Friday, December 21, 2018

Bishop Barron Betrays Christ, Again

Edit: what do you expect from a byproduct of Cardinal Bernardin and Father Andrew Greeley?

[Chuth Militant] Well, he's at it again, the "reasonable" Bp. Robert Barron, the quintessential modern bishop who can speak in educated-sounding tones and look all smart and, above all, sound reasonable and unobjectionable to the modern world, but in the end falls flat.
In a recent interview on Ben Shapiro's show, Barron was asked by Shapiro, a well-known conservative commentator who is unabashedly an Orthodox Jew, the essential question — which he termed as "awkward" — could he be saved, since he's Jewish?
[Transcript unavailable]
There is so much deceptively wrong with that answer, it's hard to know where to begin. But the sneaky part of it is, there's some stuff in it that is right. But the part that is right is shrouded in such obscurity that someone with little understanding would hear that and I think, "Got it. I'm good then. Thanks, Padre."


Unknown said...

Bishop Baron blew it. Imagine if Jesus had responded to the Jews in this way, when they asked so many times, Lord what must I do to be saved. The neo-modernist clerics, know that a staight forward presentation of universalism is pure heresy, so, they nuance their answer with ambiguous psuedo-intellectual obscurantism in order to get to the same end, that there is no hell and all will be saved. That's not the true Christian Humanism of St. Thomas Aquinas or Dun Scotus, but an anti-humanism.

Anonymous said...

His answer could have been,
" Can you be saved - of course you can be saved.
Will you be saved - that's between you and the Lord,"

According to God's everlasting covenant with the Jews,
They must follow all His prescribed laws.

So again, Will you be saved - that's between you and the Lord.

Unknown said...

"That's between you and God" to Jew or Gentile is not what Christ and his successor's taught, thus that phrase is not Catholic. Bishop Baron should have gave Shapiro a compelling reason for becoming a Catholic. Research or Google the hundreds of notable Jewish theologians, philosophers, artists, musicians and intellectuals who converted. There are quite a few saints who were Jewish Catholics. When Christ gave the world the New Covenant, the Old Covenant was fulfilled, completed and superceded.

Catholic Mission said...

DECEMBER 24, 2018
Fr.Brian Harrison, Bro.Andre Marie MICM overlook Bishop Robert Barron's mistake on Vatican Council II