Thursday, April 23, 2020

Will Church Militant Be Litigated and Legislated Out of Existence After This Amateurish Hack Job?

On April 22, 2020, the website Church Militant published a story against the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) with the inflammatory title, “SSPX—Sympathetic to Perverts.” The story, among other things, purports to expose a culture of coverups regarding sexual abuse and immorality within the Society. This is false, and the SSPX calls on Church Militant to withdraw this slanderous piece of yellow journalism.  ~ US District of the Society of Saint Pius X 

Edit:  In a last-ditch gambit to capture the kind of hoopla against the Catholic Church incited by the Boston Globe's hit piece against the Catholic Church, SPOTLIGHT, Michael Voris' Church Militant and ,Christine Niles, are on the attack against hated Society of Saint Pius X. (We note there really isn't a similar expose forthcoming against the Democratic Party and the Educational-Media Complex, exposing the profound connections existing between the US political system and progressive elites in Catholic circles by either Voris or the Globe, but this is all a diversion.)  After watching Frank Walker's video last night, and noticing Voris' histrionic gay meltdown  on Canon212, it seemed opportune to take note of some things.

The Society of Saint Pius X has responded. Just for the record, especially since it seems people are confused on this point, the Society has publicly admitted that it has had problems with gay sex predators in its ranks and had even been consulting with the CDF to address the problem.  I'm sure some of us remember Father Carlos Urrutigoity.  As recently as 2018, we helped air a story by Swedish TV involving two priests who'd been dismissed from the Society and who had found refuge  with Bishop Williamson's "SSPX Resistance".  So no, the entire SSPX does not promote and defend Sex Abuse as Niles and Voris would have it.

This is a real loser for CM TV. We've always defended Michael and to a lesser extent Christine in the past, but we will enjoy watching them be sued for libel, as Comrade Stalin asks on twitter:

We once thought Michael Voris was generally above these kinds of tactics, but this is beyond the pale and demonstrates what I found hard to hear from E. Michael Jones in the past, that Michael Voris' sexual predilection leads him to make very bad decisions.   It's especially disgusting that he's teaming up with self-promoting narcissist, "Holy Rod" Dreher, as Canon212 calls him.

Interestingly, we've been reminded of Randy Engel's piece on Voris and revisit it here.  It's also critical of E. Michael Jones and all roads lead back to Opus Dei. And Chris Ferrara on Voris' tizzy, here.   Is there a civil war in OD?

Then there's this piece which addresses Voris' 180 degree turn on behalf of Opus Dei, here by Doctor John Smythe.

Catholic Family News.

As if the timing weren't perfect enough, Bergoglio is building consensus to shut down the Universal Indult (Which plays into the notion that the Society will be the purveyor of Tradition under Francis, btw.)



Anonymous said...

The show was a real dud
Why is CMTV located in Detroit’s gay district?
Niles stalked Voris for years because the Holy Spirit said he was going to be her new husband. How did Voris hide, being HIV+, being gay, and impotence from the 3rd Person of the Trinity?

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does Christine Niles sound like a budgerigar whenever she opens her mouth?

Anonymous said...

It was a revealing and well resourced piece excruciating in detail. Even more excruciating was the voice of the reporterette. Fingernails on the chalkboard!!
Isn’t she the “girl of the 30 minute hugs” with 4 illegitimate kids? I’m betting they’re going to regret throwing stones from their glass palace

That said, the Society needs to set a better example

Tancred said...

"This isn't what we are"


James Joseph said...

I'd like to know if Ezra Levant is a silent hand at Church Militant. Speculation.

James Deipnon said...
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Vox Cantoris said...

Is is true or isn't it? Did the SSPX admit sodomites and move them around to groom, rape and defile?

Isn't this the question?

A pervert is a pervert no matter how "Trad."

Anonymous said...

Voris is a blowhard but this expose is the truth. I grew in St Marys and knew all of the names mentioned. This story isn't news to the countless families who moved to that Trad Mecca, were disillusioned, and moved on. You might not like the way He is doing it, but God is exposing all of the corruption and rot in (and without) the Church so He can rebuild it with the just who remain, no matter how few.

Tancred said...

To say that the Society is “sympathetic to perverts” is simply not true.

Constantine said...

All Catholics are required to be sympathetic to sinners. Moreover, even "walking together" with a sinner who is searching to get out of sinful addictions is commendable. The sin is"walking together" with a sinner in his unremorsed sin, and/or not walking him out if sin, but reinforcing his hardness of heart. The Vatican 2 hierarchy is to be criticized for presenting sin to the sinner as virtue, or as some aspect of potential virtue.
That being said, sin will often be hidden, and often be disguised. Criticism should always be limited to priests and Church leaders ability to discern. One must prove a state of mind- negligence, or reasonable imprudence, or actual culpability and involvement in sin, to accurately condemn a person's actions

Tancred said...

One of the great things about the Church is that is has always taken care of the lowly, the despised and hearhless. It’s really too bad that people have taken advantage of that fact to vilify the Church itself, or taken advantage of this charitable disposition to victimize others.

Anonymous said...

For a female, Niles has a very large skull, very large hands and very broad shoulders. That may in part contribute to her sounding like a "budgerigar" as someone stated above.

Anonymous said...

Without the SSPX there would be no TLM, the traditional rites of the sacraments would be extinct, summorum pontificum would never have been written. This attack on the SSPX by CMTV together with the Covid 19 closure of churches by bishops, and the just announced CDF survey are signs that the Novus Ordo aims to annihilate all traces of the pre Vatican II Catholic faith. Soon Catholics will have a choice SSPX or the Novus Ordo there will be nothing else.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Randy Engel has frequently fired at a target and hit her feet.

She once accused Rafael Merry Del Val as a pedophile with virtually no substance top the age at all.

She accused Dr E Michael Jones as ben a member of Opus Dei and has yet to respond to his public denial - a long time ago in Culture Wars.

As for Voris, like so many sodomites, it is often about "look at me, look at me..."

Sodomites are naturally subversive

Constantine said...

Interesting, however, if we can get some traditional Catholic scholar, to do a study on the relationship of the complaints to the SSPX's "opening up" to Rome. Maybe the laypeople attended SSPX'S institutions had increased and/or increased with addition or sin problems of a more incorrigible nature. Maybe there may have been more laxity in judgement during times under one Superior General over another? I suspect that the more openness to Rome may indicate a more tolerant attitude toward sin. Is less openness to Rome lead to less virtue?

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Tanceed. Here is a link to the comment section at AKA Catholic in which ABS called out Ms. Engel on her despicable charge against Merry del Val.

What she did was a serious sin. She has not corrected her errors

One has to scroll down quite a ways to get to the meat of the rebuttal to her false charge, who made it etc.

Tancred said...

Wow! That’s pretty damning, ABS!

It’s almost as if she is an anti-Catholic polemicist.

@Constantine I’m surprised no one has brought up Krahgate.

SteveO said...

If Voris really thinks abuse is occurring, he has a moral duty to report it. Just like you or I do.

Slander only occurs if something isn't true. So prove it. Voris is a journalist, he knows the rules.

All of these personal attacks against Voris and Niles in the comments is cheap and petty. Go after the story reported, not "I'm going to get you back." Grow up

Anonymous said...

Doubt they will be sued. A lawsuit would mean a whole ton of evidence against the SSPX would be revealed. Unless you think SSPX is innocent and pure as the wind-driven snow.

Anonymous said...

Milwaukee hass 450 priests with about 60 accused.
The SSPX has 600 priests worldwide and only 10
accusations. I think there are deeper issues here.
Voris was probably beaten by his husband the way
Tim Gordon's wife beats him today:

Christine Niles has a lot of issues too. She lived in France where the SSPX is strong. Maybe some white kids made fun of her bird voice?

BrotherBeowulf said...

St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen
24 April 2020 A. D.


SSPX has the short end of the stick. Slander? Libel? Not a snowball's chance in La Casa Sta Marta.

Voris has his facts, and with a fact there is no argument. CM responds to the SSPX official response to yesterday's report. In key part:

"The SSPX admits there have been 'serious and tragic individual cases of abuse' by their own clergy — including those Church Militant exposed in our report:

"the conviction and imprisonment of SSPX priest Fr. Christophe Roisnel in 2016 for the rape and torture of three women (a priest Fellay was willing to let loose after only two years of prayer and penance in a monastery);

"the conviction and imprisonment of SSPX priest Fr. Frédéric Abbet in 2017 for sexually abusing three boys (more details below);

"the conviction and imprisonment of Fr. Uribe Silviano Bernabe in 2013 for sexually assaulting a girl and an adult woman;

"the canonical conviction of SSPX priest Fr. Philippe Peignot in 2014 for sexually abusing boys (whose ban on access to children was lifted by Fellay);

"the sexual abuse of multiple boys by former SSPX priest Fr. Douglas Laudenschlager in the 1980s, the first U.S. priest ordained by Abp. Lefebvre.

"As we said in our report, this is only the tip of the iceberg."

And moving Wenger to Austria looks as if for no other purpose than get him out of reach of investigators.

The SSPX had best come clean. For their sake and ours, and for Holy Mother Church as well.

Aqua said...

@ Anonymous 6:01


Aqua said...

Brother B:

Voris is a charlatan. A circus performer. Best not get too close. People like that are unstable. He has done grave disservice to the Church.

James Deipnon said...
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James Deipnon said...
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Aqua said...

Catholic: Sacred Tradition = The Faith

Novus Ordo Catholic: Sacred Tradition = Antiquarianism, Nostalgia, Delusional

S said...

Francis is NOT an anti-pope.
Now THAT is delusional. I think it a great thing to get the neo-trads off the fence on the issues at hand. Love to see a list of Voris's hook-ups during his decade of sodomy. Givest though a break. TLM is the future and clearly the sedes will go to the gallows for it.. . Yes every Sunday, guffaw.

S said...


Anonymous said...

I almost hope there is a libel suit filed. CM will have the right of discovery to SSPX communications. Witnesses will be sworn and deposed. The KBI will be able to give evidence to the judge (if no one else, as it is an on-going investigation). And there won't be any room for defense by means of hurling insults at the character or mannerisms of those bringing the accusations. Best of all, there would be real-world penalties in the end, possibly further investigations.

Tancred said...

Isn’t hurling insults at the character or mannerisms of various individuals what CM is doing? Saying that they’re maliciously “sympathetic to perverts” is quite an assertion for one.

Anonymous said...

Wow the Opus Dei novus ordo trolls are more numerous on this blog than the Wuhan flu in a Soros funded NGO.

Anonymous said...

Not true there were Clergy offering the Holy Sacrifice after 1965 + before the SSPX.
Fr.James Wathen
Fr.Francis Fenton
Bp.Francis Slupski
Bp.Robert McKenna
Fr.Leo Macnamara
Fr.Gommar DePauw
Bp.Ngo Dihn Thuc
Fr.Kubish (Idaho)
Fr.John O'Conner etc..

Anonymous said...

The letters discussing the “strategy” to hide the evil were mortifying.
It was the same strategy seen throughout the Novus Ordo Church.
It’s the same strategy used in the scouts.

The first thing pedophiles do is win the unquestioned trust of the community
and the victims’ families. When they get caught they deny and attack the victims.

Good parishioners don’t mean to be sympathetic with the abusers.
It’s just that they can’t believe it and of course don’t want to believe it.
These are hurtful allegations for the victims, the families and it shakes the faith
of the community.

They are serous and damaging allegations.
But pedophiles have a strategy, they know the community is proud and
lack a strategy to protect their own children and that’s why
they keep getting away with what they do.

Tancred said...

Not that it matters, but what specifically was "mortifying" about those letters? If I don't hear from you in a couple of hours, I'll just delete you as a concern trolling OD fgt.

Anonymous said...

I don't recall you offering the same skepticism for Cardinal Pell.
I read the story you linked here regarding Cardinal Pell and felt the same as you did from that story.

Delete the post if you want, but pride isn't going to solve the sexual abuse of minors.
The letters revealed the strategy that is more concerned for itself than the victim.

It's the same we saw recently going to the top. There were no indictments of
Cardinal McCarrick, but does anyone believe him? Of course not. Nor should they.
But the lack of support for him came long and hard and finally Cardinal Vigano
made it impossible to ignore the coverup.

Tancred said...

Pell has credible accusers and a history of Tallinn out of both sides of his mouth. He’s not some traditionalist second coming of Pius X.

Tancred said...

Lol, even Thomas Reese thinks McCarrick is a sex predator and he was finally dismissed after decades of reports, e rn complaints about him by a seminary rector.

Should we assume that Voris efends a Catholic sex predator cult?

Anonymous said...

Tancred, I’ve been coming to your blog daily for so long I don’t remember when I began reading your informative posts. I also read Catholic Family News for a couple decades and Michael Matt and others in the culture war.

Over thousands of days I may have commented here about 10 times, half of them in the last few days. Yesterday you wrote there were no indictments, but neither were there for many alleged abuser priests when this first started to come out in the early 90s. And at that time the laity defended their priests which for many turned out to have been misplaced trust. That was my point.
I was hoping to offer a more objective way of approaching the allegations and ugly subject.

Tancred said...

Is this John Watson?

Anonymous said...

No, I'm not John Watson.

Tancred said...

Don't recognize any other anonymous commentators besides Gaybrielle.

Anonymous said...

We traded emails a few years ago and you told me some of your story up in MN.
I told you a little about myself. It was a short amicable exchange.

I hope all works out as you hope because nobody wants to hear this, but I'm not as optimistic as you.

Tancred said...

I was just going to bring up Collegeville. There are a lot more credible accusations, and the place still has big donors and lots of support.

I was wondering what happened to you.

Andre Louis Heywood is still on the SJU site, and Father Ruff is still happily commenting on Pray, Tell while operating as some kind of contact person for victims of sexual abuse.

Anonymous said...

More grease on your elbows!!!

Anonymous said...

This is the gathering of haters of Michael Voris, I suspect.

Aqua said...

Anonymous 1240: Michael Voris produced an article in which he accuses the SSPX Order, itself, of *using* Traditional Liturgy, (the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that is), and its firm adherence to orthodox, dogmatic, Credal Catholicism to advance its primary purpose of Pederasty and systemic criminal depredations against young boys and girls, men and women.

Perversion is their mission, according to Voris’ Church Militant.

You make charges like that ... you better get your facts straight because charges like that extend beyond this world into the next.

That’s the point. And its a big one.