Friday, December 21, 2018

Chinese Communists Storm Faithful Monastery — Nuns Have One Hour to Vacate

(Beijing) On the night of December 19th, a women's monastery in the People's Republic of China was evicted by the police and largely destroyed. The monastery is located in Gannan County, Qiqihar District Free City, Heilongjiang Province.

The police forced the nuns to leave the monastery within an hour. The authorities say the building was illegally built and houses an underground church community.

Bishop Wei Jingyi announced today that the nuns have found an emergency shelter. They also managed to convince the authorities to leave at least a part of the monastery building. So the part with the chapel could be saved.

The remaining parts were destroyed.

On December 18, at around 11 pm, police intruded. The nuns had until midnight to leave the monastery. In Qiqihar, temperatures below freezing prevail at this time.

The sisters informed Bishop Wei Jingyi. On December 19, demolition work continued. Construction crews expanded doors, windows, and window sills. Meanwhile, the bishop and some priests and faithful were seeking to inquire with the authorities.

The monastery building, according to the authorities, was illegally built and houses illegal religious gatherings. The monastic community belongs to the faithful Underground Church and not to the Patriotic Association. Bishop Wei Jingyi is also recognized by the Pope, but not by the Communist government, even though, according to AsiaNews, he seeks "a good relationship with the authorities.”

Believers think that the action serves to put pressure on the sister convent to submit to government control as an officially registered community.

Bishop Wei Jingyi announced this morning that a new shelter for the sisters could be found. They hope to continue to use the chapel in the largely destroyed monastery.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: AsiaNews
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

(Sarcasm) So much for this fantastic agreement between the Vatican and Communist China. (Sarcasm off) This happened in 1962 after the Vatican-Moscow agreement was signed. When will they learn???

Blotto said...

The hellish regime in China is never happier than when its boot is standing on your face. There mustn't be many female 'religious' within the Patriotic Association otherwise a gaggle of replicant nuns could have been bussed in to occupy the convent courtesy of the recent historic Sino-Vatican rapprochement.

Anonymous said...

This is the fault of worthless, S.O.B. Pope francis and all of his associates in the Vatican and wherever else.

Damian Malliapalli

cogito said...

How do we square the pope's new edict that the death penalty is "inadmissable" with his enthusiasm for China, which executes dissidents (without trial) at the drop of a hat?

Barnum said...

Chinese commies, Big Gay, and devout RC sisters. Who you have predicted to be the loser- in this worrld?

Barnum said...

You dont. Why bother? Big Gay, objectively speaking, couldn't care less, especially not when there are exotic jobs to be had in the chancery. Get real & dance!!!!

sebastian said...

The Chinese are only doing what Francis has done closings all the traditional Catholic orders and convents.

Peter W said...

The ChinComs are indifferent: they can and do close any house of worship regardless of religious tradition.

Unknown said...

How does this article square with Vatican II's strict separation of church and state?

sebastian said...

What are you trying to say Peter W. It's ok for Francis to close traditional orders and convents.

gemoftheocean said...

It's called sarcasm.