate. Rest and eat well, take vitamins and supplements, avoid crowds, and don't wear germ-saturated face masks.

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Unknown said...

This must be true my nephew saw two different doctors treat his sons without masks show the validity for masks for covid 19. Wearing a mask does hinder my breathing. DEC

Mike Mirabella said...

It didn't do any good for the caped Crusader either.

newguy40 said...

I don't get it either other than Ann's comments on the masks being part of the new religion. One of the constraints in coming back to my work place of employment is to wear the mask. I told my wife I did not think that I could do it with the restriction in breathing. 4 hours 2X? I think that is worse than the covid.

P. O'Brien said...

Don't believe that ventilators necessarily help. Watch this video: https://youtu.be/UIDsKdeFOmQ

Mike Mirabella said...

Trump doesn't wear those sissy masks and look what it has done for him and the entire nation.

Onah Ezekiel said...

We must be vigilant never ourselves be drowned in self inflicted and unfounded fears generated by this Luciferians. Listen to the Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of All Nations and Saviour of the World to WHO.

Anonymous said...

Boycott Face masks.
If Covid was the 21st Century version of Black Death,which it isn't,wearing a face mask,especially for long hrs on a daily basis,would increase your risk of illness.