Friday, May 4, 2018

Merciful Pope Demands Unanimity at German Bishops' Meeting in Rome -- His Unanimity, No Doubt

Edit: at is the site of the German Catholic Bishops of Germany, most of whom want to officially sanction the sacrilegious communions which go on almost everywhere anyway. Remember when a priest tried to enforce that by refusing Communion to an unrepentant aberrosexual in Washington, and Wuerl gave him the sack? Catholic conservative fall guy, Edward Peters, even agreed with Wuerl and false mercy, applying his canonical folderol.  We expect a that Cardinal Woelki, a notable and frequent defender and promoter of Old Liberal positions himself, will take the fall in the fifth.  The Pope expects unanimity, we expect Woelki to give it to him after a half-hearted defense of the Church's position.

+++Marx is probably enjoying his multimillion euro villa during the affair and isn't too worried about the outcome of this meeting.

 [KNA] The German bishops have ended their conversation with representatives of the Curia in the Vatican on a dissent on the issue of communion reception on Thursday evening. The Vatican has remanded the conflict to the German bishops. Pope Francis asked them to find a unanimous agreement in the spirit of ecclesial communion, according to the German Bishops' Conference and the Vatican. The Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Archbishop Luis Ladaria, explained in his speech in German that the Pope acknowledges the ecumenical commitment of the German bishops.
Various points of view were discussed in the conversation, such as the relationship of the question to faith and pastoral care, its relevance to the world Church and its legal dimension. Ladaria will inform Francis about the content of the conversation. According to the Episcopal Conference and the Holy See, the meeting was "in a warm and fraternal atmosphere."
The parties to the conflict, led by Cardinal Reinhard Marx and Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki, had discussed the reception of Communion for non-Catholic spouses for about three and a half hours on Thursday afternoon, under the direction of the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Archbishop Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, explained that Pope Francis appreciates the ecumenical commitment of the German bishops and asks them to find as unanimous a settlement as possible in the spirit of ecclesial communion.
There is dissent in this question within the Episcopal Conference. A majority of German bishops including their President, the Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx, advocates that Protestant spouses in Catholic churches may receive Communion. Seven bishops around the [Neoconservative] Cologne Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki, however, expressed disapproval and formal reservations against a corresponding pastoral care and turned to the Vatican. At the request of Francis, a meeting of some bishops with senior leaders of the Holy See was agreed.

The conflicting parties traveled separately to the conversation at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The group around Cardinal Marx arrived at 15:45 at the headquarters of the Vatican. Since then, people have been meeting behind closed doors. In addition to the cardinals Marx and Woelki, the bishops Karl-Heinz Wiesemann (Speyer), Felix Genn (Münster), Gerhard Feige (Magdeburg) and Rudolf Voderholzer (Regensburg), as well as the secretary of the German Bishops' Conference, Father Hans Langendörfer, took part in the deliberations. (Lu / bod / KNA)
04.05.2018, 8:50 am: updated with reference to source (Vatican) and first paragraph specified
 Photo: KNA
Trans: Tancred


JBQ said...

The charade goes on. The script has already been written and the outcome is no longer in doubt. When will the Germans burn the Bibles in the town square?

Catholic Mission said...

On March 1,2018 Cardinal Luiz Ladaria said at the Placuit Deo Press Conference that Lumen Gentium 8 was an exception to the past exlusivist ecclesiology of the Catholic Church. So this means that there are known cases of non Catholics saved outside the Church for him, with elements of sanctification and truth(LG 8). So with the exclusivist ecclesiology put away with this irrational reasoning and not one objecting, there is no more any theological basis for an ecumenism of return.
We have the New Ecumenism based on objective exceptions to EENS and the past ecumenism and this has been accepted by even the traditionalists and conservative Catholics.
So this is in favour of Cardinal Marx.
Since there is known salvation outside the Church for the CDF and the traditionalists so then there can be inter faith marriages and the Eucharist can be given to Protestants and Orthodox Christians.
Cardinal Kasper has said the same. He has said that the old ecclesiology of the Church has been changed and so the divorced and remarried can be given the Eucharist and of course Protestants do not have to convert.
Pope Francis has also said that Protestants are redeemed.
No one has corrected his false theology and said that there are no known cases of salvation outside the Church for us human beings.
Hypothetical cases mentioned in Vatican Council II are not objective exceptions to Feeneyite EENS, The Magisterium has made an objective mistake.
So the old ecclesiology is intact for me and Protestants must not be given the Eucharist at Mass and marriages to Protestants who do not convert into the Church, would still be adultery.
When will someone announce this?
-Lionel Andrades

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

As soon as they can locate one!

Bill Murphy said...

The newly promoted Cardinal Ladaria did write a 2008 book "Jesus Christ: Salvation of All" which seems to advocate universal salvation in the sense that Jesus is the unique means of salvation, no matter what religion you profess. I suspect that Ladaria has not been well served by his translators. You find sentences such this as Page 103: "The light that is the incarnate Word comes to all, even though we do not always know how".

As the Amazon blurb says:

"...Ladaria presents a powerful statement openly advocating the doctrine of universal salvation (as well as divination or deification of the saved as the goal of God for individual human beings). This eminent Spanish Jesuit scholar carefully chooses his words throughout his book, making sure he goes only slightly beyond the latest doctrinal statements of the Roman Catholic Church. Nevertheless, his advocacy of universal salvation is undeniable and openly proclaimed." - David Sielaff, Associates for Scriptural Knowledge"

Tancred said...

You want to write the review?