Saturday, May 5, 2018

Cardinal Müller Calls Pope’s Statement, “Very Thin”

After German bishops’ visit at the Congregation of the Faith because of the inter-Communion dispute, Müller says: For the good of the Church, "a clear expression of the Catholic faith necessary" right now. The Pope should "reaffirm the faith.”

Vatican ( The statement was "very thin" and contained "no answer to the central and essential question". For it is not possible that one is "in sacramental communion without ecclesial communion.” The former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Gerhard Cardinal Müller, explained this  to  Vaticanist Edward Penton, as he reported on his blog in the "National Catholic Register". Müller, after several German bishops (among them the DBK President Reinhard Cardinal Marx and the Archbishop of Cologne Rainer Maria Cardinal Woelki) were invited to a discussion in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, after a dispute over the proposal had erupted in the German Bishops' Conference, in mixed confessional marriages and the Protestant spouse receiving Catholic Communion “in an individual cases.” .

For the welfare of the Church “a clear expression of the Catholic faith necessary," said Müller. The Pope should "reaffirm the faith", especially with regard to the "pillar of our faith, the Eucharist.” At the same time, the Pope and the Congregation of the Faith should give "clear orientation", not through "personal opinion but according to the revealed faith.”

Pentin also reported that one source interpreted the statement as the "official answer that there is no answer." The Holy Father did not fulfill his duty as pope in relation to a dogma question, but left it to his office. The Pope refused to draw a line and left it to the Congregation of the Faith to be a postman for this information. But dicasteries are "useless" if the decisions are left to the episcopal conferences. The unnamed source further stated that he expected Marx to further reduce the number of bishops who reject the DBK proposal. "Our task now is to strengthen these seven bishops." One could assume that a "long fight" was imminent.

However, Pentin commented, even the advocates of the DBK Inter-Communion Initiative would not have received the Pope's approval.

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Ana Milan said...

How can ++Müller ask a Marxist politician to affirm the True Faith? PF sidles all direct Dubia because he knows he is an Apostate of many years & does not recognise the Triune Godhead - only the God of Surprises. By his every word & deed he continues to devastate Catholic Doctrine, the Eucharist, Holy Matrimony, is rewriting the Liturgy in order to make it comply with Lutheranism (invalid Mass), betrayed Chinese Catholics, supports NWO agendas, Islamic marauders, & by his un-wilingness to give clear direction has allowed LGBTQI ideologies including women's ordination & married clergy to take root. Was there ever a Pope who openly disdained Catholics who support the Deposit of Faith, Magisterium & Tradition of the OHC&A Church? Drug-fueled sodomite orgies within the hallowed walls of the Vatican are ignored as are sacrilegious murals in Cathedrals & a pig nailed to a cross in a consecrated Catholic Church. Victims of sodomite Bishops called slanderers (until he read that letter). Permits lurid sex-ed in Catholic schools to comply with liberal political views, is silent while the German Church implodes & has declared there is no Hell - the really bad & unrepentant will be annihilated, everyone else can get to Heaven via the God of Surprises so there is really no need to belong to the CC as EENS is definitely not cool.

++Müller & any other prelate who is scandalised by this papacy must act or forever go down in history as abettors of a Marxist Regime whose only aim is the disintegration of the OHC&A Church founded by Christ on the First Apostles. They must stand up & be counted - God is watching!