Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Is Bergoglio Going After Poland's Radio Maryja Next?

Radio Maryja, the idiosyncratic Catholic radio station in Poland, is a thorn in the side of some.

(Rome) Since in Poland the Catholic national conservative party Law and Justice (PiS) is in power, the country is "under observation" by the EU. In Brussels, political forces set the tone, which are much further to the left and can hardly stand it when the sovereign electorate chooses other political forces. In turn, the EU Commission, the EU Parliament or the EU jurisdiction and, of course, the Western media, both Poland's and Hungary's government are disparaged as a "dirty children" of the "community."  The aim of the permanent pressure is either to induce the government to give in or to urge the electorate to choose a government to the left. Does the Vatican also participate in this under Pope Francis?

Specifically, it's about the radio station Radio MaryjaIn 1991, soon after the end of Communist rule, a launched station was started that was modeled upon Radio Maria Italy . The founder and program director is the Redemptorist, Father Tadeusz Rydzyk. With the so-called “world family” of the Radio Maria stations, however, there was a split in the mid-1990s. In the Federal Republic of Germany in particular, efforts were made to keep a distance because of a different approach to one's own history. Radio Maryja is one of the five most listened to channels in Poland. In contrast to the other Radio Maria stations,  Fr. Rydzyk  pursued - since Poland had just over 40 years of an anti-church Communist dictatorship -   a political line and cultivated clearer language.

This was mainly due to the fact that the dictatorship had been overcome, but that the former Communist rulers outside the government and parliament were still at many levers, not least in the judiciary. Under the changed name, they even briefly returned to power in the 1990s. The way to overcome the dictatorship personally and above all, spiritually proved to be long and rocky.

The radio station, to which the TV station TV Trwam now belongs, supports the PiS without, however, becoming dependent. From left media, especially the left-liberal Gazeta Wyborcza, has repeatedly campaigned against the channel. A look at the German Wikipedia page provides an insight into this.
But the Church hierarchy was not always happy with the broadcaster, which has more to do with its independent willfulness. Pope Benedict XVI congratulated Radio Maryja on its 20th anniversary.
The leftist opposition in Poland, but also outside, is a thorn in the side because of its Catholic and conservative positions and even more because of its influence on public opinion. The most recent attempt to silence the transmitter has just started.

According to Wirtualna Polska, a mainstream medium owned by France Telecom, a request to the Vatican Secretariat of State was sent in December 2019 on "limiting" the political positioning of Radio MaryjaThe transmitter should have a purely "religious character."
The initiators of the claim, an Adam N. and a Witek M., remain anonymous. They sent their petition to the Vatican in several languages through Canadian middlemen. Wirtualna Polska is one of the mass media, of which Radio Maryja has been attacked in the past. In 2018, a Warsaw court sentenced the online portal to apologize to P. Rydzyk for spreading false allegations.

According to La Fede Quotidiana the request to the Vatican to proceed against Radio Maryja  was treated on March 26 by Pope Francis. He asked Msgr. Roberto Cona of the Secretary of State to review the matter and prepare a response.

A central role in the new attack on the conservative radio station is played by the Polish-Canadian politician Thomas Lukaszuk who actively supported the petition against Radio MaryjaThe internet portal onet.pl , with good connections to Lukaszuk, promoted the petition to the Vatican for a long time last year. Onet.pl is largely owned by Ringier Axel Springer Media AG and is comparable to Web.de and Gmx.at in the left- justification of news reporting .

Lukaszuk's father had fled to Canada from Communist Poland. In 1982 his family was also able to follow him. Thomas Lukaszuk was a member of Parliament in Alberta from 2001 to 2015. From 2010 to 2014, he was Minister of the Government of the Canadian state, including 2012/2013 as Deputy Prime Minister.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Radio Maryja (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


Yves Girard said...
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David O'Neill said...

Poland should follow the example of the UK & leave the dreadful EU

M. Prodigal said...

The bishops in the US tried to wrest control of EWTN but failed but now a bishop with a different mindset to EWTN is going to head the diocese so the 'progressive' bishops may yet get their wish.

Alexis Bugnolo said...

How can the Vatican harm them? do they have some kind of legal satus in poland as a religious entity?

Anonymous said...
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Tancred said...

Dear Br. Bugnolo: EWTN's Catholic witness was severely curtailed when Card. Mahony wanted to "shut it down". I'm guessing Bergoglio has even greater weapons in his arsenal to silence dissenting Catholic institutions.

JBQ said...

@M Prodigal: I too have heard of the new bishop from Michigan (Steven Raica) who is going to Birmingham to put EWTN under control. Sad but true.

Constantine said...

@"David O'Neill"- Poles will never leave the EU. They love money too much. And they think that the EU and the "West" is going to make them rich.

PW said...
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PW said...
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Anonymous said...

I am Polish-Canadain and I tell you that: nobody in Poland would DARE to go against Radio Maryja in the official complain. Leftists were looking for the ways of destroying Radio Maryja and they found a second generation Pole (in Alberta), who most likely has been born there ... And being of the liberal views, he wants to do the dirty jobs for not only leftists in Poland, but also for the Church establishment (half of the bishops), who hates Radio Maryja, but also Fr.Rydzyk, because of power of his money. Poles in Poland and abroad loves Radio Maryja and they sent tones of money in support to its programming. And this is a THORN in the eyes of many. Money means also power... so many people would like to see a destruction of that institution, because it is too powerful. Many Polish bishops would like to have this kind of money for their own pockets, however Poles will not give them to the bishops. Father Rydzyk is a powerful person with huge asset, but most of his actions are for the GLORY OF GOD... so he is a victim of spiritual jealousy from Church establishment and victim of hate from the left. That is all...

Constantine said...

Radio Maryja is also pro Vatican II and blindly tells Poles to follow the errors of John Paul II.
During Communist occupation times, Democracy was always portrayed by the opposition to be the view opposing Communism. However, Democracy is the sister of Communism, and Naziism, whose mother is the Enlightenment. The Poles generally don't understand that. They are just like parrots or machines. Whatever authority is telling them, they obey with a one-track mind. They do not search for the correct ideology or Truth and defiance against evil authority ahead before obedience. They just do what they are told. Radio Maryja says jump, so they jump, because Radio Maryja said so. It's a double edged sword. If Radio Maryja is taken over, the Poles don't even know it. They are like sheep and follow.

Anonymous said...

EWTN has been
"under control" subsequent to
Mother Angelica's righteous indignation concerning World Youth Day.
Tancred is 100% on the mark.

Anonymous said...

@ Dear Constantine... you have very low and degrading view of Polish Nation - the same as the most western movies are promoting. This is really narrow view and exceptionally unjust. Poles are listening to Radio Maryja out of true Faith of God. They know their Bible and Catholic teachings. What you are promoting is a rebellion, which will be just, if this will be necessary, however it is not. Do you have problem with the fact, that people are believing in God? That they are praying? Isn't that enough modern garbage in the Church, which is disobeying anything and everything what comes from true teaching of Christ? It seems you are against tradition and you are upset that Poles are following it. Look closer to what your approach did to churches and faith in the West - and maybe you will like it, but I don't!!!

PW said...

Poles are disengaging from the Catholic Church in numbers and at a speed unparalleled even in the West. The scale of the clerical child sexual abuse scandal has demonstrated the extent of corruption in the leadership of the Polish Church and just how deeply they are estranged from Jesus Christ. Over 45 % of Catholic youth in Poland have quietly walked away from the Church. They are so utterly disgusted with the hierarchy that they don’t use up energy protesting. They simply and consciously leave.

Barnum said...

They are disengaging in your dreams, Gaybriel.

If what you say is true, Gaybriel, how have Vatican II and Franciszek helped staunch this so-called flow of your dreams? Didn't VII, commie in nature, encourage your clerical sexual abuse pals by making bishops freeze at the behest of "science?" And how will Franciszek and his claque, as if they wanted to, bring them back? You seem to be quite happy with people leaving the Church. More "church" for yourself, I suppose.

Constantine, what are you prattling on about? To begin with, what legal opposition was there in any commie country? You do habitually get breathless, but this comment of yours takes the cake. Stop, relax, and take a little more time to form a coherent argument. If Poles are "just like parrots or machines," how did opposition form? I'll help you out writing and thinking.

Peter Watson said...

The string of rhetorical questions, loaded too, is a dead giveaway for a ratted, uncertain and profoundly insecure old fart. Well done Barnum. Have another stiff Bourbon and take a nap then do some serious reading about the scale and speed of the Polish youth from their terminally damaged priest ridden Church.
'Don't tell anyone' and 'Kler' finished that lot. Even the elderly are handing in their membership cards in great numbers now, or just throwing them away.

Barnum said...