Friday, July 13, 2018

Outrage in Grand Canaries at Pastor’s Endorsement of Aberrosexual Transvestism

(Madrid) How homosexuality is made a topic fit for polite, everyday conversation shows a flood of events. One is reported by Gran Canaria, "the gayest island", as advertised in relevant circles.

Aberrosexualization Drag Queens Gran Canaria
Group photo: Drag Queens with pastor (in yellow) on Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is part of the Spanish-owned Canary Islands, located off the coast of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean.

Don Fernando Baez, the pastor of La Breña in Telde, left his parsonage cloakroom to a few drag queens to dress up for a gala that took place on the occasion of the festivities in honor of St. Joseph and Our Lady of the Pino. One thing fits in with another, though some always seek reassurance. The facts of an overall trend speak a different language and result from the many, "excused" steps.

According to local press reports, local bishop Francisco Cases, ordinary of the diocese of the Canary Islands, has no intention of demanding an explanation from Pastor Baez for this behavior, despite numerous protests and submissions by believers.

Pastor Baez had himself photographed with Drag Queens during the gala.

Gran Canaria was hit in the headlines recently because an Italian priest disappeared overnight from his parish last night to "marry" his aberrosexual friend on the Spanish island.

Text: Klaus Vrede
Image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

Last year was horrendous and this year the islands had a Drag queen show on Our Lady of Fatima Feast Day purposely which they boasted about it.

Anonymous said...

Last years response from the Bishop

JBQ said...

World wide Christian Communism identifies with Christ as the Son of God and an equal member of the "people of God". We are all brothers and sisters. We are now the Gnostic God. There is also a matter of God the Father who set standards in Creation with the Natural Law. -----Same sex attraction especially among males is totally sexual in nature. It is called lust. Sexual titillation in the Canaries is anything but love. My God in Heaven above, now we have bishops who are openly "rolling in the gutter" instead of standing up for the family. The resulting chaos appears more and more Satanic in its open destruction of the family.---Sister Lucy stated that the final battle would be against the family. There is just no way on "God's green Earth that "adultery, fornication, and sodomy" as seen in "Amoris Laetitia" are forms of love. Lust is the fulfillment of the self. Love is the fulfillment of the other. God gave His only begotten Son as a form of love. There is no lust, only love.

Anonymous said...

Like it or not....and if the Faithful have any sense, it's NOT....this is the Church of Pope Francis and company. His spirit, his gestures, his words all reflect an openness to this.
But there's only so far....and this is way far...before the Faithful strike back.
The anger in the Canaries, the dwindling crowds for Bergoglio's Masses and ceremonies in Rome, the plunge in vocations again particularly in religious Order seminaries,the downturn in Mass attendance all are results of Bergoglio and company and their openness to this garbage.
I'll bet you not a word of protest, not a hint of condemnation, will come either from the local Bishop, or least of all, Bergoglio himself. After all, there's rumors that he may be, and his close associate named "the kissing bishop", certainly is.
Damian Malliapalli

John Collins said...

Active participation rates in most western countries have been falling slowly since the mid fifties but there was a big spike in disaffiliation during the pontificates of John Paul II and Benedict XVI. That's fact. Blaming Bergoglio/Pope Francis is disingenuous sectional interest ideology.

Anonymous said...

Snakes have invaded the Gran Canaries. The last few years species not native to the Gran Canaries have proliferated such as the California albino kingsnake. However, now media reports that scores of all types of Snakes have surfaced and infested the Gran Canaries.

Could it be the earth is heating up on the Gran Canaries as in magma forcing the snakes to the surface?

If so Bishop and his flock better do more reparation.