Sunday, May 3, 2020

Voris Lies About His Opus Dei Backing

Edit: Michael Voris doesn't like it very much when the Spotlight is aimed in his direction as he's caught in a lie by OTSOTA on Twitter.



Anonymous said...

It's all a pack of lies

Remember when Voris was outed? There wasn't a Vortex for a few days. We thought they were done for. Then he rebounded and started a program called PAUSE for young men and teenage boys. Joe Gallagher was gone! What did he know??

Then the Pause program disappeared quietly. Was there some sort of hanky-panky or did someone get to Voris and say: Buddy, you got some bad optics going on here given your known proclivities.. And, it wouldn't necessarily have to be Voris making a pass at one of these young men. Queers in an organization draw in more just like cats call in strays. It is already public knowledge that Simon Rafe liked to write gay themed thrillers.

Esteban Belizcay said...

Voris acting all tough and junk with teens. Listen to him after he locked them in a closet.

Angelo Colombo said...

It would probably be a good idea for CMTV to not throw stones from their glass house. They've had a lot of defectors over the years and once they starts spilling the beans, the floodgates of perversion will open

Lionel said...

CMTV was a hive of scum and villainy and now it has become a cesspool of perversion.

Tancred said...

I'd be happy for CM to be professional about reporting this stuff, because they're not doing the alleged victims any favors as things stand.

Jolly Llama said...

CMTV has nothing to hide and has been completely transparent about this issue. And, they’ve done hit pieces on OD.
This soundš like another SSPX deflection.

Tancred said...

And yet, Voris has lied about his Opus Dei connections.

For my part, I’m not SSPX.

Molly Maguire said...

[QUOTE]Anonymous Anonymous said...
It's all a pack of lies[/QUOTE]

Could Voris have abused that boy? Homos are often drawn to people who remind them of their younger selves

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Remember when Voris was outed?

Voris wasn't about to be "outed" by The Archdiocese of New York and there is no proof of his accusations it was going to out him. SHOW US THE MONEY QUOTES, VORIS,OF THOSE WHO WERE GOiNG TO PUTATIVELY OUT YOU.

If you believe Voris about that phony confession and his self-absolution for his sins, then you wil believe nearly every other of his narcissistic follies.

Te BEST things the SSPX can do is ignore this media clown

His effusive anticipatory epicaricacy if the SSPX does not do what it is told to by Venomous Voris illustrates just how sick and twisted he is.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Vori son twittwer:
Oh, next week is not gonna be a good for
. Just a heads up. Priests fathering children & signing away their paternal rights bcz their superiors hush it up. Hows that forstarters. Until they come clean and clean house - CM is gonna keep rolling these out. Drip. Drip. Drip.

These nasty threatening tweets are lacking only the vid showing Voris rubbing his hands with glee while snarling and laughing manically.

Nobody can stop this cackling circus so one can only stare in wonder and watch as he and Niles buries Catholic Militant TV

PGMGN said...


"CMTV has nothing to hide and has been completely transparent about this issue. And, they’ve done hit pieces on OD.
This soundš like another SSPX deflection."

Doing a single piece on Opus Dei is no proof that Voris has no connection to Opus Dei. The man does. It's out there for all to see with his buddy Chris Brammer and his having taken spiritual direction from Fr. Paul Nicholson. (The same priest Voris was helping set up another sham apostolate called "The Cracker Jack Club."

Do some research and vet your sources.

The deflection is Voris "telling" you that he's telling the truth. Using BOLD advertisements about "Find the TRUTH" at CM. Sorry, but that's a marketing tactic wherein one excoriates their perceived competition only to "claim" that they are reliable.

Follow the $$$. All of it. That tends to lead to the truth about motives.

Spiritual and psychological abuse are sins, too.

Jim Wizz said...

Amateur Brain Surgeon:

You are very correct on this. The archdiocese of NY is very insular and , with exception of Joe Zwingling, no one in the chancery even knew who he was. Michael opportunistically claimed it was the NY archdiocese that was trying to out him because policing social media got to be so onerous with all of the men claiming they slept with him and fingering him as Big Gary Peyronie, his handle on Grinder.

As for Michael's Schadenfreude regarding the SSPX, this goes back to his brief time in Rome (Angelicum STB) when he tried to proposition an effeminate looking (wide assed faggot look) SSPX seminarian. Well, he wasn't gay and he beat the living poo out of Voris.

You can verify it all here

Jim Wizz said...

Dave Lewis said...

Any one taking bets on who's going to be left standing?

1. Voris
3. Both fall
4. Both standing

I'd like to see the odds before placing my bet

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

SSPX will still be standing.

Neither a Pope or a Dope can stop them

Irenaeus said...

Well, perhaps we should take him at his word?

The question we all should be asking is: "Are the allegations about sexual pederasty within the Society true, or are they not?" So far, only Church Militant has been able to give us any sort of answer.

Fussing about the Opus Dei connection (if there is one) is distracting away from the issue. Sexual pederasty is a serious issue. A pederast is a pederast no matter how trad. Michael Voris is not the problem here. The pederasts are.

Tancred said...

His word isn't very good, unfortunately.

He's even been threatening alleged victims with doxxing if they back out. And yet Virus portrays himself as a champion of the good.


Irenaeus said...

Where is Mr. Voris threatening alleged victims with doxxing if they back out? That's a serious accusation.

Giles Dickerson said...

I'm surprised it took so many traditional Catholics so long to accept that Voris is a phony.

Tancred said...

@Iraenaus, so is lying about the people who pull the strings and pay the bills and lying generally about the substance of various accusations and trying to mischaracterize and organization as "protecting predators". This is especially so when Voris can be accused of doing the same thing when it came to Perrone on much better evidence.

Aqua said...

I recommend “The Great Stalin” Twitter account for CM commentary (among many other of his chosen topics). He has been doing an outstanding service, investigating the CM investigators. Nothing says that only journalists get to investigate. We still have our 1A freedoms of speech and assembly.

TGS (Benedict Carter) has some very interesting observations and, as time goes by, information on this attack.

His latest is inquiry into how Michael Voris came to have $1,000,000 of his own money to invest in his fledgling CM studios - in support of the question: *who* is funding all of this reporting? Follow the money.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

The question we all should be asking is: "Are the allegations about sexual pederasty within the Society true, or are they not?

No, that is not what we all should be doing and what makes you think your personal opinions are normative and morally binding on others?

The SSPX should NEVER respond to this person Voris

He has no authority, delegated by legitimate authority or otherwise. His rogue rage will destroy his CMTV venture

All he has is his perversion-based Pride and his Look-at-me Haughty, They-are-naughty schtick is wearing really thin.

Let him continue his self-destructive ways. Let him bleat, bitch and moan. Maybe he will hold his breath until he looks like Papa Smurf

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Church Militant TV is tacking credit for the SSPX review board whereas the SSPX said its protection program was already in place.

Voris will lap up up the credit just like one knew he would.

C'est la vie.

ABS believes the SSPX

Mygitaccount said...

I see what Irenaeus did there. I think there's a playbook that is being used in social media and blogosphere by quite many Opus Dei supporters. I have found six main points in it.

The first one is to change the subject, redefine the issue or start telling a different story. Not "Voris is untrustworthy" but "pederasty is a serious issue" and "it is a good thing that sexual mischief like this gets exposed". To intentionally talk past what has been said.

The second one is to feign alarm, concern, surprise or worry or seriousness about the issue or the opposite viewpoint. "I must be right because your viewpoint is so surprising and shocking. That's so strange. You must be mistaken. I have never heard that."

The third one is to appeal to any authority that has any semblance of credibility in any way related to the issue and favors one's side. "He is a priest / a bishop / a doctor / an author / a media persona / a good man and he has talked about this / written a book / been touched by the issue personally, therefore I think I should be able to trust him without reservation." This is why Opus Dei likes to own an author here, a talking head there and some priests, bishops, doctors and lawyers too.

The fourth one is to issue warnings and speculate what will happen if the opposing viewpoint is allowed to remain standing alone and where its supporters will possibly go with it. "If we remain uncritical, we might all end up in bed with horrible SSPX paedophiliac priests. You will end up alone opposing the Pope. Soon it's your personal opinion against the Church."

The fifth one is to proclaim advice and recommendations. "We all should pray. We all should pray for these priests. We all should do our job for the betterment of our Church. We all should support our priests and bishops in whatever they do. We all should volunteer in our Church in whatever capacity." In effect saying that you everyone should stop arguing your unacceptable position, get busy elsewhere and stop opposing (or "fussing about") my masters.

The sixth one is to display repulsive faux love and care for everyne. To pretend that of course everyone came suddenly to their side, even if any disagreement really existed, and now everything is smiles, hugs and kisses. "Bless you and God be with you. I am so kind, so lovely, so irresistible, so above reproach."

It's about dealing in power, position, persuasion, seduction, appearance and leverage but not in truth or logic, possibility or plausibility.