Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Corey Feldman to Blow Whistle on Pedophiles in Pizzagate

Edit: we've been following him for a long time, and we've always believed his testimony about this, although he hasn't named any names yet.

We've been trying to help bring visibility to the film, "An Open Secret".  It's amazing that the film can't find distribution.  It's an amazing expose, certainly worthy of awards, but the monsters the film targets are evidently too sacred.

She should have attacked the Catholic Church, she'd be the talk of the town!

Here's Corey Feldman's plea for help in the light of apparent threats on his life:



JBQ said...

There was a bit of a misunderstanding on just who "she" is. That would be Amy Berg from the reference who was the director for the film. The producers, meaning investors, accused her of backing off on support for the film. This would insinuate interference from a liberal source.----This issue with Corey Feldman has been festering for quite some time. He was molested as a child actor and "passed around". He spoke out and of course there have been threats.---On March 22, 2017, Dr. Phil did an episode on "elite pedophile rings". He interviewed a former child sex slave. She gave testimony on children being brought in for hunts on an island where they were the prey who would be hunted down and killed.---I also found an article on the Australian father of Nicole Kidman. The story on child murder and pedophilia was similar to that of Dr. Phil. This article was dated 9.14.14 after his indictment and subsequent suicide.---What was going on in the Church was similar. There was an indictment of a priest who killed a nun in a satanic sacrifice. The pedophilia crisis was not done in isolation from the rest of society.---In the early 90s, the McMartin Day Care Scandal broke in California. The children were accused of a sinister and complex conspiracy for naming professionals such as lawyers, police, and priests. The case was laughed out of court.---In Belgium, Mark Dutroux was accused of kidnapping and murder of young girls. He was also accused of being part of a ring of pedophiles who kept the girls in cages. Professionals such as priests were once again accused. The case died down and was quietly taken off the media docket.----Corey Feldman is the tip of the iceberg. The homosexual lobby is not something out of "Leave it to Beaver". It is a nasty and sordid adventure. The building of a case for homosexual marriage under this pontiff should be seen and viewed accordingly. There is no love in these relationships. There is only "lust" which simmers, glows, and then burns away.---Real love lasts forever. That is what Jesus the Christ preached and who was crucified and died for His beliefs.---There is no doubt that the life of Corey Feldman is forfeit. He is the key to the opening of the sordid underbelly of sexual perversion among the rich and famous. This crosses all cultures and all professional classes.---Sexual enhancing drugs are involved such as cocaine. That is why the recent cocaine orgy in the Vatican was so sordid. This is the taking of innocence and an assault on the very nature of Christianity.---The fact that Francis is normalizing homosexual relationships is way beyond belief and way beyond credibility in light of the real nature of the homosexual culture.

Anonymous said...

All that has been said here above is true and certainly for the time being (how long?) nothing will be reversible. Things will get worse and worse in the Church. I myself have reached the stage in which I have given up hope and concentrate on my own personal relationship with Jesus. I must leave the institutional church to her own. Whatever the Pope says, it does not matter to me. Out of own experience I know that homosexual relationships are doomed to fail. May gays tend to a outspoken egocentric and narcistic behavior, the LGBT community does not bring its members to selftranscendence, this I know out of own experience. The present Pope is seems not interested in the inner journey people make and have to make. I have given up and concentrate on the words of St. Paul: the redemption of my own saul is my first priority. With the help og God's grace and people who loved and still love me, I was able to break with the hell of the homosexual environment and what leftist priests, bishops and cardinals say, it does not concern my anymore. I, being a catholic priest, I prefer to live as a hermit. As we grow older, we are challenged to begin with inner detachment, with leaving us. And one of the things I am leaving behind me, is the church in which I was baptized. This church has identified with the secularist agenda to such an extend that I have but one choice and leave her, at the same time I pray for her, but on a large distance. May God bless and help those men and women who feel left alone and abandoned by the Church of Rome. May He give them courage and inner power to continue their faithjourney with Jesus alone

Anonymous said...

Herewith a second remark. Many years ago I met a priest in Amsterdam. He lived together with his lover. He asked me to paint his boat, which I did. It was only one year later that he invited me to a simple dinner on his boat. I remember that I felt shocked, so little gratitude and sensitivity. Looking back on my experiences with gaymen I can only draw one conclusion and that is that gaymen hardly ever transcend the level of "an egoism a deux". The gayworld is built on the ideology of lust, power and money. There is no sense of sacrifice, of letting go of the ego. When I see on internet the face of father James Martin SJ, when I look at the bodylanguage of this man, I feel an abyss of differences. To me this man is not a priest. These words I speak without anger, they come out of the depths in my soul. The man radiates no humility at all,no obedience, he wants to be adored by the secular media. How happy and grayeful I am that I was able through a long and painful inner journey to totally break with the LGTB world and ideology. I am happy with CHURCH MILITANT, where Michael Vorris came to the same conclusions as I concerning our gay-past. All my gay experiences were efforts to escape the pain and the loneliness of my youth. Right now I feel and behave as a "normal and average straight man" and I thank God and all his Saints that I was able to reach this level in my life. Through the years I discovered that my sexuality is only a small part of my life and that being a son of God is the central feature of my life. Priests like James Martin SJ they adore creation and make themselves to a piont if reference. I have to leave them and I will, knowing how difficult and painful the inner journey is towards maturity and detachment. I can not say how grateful I am towards the Most High for having been enabled to break with my so called gay-identity. It is a trap because I am not gay, I am a child of God. It is given to me to grow in the mystery of inner solitude with respect to which the priest Henri Nouwen wrote many books. Every day I pray the rosary and my priestly breviary. I had a spiritual girlfriend in Amsterdam and she helped me to escape hell. She used to own a hotel in Amsterdam and in this hotel there were many gaymen. She told me that it was her impression that gaymen needed much more time to mature, why? Because they were focussed on their needs. I feel so sorry for all those gaymen who seem to adore creation, with all its devastating consequences, instead of their Creator. And also I want publicly confess that Michael Voris from Church Militant is a prophet in our days. There is no better knowledge than our own experiences. I have never felt affirmed and spiritually challenged by my relationships with other man. It was hell, there never was any spiritual progress.There was hatred towards women, children and the traditional family. There were only lust and emotions. It is the first time in my life that I as a priest publicly express my insights and that I stop to any longer bow my head for the god of political correctness.Michael Vorris: thank you for being you and continue your journey witj Jesus and the Saints. From the institutional Church we have nothing more to expect, therefore let us proceed as hermits.

JBQ said...

Priests no longer pray using the "breviary". That is one fact that jumped out of your comment. "The idle mind is the devil's workshop". Your pain is felt and there are prayers for your spiritual fulfillment. We are all on a pilgrimage. Each and every one of us has a personal mission delegated to us by God. It is our difficult endeavor to discern the will of God for our own life through prayer and reflection.---The modern Church does not allow that. The breviary was a way to find it. I like Michael Voris. He may be a prophet for our time. My personal guide is Fulton J. Sheen with Malachi Martin thrown in. If you notice, Michael Voris always ends his pronouncements with a phrase. That phrase is "God love you" which is the exact wording used by Fulton J. Sheen at the end of his telecasts. They are connected.

Anonymous said...

I went to a seminary near my home resently to look at some religious art that probably will be sold (sad). I found my way to their library, and there on a few shelves were rows of old volumns of the Breviary,(in religious Orders it was called the Divine Office), but now is just called the "Liturgy of the Hours". It was heartbreaking to see these olf breviaries from the 1930-40-50's sitting decomposing slowly in a shelf. All were in Latin, and some were stamped "Breviarum Romanum" (Roman Office), or literally, the one and only approved Catholic breviary. There were also volumns, also in Latin, called the "Little Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary".
Although the books themselves made me sad seeing them sitting on a shelf, instead of being used (which they could have been used for a lifetime), what was sadder still was that all these books were entirely in Latin, and that today, probably 95% of priests in the world can't read and don't know one word of Latin.
Can you imagine it....60-70-80-100 years ago, and for that matter much longer, when even the most humble of parish priest knew his Latin, could read it in his Breviary, understand it.....and some could speak it.
The fact that Vatican II was conducted in large part entirely in Latin, where the prelates got up and gave their speeches in Latin simply blows my mind. Today, I would reckon to guess that 95% of the sitting Bishops, and most of the Cardinals don't know Latin, and certainly could not speak a word of it as conversation.
When they had the one every three years Synod of Bishops in Rome, I think there used to be a large group which spoke only Latin. I believe that is now gone.
Aside from our Catholic traditions, devotions, disiplines that we have lost....we have lost Latin and the sense that it made us a distinct people, just like Arabic holds the Muslim world together, and Hebrew the Jewish Faith.
I often feel very down about this particular Pope we have at the moment...probably not for too much longer...and how he degrades the Catholic Faith. But looking at those old breviaries and Roman Missals on that library shelf brough home to me that we have lost so much more than just the Mass...which of course is the most important loss. We have lost our entire culture as Catholics, and all the things that held us together. I can't think of another religion that would willingly commit religious and cultural suicide like the Catholic church has done.
It's sick. And this Pope is helping to accelerate the process by degrading these traditions and beliefs every day. And for a Pope to do that, is even sicker.
Can we regain what we have lost? Yes. Not in our lifetimes. But at least we have the SSPX and other small points of light however small that remind us of who we are. Not Pope Francis and his Vatican.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

I wonder very often when God is going to's just going to be a FIAT and all things will be as He wants them to be. I am weary, yet the devil and his demons tire not because of they are spirits. Sigh...

James Joseph said...

Please write a set of articles anonymously if needed.

I am interested more of this ego of two thing in particular.

Perhaps our host would accept your ambassadorship.

JBQ said...

As noted in the writings of Malachi Martin, God is allowing this all to happen for His greater glory. Nevertheless, I too am tired of the piles of baloney coming out of Rome from the Argentinian Liberation Theologian.

JBQ said...

Sadly for both you and I, it is all in God's good time.

Tancred said...

I'd be interested as well.