Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Guatemalan President Rejects Aberromarriage and Abortion

Guatemala's head of state and government says yes to marriage, family, life and parental rights.

(Guatemala) Guatemala President Jimmy Morales affirmed his clear rejection of abortion and "gay marriage".

The head of state and government in office since 2016 also announced his full support for a bill to punish abortion more severely.

The president declared:

"Guatemala and our government believe in life and believe in the family based on the marriage between a man and a woman."

The bill criminalizes any killing of an unborn baby, except for therapeutic abortion when the mother's life is in danger. Whoever promotes, enables or participates in abortion directly or indirectly should be punished. The sentence provides for up to ten years imprisonment.

At the same time, the bill prohibits the introduction of "gay marriage".

President Morales also emphasized the desire to strengthen parental rights. The parents should have the freedom to decide in the field of sexual morality, the education of their children. He thus rejected scholastic "sex education programs" and gender ideology.

Jimmy Morales is an evangelical Christian. In 2015, he entered the presidential election as an outsider and managed completely surprisingly the entry into the runoff election, which he could decide with 68 percent for themselves.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


Nancy Reyes said...

There has been a huge increase in evangelical and Pentecostal converts in Latin America and here in the Philippines, mainly in the growing middle class.
And Pope Francis is making it worse, alas

Camper said...

I think he might be the first head of State in Latin America to be a Protestant. Bad news for Latin America, of course, but at least the man is bringing some morality to the region.

Me said...

So, which is better: a Protestant who is really and truly for Catholic moral law, or a "Catholic" who isn't? It's like the Parable of the Two Sons: one says "Yes, father, I'll do your work" and then doesn't; the other says "No way," and then does. Which was the true son?

Constantine said...

Neither the stronger Protestant and laid back Catholic are damned. Besides, a different religion means a different understanding of human morality and dignity. Does he support contraceptives or divorce? Does he insult Mary, the Mother of God?

Anonymous said...

Excellent comment by Julianne Wiley !

Tancred said...

It’s interesting that it’s protestant heads of state whose positions are a lot more Catholic than most clerics in countries like Hungary,

Guillermo Visedo said...

I do think this man is much, much better than most of the so-called Catholics.

I want this kind of presidents even if they say they believe in ancient mythology (which obviously is not the case).

Let us pray for him and his country, so that they can withstand whichever pressures against them for their corageous decision.

mazara said...

The Apostals came to Jesus and complained, there is a man over there not one of us casting out devil's in your name, shall we send him away. Christ's reply "Who is not against us is with us"

Anonymous said...

'Therapeutic abortion' is also wrong.

Josemaria Paulo Jeromino Martin Carvalho-Von Verster said...

Jimmy Morales is the Fourth Protestant to be President of Guatemala and a Fifth Protestant to be a Head of State in Latin America.

Blotto said...

St. Alphonsus Liguori had eight Christian names but you're not doing too badly yourself. Just so long as you don't go metamorphosing into Bill O'Malley aka Josef K. aka Zuleika Dobson as that tends to go down like a lead balloon round these parts.

JBQ said...

Protestants mostly Evangelicals are labeled as "too rigid" by enlightened Catholic progressives. Pope Francis has made it a crusade to destroy "rigidity" both inside and outside the Church. If rigidity is equated with morality as appears so, then we have a giant moral dilemma.

Anonymous said...

Josemaria, you forgot some names: