Thursday, June 28, 2018

Evil Jesuit School: “It is Normal and Okay to Have an Abortion”

[TFP Student Action] The Jesuit-run Marquette University is under fire for recognizing a student organization called Marquette Empowerment and its promotion of abortion and homosexuality.
"Abortion is healthcare," MU Empowerment tweeted. "It is normal and okay to have an abortion. You can talk about it publicly if you want to. We support you. We stand with you."

The club also sponsored a pro-homosexual "Pride Prom 2018" on campus.
Young Catholics, however, are urging Marquette to close down the club with an online petition.  "Close it down," said John Ritchie, director of TFP Student Action. "Procured abortion is wrong at every level and there's no reason for a Catholic campus to recognize or fund a club that peddles the killing of the innocent.  You don't need a degree to know that abortion is immoral and ungodly."


Thomas Agius said...

Another blast of fake news and reality distortion from the Great Fakir himself. Give the Universe a break Tancred.

Dan said...

I just read the article linked here. What about this news is fake? I would love to know.

Tom Agius said...

Read the article and make the distinctions between the University and a few of its students.
The fake news is the result of disingenuous subediting by the ideological truth benders at the Eponymous Flower end of the Catholic spectrum.

Matthew F Kluk said...

If its funded by the University...its the University

Anonymous said...

There's one word to describe the whole problem/crisis.....Jesuits.

The present crisis in the Church can be explained with the same word...Jesuits ( and their most infamous member, Pope Francis).

Did anyone watch Francis creating his new batch of Cardinals yesterday? I didn't, except for a 10 second spot on the news. Looked like the thinnest crowd for this kind of thing I ever saw at the Vatican.

Damian Malliapalli

Clement said...

Thin crowds, eh Kopronymos? What a great eye to count them all in ten seconds! But we know don't we that you have been running the 'thin crowds' narratives and Tsumanis of popular Italian hatred for Francis almost as long as you have been rabbiting on about how poorly Francis is looking and that he will soon be dead.
Grow up you deluded Ratbag.

Jerry Kramer said...

The trolls are out. Ignore and pray for them that they do not perish forever.

Tancred said...

You forgot to diagnose his sexuality.

Tancred said...

This is why I delete your posts. The club exists at the pleasure of the usual suspects at Marquette and the Jesuits. If Michael Voris tried to start a Catholic club at Marquette, called Marquette Militant which promoted a trie pro-life ethic and an apostolic zeal for the teachings of the Church, do you think it would last long?

Clement C said...

Voris would feel perfectly at home with the Marquette students you are featuring. He's an invert seasoned deviant himself presenting as a higher moral authority.
He's a faker.

Tancred said...

You have a habit of measuring better men by your own weaknesses.

Anonymous said...

I think maybe I generalized too much in my comment this AM, labeling the Jesuits in their entirety to blame. Excuse me for that. There were indeed some good Jesuits, faithful men over the last 50 years, who tried and have tried to remain traditional and faithful Catholics in the face of the tidal wave of dissent after Vatican II, given fleeting new life by Pope Francis and company.
Of course there was also the great author, theologian and prJesuit Malachi Martin who wrote several best selling novels. His book on the Jesuits, titled "The Jesuits", was an expose into the Society of Jesus and its inner workings, the likes of which we will probably never see again.
The rad liberal bunch labeled Malachi Martin as a nut, a fanatic. He didn't help himself getting involved with sede vacantists, among whose chief spokesmen was the great Indian/American physician, pscychiatrist, author and devout priest, Fr. Rama Coomaraswamy, son of the famous Indian writer Ananda Kentish Muthu Coomaraswamy . But despite being sede vacantist, Fr. Coomaraswamy, and later Fr. Martin correctly diagnosed the evil and the causes of that evil coming from Vatican II. They were jeered, laughed at, ridiculed and mocked thirty years ago. Today, especially under Pope Francis, everything they spoke of and predicted has come true. Spooky, but it all has come true....especially Malachi Martins prophetic assessments of the Church (and the Jesuits).
As for Clement/Boris C.----------
I've had it with you, Buddy Man. I tried to be nice in responding to you. My comments may be onne sided traditionalist, but I've seen the rot from the other side of the fence(liberal side), and I know of what I speak from experience.
I have tried to be nice, to reason with you.....if you're Brtish (which I think you are), I wrote what a great country you have....and what a great Queen. I hope she is doing better. But I got back insults.
I try to pose reasoned, intelligent commentary, but your always at my throat. Your arguments irrational BS, and your probably a rad liberal priest fan of Francis (and perhaps....just Wouldn't surprise me.
I don't post here to fight, So, ya' know what, Buddy Man, I'm gonna ignore you like you don't exist. Whe you insult my posts, you'll get no response. It's too boring trying to reason with someone whose missing a brain. You want a fight, and someone to fight with, Boris? Stand in front of a mirror and fight with Clement.
See ya'
Damian Malliapalli

Clement C said...

Predictably, the Millennial spat the pacifier and returned to his favorite pastime, teenage 30 - going - on - 15, me-me-me-, look-at-me auto-fixation.
Get a job.

Tancred said...

Another reason I delete your derigeur mincer banter is that you presume things about objects, subjects and people of which you have no knowledge. Your verbal diarrhea is directed at whomever is the closest.

CC said...

You can pay out but hate getting the treatment back. P&W, Tancred.

Anonymous said...

Clement C,
Are you a priest? You got nothing to lose if you tell the truth.

Tancred said...

He usually disappears around Holy Week, and I think he took a vacation to North Africa for some human trafficking for a while.

JBQ said...

In 1977, the Marquette "Warriors" won the NCAA basketball tournament under the control of Al McGuire. His brother Richard ran a gay bar in New York City and was called the King of Queens. That insanity was soon cured by the removal of the non inclusive Warrior theme and was replaced with Golden Eagles. The first thought from the Jesuit president was to call the team in light of the Syracuse Orange, the Marquette Gold. The insanity in basketball soon transposed over to the entire university and gays took over the administration.

CJ said...

One dies not “have” an abortion, one COMMITS an abortion. A murder is not had, it is commited.