Sunday, May 3, 2020

Facebook Disables Account of Ohio Lawmaker and Traditional Catholic, Critical of Coronavirus Restrictions

Edit: Nino Vitale is a Traditional Catholic, FSSP parishioner. His campaign and personal Facebook account have been blocked.
COLUMBUS, Ohio—State Rep. Nino Vitale’s campaign Facebook account has been down since Friday morning, according to the Champaign County Republican.
Vitale, one of the Ohio House’s most conservative members, said Friday he wasn’t sure exactly what happened with his account and wasn’t given any explanation by Facebook. “They’re so far being helpful and looking into it,” Vitale said of the world’s largest social-media platform.



Anonymous said...

This is the way these people react when you shine the light on them. They take away your means to communicate. They don’t refute you.
Yesterday, Queen Ngiles ,the Vietnamese Budgie of CMTV ,blocked Frank Walker of Canon212 when he started asking the wrong kind of questions about her sordid personal life. Presumably this included spousal abandonment and her famous 30 minute hugs ūü§ó of effeminate men in toupees.

Aqua said...

I have never been on Facebook in my life.

Wifey did Facebook in regards to her adoption calling - promotion, advocacy, education etc. much good came out of that.

She pulled the plug, a few weeks ago. Just killed the Facebook connection. Why? Stories like this. Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg’s world. Living your life in even a small way there is living in his world, according to his rules, monitored and directed by him and his minions. You don’t see him. But he is in all of it. And he tracks everything. Limits and censors at his sole discretion. That is intolerable.

We should all pull the plug.

Tancred said...

Welcome back Aqua. I've never deliberately deleted any of your posts. I did once do so in error, but you're not easy to reach.

Have a Holy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

This does not shock me in the least which is pathetic on my part.
I'm getting used to traditional voices being silenced and punished.
The process of demoralization in front of your eyes.