Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Consecration of New Cloister of Traditional Society of Saint Vincent Ferrer

On September 29, the consecration of the new cloister church of the Old Rite Dominican Society of Saint-Vincent Ferrier (FSVF) took place. The community also includes two German brothers.

(Paris) On September 29, the Archangel Michael's Solemnity, Archbishop Guido Pozzo consecrated the Monastery Church of the Dominican fraternité Saint-Vincent Ferrier (FSVF, Brotherhood of St. Vincent Ferrer). Subsequently, Holy Mass was first celebrated in the new church.

Blessing by Archbishop Guido PozzoBlessing by Archbishop Guido Pozzo

The Fraternitas Sancti Vincentii Ferrerii was founded in 1979 by Père Louis-Marie de Blignières and in 1988 recognized by the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei and canonically established papally under canon law. The Society cultivates the old Dominican Rite, as it prevailed before the liturgical reform.

The seat of the Society is the Saint-Thomas d'Aquin Monastery, which is rebuilt in Chémeré-le-Roi in Maine (Diocese of Laval) in the traditional style. In 2017, the shell of the monastery church of Our Lady of the Rosary was completed. Last Saturday, the blessing had taken place. It was undertaken by Curial Archbishop Guido Pozzo, Secretary of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, which since 1988 has been responsible for the Old Rite communities in the Church.

Tradition: part of the new church and the new monastery

Following the consecration, the first Holy Mass was celebrated in the church. To this end, around 1,200 faithful had gathered. Prior Louis-Marie de Blignières spoke of the abbey church as "a gateway to heaven" that is "oriented to the east, to the place of the promise of our first home.”

In his homily, Msgr. Pozzo spoke about the angels, the messengers of God, and the position of the Archangel Michael in the Scriptures as defending the uniqueness of God against "the deceptions of the dragon, the ancient serpent":

"The serpent's attempt is to make people believe that God must disappear so that man can grow. God is resisting the freedom of man, and we have to get rid of God. Today, he indicates a form of even more subtle atheism, to make believe that we do not need God to be happy and to give meaning to life and the world. In reality, the dragon does not just accuse God. The apocalypse also calls him, the accuser of our brothers, who accuses them day and night before God "(Rev 12:10).

Large windows to the east, the "place of promise", after their installation

Who let God disappear from the life of man does not let man grow thereby, but takes away his dignity. According to the scriptures, the other task of the Archangel Michael is to protect the people of God and to watch over him. It must be protected from seduction, it must be helped to find the joy of faith and to distinguish right from wrong, to accept the good and reject the evil.

"Our Church needs the guidance, support and protection of the Archangel Michael so that she will not be beaten by the winds and storms of spiritual error and confusion in teaching that are prevalent today, even in ecclesial communion."

At the same time, the Curial Archbishop called those present, to pray the prayer to the Archangel Michael
written in 1886 by Pope Leo XIII. and prayed until the liturgical reform at the end of Holy Mass. According to Monsignor Pozzo, Pope John Paul II, in 1994, called for this prayer every day as part of the International Year of the Family to defeat the forces of darkness and evil in the world.

Feast of St. Dominic in the Friary (2018)

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Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: FSVF
Trans: Tancred


JBQ said...

Here in St. Louis, there was a beautiful monastery which closed and then became St. Mark's. St. Timothy was shut down and then moved to the monastery site and the former site became a Salvation Army center. At first, the liturgy was great at the new site which is large with plenty of beautiful grounds. The monastery inside is beautiful as well.---That was under the tutelage of now Cardinal Burke. The new archbishop Carlson shut down the monastery once again. Before he did that, he moved out the school to a new site to brainwash the children into the novus ordo. Once the school was stabilized, the parish was then moved into what had been used as a chapel. The obvious ploy was to remove the influence of the middle aged Irish pastor who had given a sermon, not homily, on "is it wrong to tell a lie".---Recently, Msgr. Forst died in his 90s at the parish. I was at a Mass in the monastery where he was giving a sermon. The woman pastoral associate being groomed to be a deacon who played the organ stood up in the middle of Father Forst's sermon and challenged him on a statement that he made. Father Forst handled it well and stated that "it was not time for a debate".---There was no discipline for the woman (J. Brown). The pastor had his hands tied. He knew that she had the ear of the archbishop and is allegedly a lesbian.---That is where the Church is going under this pontiff.

Tancred said...

Carlson is supposed to be one of the good ones, so this is news to me. I was surprised he didn’t fall to the axe of the abuse crisis like his comfrere, Finn.

Camper said...

I hope you don't mind me posting a scoop, Tancred. Anne Barnhardt claims that Francis is now openly displaying a witch's staff instead of a crucifix as a sign that he is a Satanist:

I don't fall for everything on the internet and sometimes, Miss Barnhardt comes off as nutty or at least, not polished, but her post is hard to ignore, in my opinion.

Tancred said...

It's ugly but I looked "Stang" and I don't see any witchcraft associations in the definition.

Peter W said...

I'm glad you have come to the same conclusion that the Pope's pastoral staff used at the opening of the Youth Synod has no association with witchcraft. Zuhlsdorf, maybe others, has whipped up a storm of reactiveness by alluding to a fake Wikka connection. He also, wrongly claimed a Wikka link with the red wrist bands worn by the boy and girl presenting the staff to the Pope. They are, in fact, small one or two decade rosary bands that devout Catholic kids wear to bear witness to their Faith.
The hysterics have done no service to truth in this matter.

Tancred said...

It looks creepy and stupid.