Thursday, April 9, 2020

To the Catholic Bishops: Open the Churches and Make Amends - NOW!

By David Martin

The recent closure of Catholic churches over the coronavirus is pathetic and absurd, since it works against our public health and safety. It is an indictment of our times that supermarkets, liquor stores, abortion mills and transportation lines are allowed to operate while churches have been forced to shut down, thanks to the pope and bishops who are taking orders from the state, not from God.

Attending Mass is every bit as "essential" as these busy-body activities, so why have the bishops ordered the churches locked? To please a bureaucratic body of atheists who are using COVID-19 to shut down religion?

The bishops need to open the churches to give the Church a fighting chance to offset the diabolical darkness that is fast closing in. They must not allow the Antichrist-state to shut down the Church, wherein is contained the only source for our victory—the Mass and Eucharist—but must open the doors and let the Church's light shine that it might dispel the darkness.

Pope Gregory Ended the Plague in Rome

Let them follow the lead of St. Gregory the Great, who in 591 ended the plague in Rome by carrying in procession a picture of the Virgin Mary painted by St. Luke the Apostle. The Abbot Orsini wrote: "On this day, in the year 591 (April 25), St. Gregory the Great, having had the picture of Our Lady, which was painted by St. Luke, carried in procession, the plague ceased at Rome."

The pope understood that the plague was a chastisement from God, and encouraged the faithful to repent of their sins and pray for deliverance, while he and the religious cared for the people of Rome. Finally, the saint called for a procession to take place at dawn on April 25th. On that day the faithful first assembled in their groups throughout Rome and then walked through the streets of the city praying and singing as they approached the church of Saint Mary Major. The plague was so potent at that time that eighty people collapsed and died as they walked toward the meeting place.

Pope Gregory met them upon their arrival, joining them in prayer as he took his place with them holding aloft the miraculous image of Our Lady painted by Saint Luke the Evangelist. As the procession neared the Vatican, the participants all saw Saint Michael the Archangel standing upon the cupola of Hadrian’s Mausoleum as he sheathed his flaming sword. It was a sign that the chastisement had come to an end, and at once the heaviness in the air abated and the air itself seemed to freshen and clear. The plague indeed had ended as the faithful rejoiced and lifted up their voices to thank the Mother of God. "Regina Coeli laetare, Alleluia! (Queen of heaven, rejoice, Alleluia!) Quia quem meruisti portare, Alleluia! (Son whom you merited to bear, Alleluia!) Resurrexit sicut dixit, Alleluia! (He has risen as He said, Alleluia!)

Why hasn't Pope Francis and his cardinals shown this same humility? The COVID-19 crisis is a punishment for sin, especially the sins in the Church, but unfortunately the Church is not responding to this chastisement.

Clerical Repentance Needed

What God expects is for the pope and bishops to open up the churches and go upon their knees, acknowledging sincerely that their manifold sins against the Faith—Communion in the hand, ecumenism, socializing in church, bowing to Pachamama, colluding with U.N. pro-abortion advocates, allowing women on the altar, appointing homosexuals to clerical positions—have brought this plague upon us. According to Bishop Schneider, the Eucharist has been trampled underfoot for the past fifty years through the pestilent practice of Communion in the hand. Is it any wonder that we're being punished?

Now is the time to make amends, so a healthy amendment is for clergy and laity to make public reparation in the churches, confessing sincerely that they have offended by their modern-day attempts to change the Catholic Church. The present crisis is a wake-up call to either cleanse the Church of modernism or suffer a just punishment in the form of communist oppression and slavery.

Already, the storm clouds of socialism are gathering, so this is no time to close the churches but to bring the people into the Church that they may be on their knees in reparation to God who is "much offended."

The choice is ours!


Clinton R. said...

"The pope understood that the plague was a chastisement from God, and encouraged the faithful to repent of their sins and pray for deliverance..." Unlike Pope Francis, who said this is a result of nature's response to our inaction to climate change.

Unknown said...

Yes we do need more public reparation. Now that a good percentage of people are staying home, they should use their time wisely to increase their rosaries, Fr. Nicholas Gruner said that if enough rosaries are said we can obtain the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. That's what we desperately need now!

Anonymous said...

yes yes. OPen all the churches so people can flock and crowd in and spread the Corona virus even more!!!

In my neighborhood, because it was (up until an hour ago), a nice day, we have a bunch of old guys in their 70's playing golf at our country club down the street. Take a bet how long it'll take for some of them to get sick with the Corona virus. It's no joke.
Same with churches. People who are rabidly anxious for Masses to start up and ceremonies in Church are not thinking clearly.....religion has clouded their brain. I believe in praying to God and the Blessed Virgin as much as anyone. I do it privately, and am making the Stations of the Cross outside alone tomorrow on Good Friday.
But if you read the news, people, now is not the time to congregate for anything. In NYC, 90 Orthodox Jews are under threat of arrest and fine for assembling for the funeral of a rabbi. The danger of spreading this is real. It's not a fairy story about climate change spouted off by Pope Francis today.
Say the Rosary, read the Bible, watch EWTN or any other religious channel on tv. There's also Jimmy Swaggart's Sonlife cable channel, (which I don't watch but I know about).
Go to Mass/Church all you want when this Wuhan Coronavirus is gone.
I guarantee you that if 10--20-30 people visit Church at the same time, a good percent will be sick within a few days.

Also, Pope Francis is an imbecile. He should keep his mouth shut, but a radical liberal will always be the same. Climate change caused the Corona Virus according to him....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!. He makes a fool of himself every time he pushes his radical agendas.

Personally, I wish this Corona virus had stayed where it started, and gone no where else.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

By the way, news reporters and other commentators are basically scoffing/laughing at Pope Francis and his idiotic Corona virus/climate change hypothesis.

Damian M. Malliapalli

newguy40 said...

Damian -

"We had to destroy the village in order for us to save the village"

As a 60 year old man, I say let it come if it going to come. God's will in all things even now.

My city and state are totally locked down. I live in a prime surfing area of Cali and they wont even allow that anymore. Parks closed to trail runners like myself. I am over there at 6 AM and the only living thing I see are deer, coyotes, rabbits and a few turkeys. The woodpeckers are all I hear.

No recourse to the sacraments either. Parish locked tight. Diocesan office wont take my calls anymore when I beg them to open up the Churches.

Enough is enough. Let's open things back up before even worse happens.

Anonymous said...

Open things up and they will get worse. Maintain minimum 80% popular compliance with the lock down regulations for three weeks at least and the curve will flatten right out. When that happens, some restrictions on association could be lifted. Until then, stay at home.

David Martin said...

Re; Anonymous - Things indeed will get worse if they open the churches and commit the same mistakes, but if the church is used for public reparation, things will get better.

JBQ said...

You have to understand the role of churches in the New World Order. They are obsolete. This is a convenient way to shut them down.---This is after all, the modern world where the people of God make all the decisions. God is no longer needed. His representatives in the Order of Melchizedek are just dinosaurs with links to the Old Testament and the true version of the Jewish religion. After all, the Christ started His ministry as a rabbi.

M. Prodigal said...

Damien, I guarantee if 10-20-30 people go to a church and space themselves out and follow other precautions such as wearing a mask that NO one will get sick. The numbers are inflated and still do not match a flu season. Yes, it is contagious but it is not like you will walk into a virus fog if you step outside your door. The fear and panic that have terrified the populace and smashed the economy and millions of jobs did not need such draconian smack downs and the removal of constitutional rights. We have shown that the globalists can indeed control us. And the enemy of souls has the added bonus of closing churches.

Anne Asgard said...

"Allowing women on the altar"????? GROW UP

Anonymous said...

Masks are for people who are already sick. Sheeple are stupid.

Tancred said...

There’s no sandwich ingredients or fridges on the altar, you know?

Dr. Mabuse said...

"Go to Mass/Church all you want when this Wuhan Coronavirus is gone."

Why bother? Just stay home and read a book about it. Pretty much everyone seems to agree that that'll do the trick, so why not just have an entire "virtual" religion? If going to church is as unessential as going bowling, then what's the big deal about ever reopening churches? It's not like buying food; Man DOES live by bread alone, it seems, and even the Catholic Church agrees.

I notice that nobody wants to discuss the miracle of St. Gregory described in the post. Naturally, because nobody believes that stuff anymore, though they're still a bit embarrassed to admit it publicly. It brings up a lot of awkward questions that are better dealt with by turning up the volume on the TV.

PW said...

If the bishops authorized a novena to Our Lady of the Immaculate Contraception, the plague is bound to disappear.

MyronM said...

The Abomination of Desolation

The Lord Jesus really allowed his faithful to receive the Holy Eucharist in a standing position to show that they are in such circumstances as the Israelites during the last Passover before leaving Egypt! In addition, you could take the Host in your hand, because it is food for the journey! What should the faithful go from? From the Great Whore, which has all the qualities of a disgusting Sodom!
Revelation to John [18, 4-5] "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying: Go out from her, my people; that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and the Lord hath remembered her iniquities. "
In November, I asked the good God five times whether the daily Sacrifice stopped on October 27, 2019, and I got the answer five times - via the Holy Bible - that it happened that scary day! Carefully read the 3rd Book of Kings (1 Kings; DR version) [12, 25-31] and replace Jeroboam (meaning "the People Contend") with rebel Jorge the Apostate, instead of King Rehoboam of Israel (= meaning "He enlarges the People") put in our Lord Jesus Christ and his rightful descendants (that is Children of the Church), and in place of 2 golden calves give 2xPachamamas and "priests" from among ordinary people ("viri probati"), and you will understand all the drama of God's people these days.
I also received a physical confirmation of this situation: On December 26, I went with my son for the pardon to the baroque church of Saint Stephen (and Anna the Mother) in a neighboring village. We stood in a long queue for Communion in a narrow passage between the pews and the hanging ambo, and then one of the priests came and told me to go back so that he could give away hosts. There was a small commotion, backing away, I lost my balance, but my son supported me. We had to go back toward the temple exit. It was the day of stoning st. Stephen the Deacon outside the city walls, and then I realized that this priest did not come to us with the Heart of the Lord's Body (= the Holy Eucharist), but with a stone heart - the opposite of that of the prophet Ezekiel [36, 26]!
Why did the Lord Jesus not declare this fact - the cessation of the Daily Sacrifice - in an open text? After nearly 20 centuries of feeding us with his Holy Body, He expects his chosen ones to be mature enough to judge the state of affairs themselves, I suppose. Especially that for over 6 years they have often seen with what contempt Jorge the Apostate, alleged pontifex maximus, treats the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar in the absence of any protests from other priests. The measure of wickedness has been fulfilled. There is no more urgent reading these days than the Apocalypse.
January 2, 2020, Feast: Virgen del Pilar, Zaragoza, Aragón, Spain

The Church history shows that Catholics can survive for decades (USSR) and even centuries (Japan) without priests and the Blessed Sacrament. The Apocalypse, however, speaks of a period of three and a half years.
God does not share the altar with Satan. The daily Sacrifice ceased in Rome at noon [CET] on October 27, 2019. That day was the commemoratio of Saint Abraham the Poor (or the Child) - Abraham the Patriarch, the Father of Faith, has actually returned to his place! [Genesis 18:33]
If the abomination of desolation was placed on the altar of the Lord over the tomb of Saint Peter on October 27, 2019, than 1260 days will end April 8, 2023, Holy Saturday; 1290 days: May 8, the feast of Our Lady of Luján (Argentina), Apparition of Saint Michael the Archangel (Gargano, Italy), Saint Stanislaus (in Poland); 1335 days: June 22, Ss. John Fisher (last Catholic bishop, England) and Thomas More (last Catholic Lord Chancellor, England).

Anonymous said...

Damian I've worked past 7 weeks in a row traveling 300-375 miles nightly and I'm not sick nor is my Family.
They're trying to coerce and force us into a permanent police state.
Don't believe fhe hype + open up the traditional chapels.

Anonymous said...

Women are to cover their heads and stay quiet when in Church.
These instructions for Women are in the new Testament.
Why does Sacred Scripture need to "grow up?"

Anonymous said...

This "Quarantine" is a Draconian measure designed to place us in a permanent '1984' style communist police state.
I've worked + traveled hundreds of miles nightly 7 weeks
Myself nor anyone at my job is sick.
P.S. Open up the traditional Chapels.

Anonymous said...

'Masks are for people who are already sick. Sheeple are stupid"

Masks are not for people who are already sick! They are for those who are not infected, to protect them from people who are. Why else would the Government now recommend everyone wear masks?
President Trump was stupid in the very beginning two months ago, when he brushed off the Corona virus when only 1-2 people had it here, but has been outstanding commanding all the efforts since.
But the bottom line is that none of this would be happening here in the USA or the rest of the world were it not for China. They lied about the infection in the beginning, lied about its severity, and lied about how many cases and deaths they had. They are still lying about everything. They also allowed for their people exposed to or infected with the virus to travel the world. Cases in Italy and in Egypt at least were causes it was proven by Chinese tourists/students traveling in those countries. It was caused here in the USA by at least 2 Chinese people returning to the USA in January from Wuhan. Were it not for China, we would not have to be worrying about wearing masks, getting tested, people going in the hospital, people dying, 10+ million Americans unemployed, the stock market collapse, a recession or depression, and months of "social distancing" yet ahead.
I wish the Corona virus had stayed in China, and done what it wanted there....but never to have come anywhere else.
The smartest thing President Trump did in the beginning was to close the borders of the USA to Chinese. Of course the liberals, Pope Francis, and the Democrats whinned and wept that Trump is/was a racist, but if he did nothing, it would be 100X worse here.
Closed Churches? Unemployment, 450,000+ cases in the USA, 14,000+ deaths? Thank China for everything.

Damian M. Malliapalli

John Seipso said...
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Tom A. said...

The modern Novus Ordo church is all onboard with the modernist one world govt agenda. Keep them closed! They should have been fighting against the New World Order yet they have adopted their ideology hook line and sinker. Stick with tradition and keep the modernist NO shuttered.

Praypraypray said...

Have Faith and Trust in God and open up the churches.

PW said...
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Anonymous said...

Nostra Aetate was their official
Anti-Christ declaration.

Peter Watson said...

Then whey you are infected with the virus, blame Pope Francis, Vatican II and the Novus Ordo.
Grace builds on nature. Divine Providence gets a supporting hand by mature human decisions. The moral virtue of prudence also has roots in human common sense and reason including sound medical science.
Grow up.

Barnum said...

Mature human decisions, sound medical science,like birth control, abortion, and homosexuality, Gaybriel?

David, everything you wrote is true, but the entire problem rests in the swishops nestling in the crumbs thrown to them by the government fisc of whichever decayed Christian nation, Visegrad countries being possible exceptions. O how I pray for true "Separation of Church and State & <>. Only when the funding is gone will our swishops move on to greener pastures.

Anonymous said...

"....the gods first make mad.."

Barnum said...

Gaybriel quoting Enoch Powell? Kipling's work? Or referring to the swishops? They are not mad, they are evil.

My previous post should have included <> the first time around. let's see if this works.

Barnum said...

One more time, without circumflexion: la laicite.

PW said...

A procession of robust, muscular Trads in honor of Our Lady of the Immaculate Contraception should defeat this threat to the Constitutional rights of all gringos.

JBQ said...

I have to call out PW for the comment of "grace builds on nature". To be sure, because of original sin, we have a fallen nature. The free gift of grace allows us to overcome this unfortunate propensity to evil. I am quite sure that is not what PW meant.---Francis has made statements to indicate that nature is the foundation. Hence, the appeal to Pachamama. His saying that the virus came because nature is upset with pollution just doesn't cut it. ---There is more than one meaning for nature. The "nature of man" is quite different than "flowers growing in nature" and being affected by pollution.

Anonymous said...

The Big State Government is our highest temporal authority and we all need to calm down and realize what is essential to a well ordered and safe society.

Barnum said...

You're not calling Gaybriel out for his mockery of the trust that Catholics put in our Blessed Mother, as well as her efficacy, JBQ?

Not that he'd listen...

Anonymous said...

Delete this sacrilegious trash,now!

PW said...

Beginning with you -Andrew, you sedevacatist twerp.

Anonymous said...

Do at least 15-20 push ups daily,chop wood or attain part time manual labor job,pray the St.Dominic rosary + Sacred Heart novena daily,please.
I bet your Mother loves you something awful.

Anonymous said...

1st sign of Communist revolution within your country is the attack upon & shuttering of Christianity.
Re-open traditional Catholic chapels and Society.
Bill Gates,we will not bow to you or your WHO bottom feeders.

PW said...

I do hope you feel better now, Andrew, but the vent has not cured the chronic sede-vacantism that effectively places you outside the Catholic Church.

JBQ said...

Andrew is in the Church started by the Christ. PW, You and Cupich are out.