Thursday, July 12, 2018

Croatian Football Coach Prays Rosary During Game!

Croatia coach Zlatko Dalic is the discovery of the World Cup. Every day, the devout Catholic prays the Rosary, even during the game

Edit: what a Neo-Pelagian!

Croatia ( The Croatian football team reached the World Cup final on Wednesday night with a win against England for the first time. The master of the success is obviously the new Croatian coach Zlatko Dalic, who has coached the team since last October and is now considered the coaching discovery of the World Cup. What few outside Croatia know. Dalic is a devout Catholic who prays the rosary every day. Even during a game he has this always with him and leaves him hardly out of hand.

For his success, he also refers to his beliefs. "Everything I've achieved in my life and in my career, I owe my faith, I'm very grateful to the Lord," he tells Croatian radio stations. "If a man loses hope, then he must rely on the merciful God and our faith."

Trans: Tancred


Unknown said...

Hvala Bogu!

Rado Jesenic said...

Dobra Bog!

Anonymous said...

My B-I L is Croatian.
While spending a prolonged visit he gave me an education on how Croatian Catholic men react when a woman is being disrespected on a tram or how they tolerate sodomites.
I was extremely impressed!
Maybe their metal was tested and hardened living under Communism !
Raised by his tiny Catholic Grandmother, she refused to allow him to be photographed in a school picture wearing the communist mandatory red scarf. When the police came to her door demanding she bring him to them she jumped up and slapped one of them in the face daring them to arrest her ! They left defeated and embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

what is the use of praying a rosary for these football players who are the whores of society, live in scandelous luxury with insane saleries, driving decadent cars and living a live unworthy of a true christian
football is no longer about sports but about big money and football players are the decadent whores to this end

praying the rosary,the church is full of these hypocrites
remember that pro abortion irish bono also goes to "church" and nancy pelosi calls herself a catholic


the man who lost his job opposing abortion

Anonymous said...

sorry scandelous must be scandalous

please tancred correct, was typo

Trad101 said...

Well said, Guido. However, let's give the Croatian Team Coach the benefit of the doubt, his actions seem genuine and Catholic.

Anonymous said...

Guido you have totally missed the ball on this subject!!!
People like you, who only look negative things are also not true whitness of real Catholic life.


Anonymous said...

The Croatian national coach is not living in luxury. Research a bit, before you accuse sombody.

Carl J said...

"Guido" is just Baby doing his smartass Italian job.

Tancred said...

Can’t correct typos in your comments, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a great story, to hear of a devout man who prays the Rosary, rather than hear about a whole generation who don't even know what it is? Isn't it a great thing to hear of a man, and maybe many others on his team, who may live like kings with huge salaries for playing football, yet still have the devotion and simple Faith to pray the Rosary and honor the Blessed Virgin Mary? Isn't it a blessing to hear of a man who always has the Rosary in his hand, praying devoutly, rather that seeing pictures of USA rock singers and other stars who have the Rosary around their necks as a piece of jewelry ?
IT's not right to condemn a man(and many others), who may be filthy rich, have expensive cars, party(probably too excessively), yet have the faith to pray the Rosary and attend Mass.
Croatia is very much like Poland when it comes to religion and the Catholic Faith. Many parts of the country have kept the strong Catholic Faith, and have little regard for what they hear today coming from the corrupt, radical liberal Vatican of Pope Francis.
It's great to hear of a man who has had much success in his life, and continues to thank God thru the intercession and blessings of the VIrgin Mary, rather than to forget. It's very easy to pray when you are struggling. But a lot forget after they've made it in the eyes of the world.
THank God for men like him. I am sure he (and others) celebrate in their success and indulge themselves. But they have not forgotten the Blessed Virgin Mary or God, and that's an all too rare gift.
Damian Malliapalli

JBQ said...

Tito was a Croat who conned Churchill. America wanted to support the Serb, Draza Mihailovic, but were warned off by Winston. The Nazis went into Croatia in the form of the Ustase. They lashed out at Serbs because of their links to Russia. Medjugorje was originally in Croatia and the boundaries shifted and it is part of Herzegovina. With every indication, this is a Communist hoax as believed by Malachi Martin.----Catholic Nazis went on "hunt and destroy missions for Serbs and priests were the special target for torture and death. Can there be any doubt any longer of the Communist infiltration of the priesthood in the form of homosexuality and decadence? Allegedly the Third Secret states that there will come a pope who will be completely under the control of Satan.---France is the opponent for Croatia in the WC Final. A good portion of the team is Muslim. Take a look at France and you will wonder as I whether it would have been better for the Nazis to win the war. The land of Joan of Arc is now nothing more than Sodom and Gomorrah of which Islam used propaganda to attack Paris in November of 2015. said...

He probably is a fruit of Medjugorje -I have seen athletes there many many times when they are in championship campaigns, many of then are really pious, there has been a surge of faithful Catholics in Croatia, added to the local simple people that heroically never left they faith along the Communist times.

Anonymous said...

Medjugorje may turn out to be fake, and that would be tragic. Hopefully, by some miracle, Medjugorje isn't fake.
But I am sure most of the Croatian people don't depend on Medjugorje alone, especially since it isn't even in Croatia, but in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Croatia I think, from the brief time I was there, is much like Poland, with their strong basic Catholic Faith, devotion to God and to the Blessed Virgin. Some (not all) religious Orders are still traditional and flourishing in Croatia. The faith of the people, including the young, is along a traditional line....they loved Benedict XVI and especially JP II. I don't know what they think about Francis...I wasn't there long (unlike the 18 days I was in Poland). The reaction of some of the young people I spoke to during free time there was that they don't care about him one way or another.....but they are sick of hearing him talk about immigrants,refugees and Muslims. So I took their reaction to him as negative.
Croatia is managing to keep the Faith in most places, despite Pope Francis. Thre's a lot who have devotion to the Rosary, like this great soccer coach.
Damian Malliapalli

JBQ said...

Croatia is a nation of 4 million and their discipline and togetherness in the World Cup was awe inspiring. They were one win or lose. The same could not be said about the "motherland of Catholicity" and birthplace of Jean d'Arc.---- Their celebration was nothing short of decadent. One player used a flag for a head scarf which I presume was Islamic in tone. A large percentage of the team were not even born in France. Many are Muslim. That is why they were accused of being super talented but unable to work together. ----There is no common purpose as in Croatia. America is ten times worse. This is a nation of self fulfillment where abortion is an individual right.---It must also be remarked on the incident where the four women in police uniforms ran on the pitch. They were part of the group "p---y riot" who had plenty of run ins with Putin. There was an incident of the topless desecration of a cathedral while an Orthodox service was in progress.---Football (soccer) is a family oriented game which takes plenty of grit. It is like watching a giant chess match and in most cases as exciting as seeing water drip. America wants "instant coffee" and instant abortion.-- Catholicity has evolved into the fulfillment of the individual. From that perspective, you can visualize Pope Francis as the manager (coach) of the French national team while Pope John Paul II would have fit in well as the manager for the Croats ugly red checkered uniforms and all.