Thursday, April 23, 2020

Castling of the Leadership at the SSPX

(Menzingen) In the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X (FSSPX) there is a considerable staff castle move. The release of Father Franz Schmidberger, second superior general of the Society from 1982 to 1994, from his office as Rector at the seminary of Zaitzkofen has already been reported. He is retiring. But it is not the only personnel change. Father Davide Pagliarani, the fourth Superior General since the summer of 2018, made major reshuffles during his term of office for the first time.

The departures

  • Bishop Bernard Fellay, the third Superior General until 2018, leaves the General House in Menzingen and moves to the Seminary of St. Thomas Aquinas in the USA.

  • Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais, suffering from ill health, is being referred to the Seminary of St. Pius X in Ecene as a retreat.

  • Fr. Christian Thouvenot, until now Secretary General of the General House, becomes a professor at the seminary in Ecene.

  • Fr. Franz Schmidberger, until now Rector at the Seminary of the Heart of Jesus in Zaitzkofen, moves to the district of Germany.

  • Fr. Jürgen Wegner, until now district superior of the DISTRICT USA, moves to the district of Austria.

  • Fr. Philippe Brunet, until now Superior of the Autonomous House of Spain-Portugal, becomes professor at the Seminary U.L.F. and co-saviour of La Reja in Argentina.

  • Fr. Mario Trejo, previously district superior of the District of South America, moves to another assignment in the District of South America.

  • Fr. Daniel Couture, previously district superior of the District of Canada, becomes Prior of the contemplative House of Notre-Dame de Montgardin in France.

  • Fr. Pierre-Marie Laurenon, previously Prior of the contemplative house of Notre-Dame de Montgardin, moves to the district of France.

The Promoted

  • Fr. Jorge Amozurrutia, previously district superior of the District of Mexico, becomes Superior of the Autonomous House of Spain-Portugal.

  • Fr. Pascal Schreiber, until now District Superior of the District of Switzerland, becomes Rector at the Seminary Of The Heart of Jesus in Zaitzkofen.

  • Fr. Daniel Themann, previously Rector at the Holy Cross Seminary in Australia, becomes District Superior of the District of Australia.

  • Fr. John Fullerton, previously District Superior of the District of Australia, becomes District Superior of the District of the United States.

The New

  • Fr. Foucauld Le Roux becomes the new Secretary General of the General House.

  • Father Thibaud Favre becomes district superior of the district of Switzerland.

  • Fr. Robert MacPherson becomes Regens at the Seminary of the Holy Cross in Australia.

  • Father Pierre Mouroux becomes district superior of the District of Mexico.

  • P. Joaquin Cortés becomes district superior of the District of South America.

  • Fr. David Sherry becomes district superior of the District of Canada.

According to the traditional Internet newspaper Riposte Catholique, the line that follows the motto: "Outside the Society there is no salvation" has been strengthened.

Text: Giuseppe
Nardi Picture: (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred



Anonymous said...

Could this be connected to the pedophilia Church Militant reports today is rampant in the Society?

Anonymous said...

I think everyone should be aware of this below which I copied and pasted from the news. I think it is a move by asshole Pope Francis to try to suppress the TLM. If he tries that, I think he will have a true schism on his hands, and I hope Faithful Catholics reject this move, and not cave in and say "yes, Holy Father.....whatever you say, Holy Father". No one deserves that title less than Pope Francis,

" The Vatican has sent out a survey to the world’s bishops, asking for their comments on the effects of Summorum Pontificum, the document with which Pope Benedict XVI opened a path to wider use of the traditional Latin liturgy. The survey sent out by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, asks bishops, “does it respond to a true pastoral need?” and “what is your advice about the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite?”

Damian M. Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

The US District of the SSPX responds to the salacious agenda-driven article and video of Church Militant.

JBQ said...

There were always surveys when I taught with the Catholic schools. This was not an opinion seeker. It was a dossier inspirer. This was 1983 and they already had an agenda to bring gayness out of the closet. The one in charge subsequently was indicted for 40 counts of sodomy in three different states (Texas, Missouri, Colorado). He never went to trial. That would have been too embarrassing.---It is plenty obvious that the traditional Mass is on the "chopping block". That is allegedly what was contained in the Third Secret. Pius XII somehow knew its contents although supposedly not opening the envelope. He said that Our Lady warned about "changing the liturgy".----As for the article on Church Militant, it is devastating to SSPX. On two different presentations, I simply asked for a clarification on the cause. Both comments were "put on hold" for moderation.----If the traditional Mass is supposedly the cause, then what are the implications not only for SSPX but for the retention of the Latin Mass?

JBQ said...

Very good referral on the part of Damian. It is like two bulls butting heads. The accusation is made that CM is little more than a tabloid like the National Enquirer. ---- SSPX claims that they will respond to each allegation in total. So far, it is unknown just what the agenda of MV is. If it "truth", then let's wait and see. If it is sensationalism, that too will come out.----Damian was "on the job" to seek both sides of the issue. Now, we just have to "sift out" the wheat from the chaff.----The number of accusations was astronomical and devastating from yesterday, April 22. It "blindsided" me to be honest. Michael has previously acknowledged as being a "recovering addict" from that very same scene. That means that he has pretty good instincts.---Actually, I am more mesmerized with the other news of yesterday where Cupich endorsed Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago. She had a "dust up" with some pro life protesters at an abortion clinic. She actually was being driven all over Chicago in a limo with body guards and no masks looking for hot spots. Looks like Spring has finally arrived.

xglsc said...

The news presented by CM yesterday was dreadful and ugly and heartbreaking. To say that CM has an agenda against the Society would not be a fair statement since CM has consistently reported the same information about the Vatican 2 church for months and months and years and reporting has not been limited to just the church but also public schools and non Catholic sects. Please keep in mind that it would be unreasonable to assume that satan would concentrate his efforts to destroy belief in God and Holy Mother Church on just the V2 church.

What I would find interesting is are these men, the accused, men that were accepted by AB Lefevber from the seminaries of the V2 church?

Anonymous said...

It was a revealing and well resourced piece excruciating in detail. Even more excruciating was the voice of the reporterette. Fingernails on the chalkboard!!
Isn’t she the “girl of the 30 minute hugs” with 4 illegitimate kids? I’m betting they’re going to regret throwing stones from their glass palace

That said, the Society needs to set a better example

Tancred said...

Nah, CM missed and is going to get a bloody nose,(metaphorically speaking). Heh-heh.

Anonymous said...

xglsc,not all of the SSPX sodomites attended NO seminaries. Urrutigoity had the nickname U root a groiney according to a fellow Winona seminarian.He also said he was asked to leave ,not for his sexual proclivities, but for recruitment of his fellow classmates in the seminary.
When you look at his class picture, others of infamous notoriety pop out.

It appears Opus Dei and the SSPX have a lot in common.
Eye opening