Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Sydney Bishop Assigns Immemorial Mass to Under-30 Demographic

Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney sees the future of the liturgy in the Immemorial Mass of All Ages. The older the faithful, the more infantile the liturgy must be.

(Sydney) An unusual statement on the sacred liturgy has been made by an Australian bishop.

Msgr. Richard Umber is Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Sydney. As the Sydney Archbishop Dominic Anthony Fisher joins the Synod at the Synod of the Youth in Rome, his Auxiliary Bishop sent an unusual tweet at home about the liturgy and the future of the Church. A hard judgment on the so-called post-conciliar believers is easy: the older, the more infantile the liturgy must be for them.

On October 7, Auxiliary Bishop Umber wrote:

A priest should consider the pastoral needs of the Church when choosing between different options for the Mass:

Under 30: 1962 Missal
Over 50 years: youth Mass
Over 70 years and a child are present: Kiddie Liturgy



Anonymous said...

Great tweet but let's tweak it a little:

Under 30: 1962 Missal
Over 50 years: Immemorial Mass
Over 70 years and a child are present: Divine Liturgy

Now that's much better.

Tancred said...

No one could tell the difference, except for some liturgical loons. You’ve failed to demonstrate that changes by Pius XII and John XXIII substantially change or invalidate the Mass. The 62 Missal certainly puts people in a certain frame of

Peter W said...

Umbers is simply pointing out that there are Eucharistic Prayers more suitable for children and teenagers than the Roman Canon.

Tancred said...

Evidently, you’re so evil that irony is lost on you.