Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Bishop Fellay Explains Why He Signed Filial Correction

Bishop Fellay: Why I Signed the Correctio Filialis

After the publication on Sunday, September 24, 2017, of the Correctio Filialis by 62 clerics and lay scholars in which they expose seven heretical propositions contained in the Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia, FSSPX.News asked Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X, why he signed the document.

FSSPX.News: Why did you support the Correctio Filialis?

Bishop Fellay: This filial approach on the part of clerics and lay scholars, troubled by the heterodox propositions in Amoris Laetitia, is very important. Christ’s teaching on marriage can not be surreptitiously changed on the pretext that the times have changed and that pastoral care should adapt by offering ways to bypass doctrine.

I understand that the authors of the Correctio Filialis are overwhelmed by the division caused by Amoris Laetitia, by the pope’s explanations of this document in recent declarations, and by his statements on Luther. In some countries, the bishops now allow communion for the divorced and civilly remarried, while in others they refuse it. Is Catholic morality variable? Can it be subject to contradictory interpretations?

Since September 2016, four cardinals have been respectfully asking the pope to “clarify” his Exhortation; this year they requested an audience. The only answer they received was silence, but silence is not an answer. On a question this serious and faced with the current divisions, the Holy Father must give a clear answer on the substance of the Exhortation.

In this sad situation of confusion, it is very important that the debate on these important questions grows, in order that the truth may be re-established and error condemned.

That is why I supported this approach, but it is not so much the names of those who signed the Correctio Filialis as the objective value of the arguments presented that must be taken into account.

FSSPX.News: Does this affect the relations between the Society of St. Pius X and Rome?

Bishop Fellay: Our respect for the pope remains intact, and it is precisely out of respect for his office that we ask him as his sons to “confirm his brethren” by publicly rejecting the openly heterodox propositions that are causing so much division in the Church.

I appreciated the answer of Ettore Gotti Tedeschi [1], who also signed the Correctio Filialis. He rightly declared that we are not the enemies of the pope. On the contrary, we do this because we love the Church.

This was Archbishop Lefebvre’s attitude and that of the Society of St. Pius X from the beginning. In his declaration on November 21, 1974, our founder said, “We adhere with all our heart and all our soul to Catholic Rome, guardian of the Catholic Faith and the traditions necessary to maintain it, and to Eternal Rome, mistress of wisdom and truth. On the other hand we refuse and have always refused to follow the Rome of the neo-Modernist and neo-Protestant tendencies”; it is precisely this neo-Modernism and neo-Protestantism that the authors of the Correctio Filialis rightly denounced as the cause of the changes made by Amoris Laetitia in the doctrine and morality of marriage.

We are attached to Rome, Mater et Magistra, with every fiber of our being. We would no longer be Roman if we renounced her two-thousand-year-old doctrine; on the contrary, we would become the artisans of her demolition, with situation ethics dangerously upheld by weak doctrine.

Our fidelity to Tradition is not a way of living in the past, but a guarantee of sustainability for the future. It is on this condition alone we can serve the Church effectively.

FSSPX.News: What are your hopes for this Correctio Filialis?

Bishop Fellay: We must hope it will bring about a clearer realization of the gravity of the situation in the Church, both among the clergy and among the faithful. Indeed, as Benedict XVI admitted, “Peter’s barque is taking water on all sides”. This is no poetic image; it is a tragic reality. In this battle, faith and morals must be defended!

We also hope that others among those who have souls in their care will show their support. In exposing the objectively unorthodox propositions, the signatories of the Correctio Filialis have simply said loudly and clearly what many know in their heart. Is it not time for these pastors to say so, loud and clear? But, again, it is less the number of signatures than the objective value of the arguments that counts. The Truth revealed by Christ is not quantifiable; it is above all immutable.

We must implore God that the Vicar of Christ may restore complete clarity to such an essential area; the divine law of marriage can not be changed without causing serious dissension. If nothing is done, the division that is appearing in the Church will become irreparable. For this reason we pray that Our Lord’s words to St. Peter may truly apply to Pope Francis: “And thou, being once converted, confirm thy brethren” (Luke 22:32).

[1] Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, an economist and president of the Institute for the Works of Religion from 2009 to 2012, granted an interview to the Hispanic website Infovaticana (Sept. 24, 2017), that was republished by Vaticanist Marco Tosatti on his blog – Ed. Note.

Source: FSSPX.News - 09/26/2017


Anonymous said...

Jorge Bergoglio an antipope. The onus is on him to show that he has the Catholic Faith.

Bill O'Malley said...

No, the onus is on you to prove that he is an antipope. So far it's you against the 2013 Conclave.

susan said...

*Souls that are not saved are annihilated.
*The Blessed Mother wanted to yell at God the Father at the base of the cross, "Lies! Lies! I was lied to!"
*The koran is a source of truth and strength.
*That islam is a religion of peace.
*That atheists can get to Heaven by doing good.
*That evangelizing is a sin against 'ecumenism'.
*That the Jews don't need Jesus to be saved and we shouldn't try to convert them.
*That divorced/remarrieds without annulments can receive Holy Communion (as he told the Argentine bishops, "there is no other interpretation.")
*That people can change their sex (referring to the 'transgender' he invited for a private audience with 'spouse' in tow, "he, who was a she, but is now a he...")
*That, "Man is the king of the universe!"
*That youth unemployment is the greatest problem facing modern man.
*That not recycling is a mortal sin.
*That Jesus needed to plead forgiveness of Mary and Joseph.
*That the real miracle of the loaves and fishes was sharing "rather than a multiplication".
*That a notorious and unrepentant woman personally guilty of murdering over 10,000 babies in the womb is a "forgotten GREAT!"
*That Christ on the hammer and sickle of marxism is an acceptable thing for a pope to smilingly accept and to wear on his person.
*That not genuflecting or kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament in the Holy Mass or public Exposition is okey-dokey....even when he's shown he can repeatedly kneel before women, trannies, and muslims at the Mandatum.
*That a tango in the sanctuary, inches from the altar, is okey-dokey.
*That Jesus "made Himself the devil!"
*That Jesus "likes it" when we say to Him in the confessional, "This is your sin, and I will sin again!"
*That martin luther wasn't wrong.
*That if everyone did what they thought was good ("as they conceive it"), the world would be much better....(bet ISIS thinks they're doing 'good', ah? eh? no?)
*That Catholics shouldn't "obsess" on 'gay marriage', contraception, and abortion....(as if!)
*That the persecution, torment, and annihilation of the FFI was justified.
*That Jesus Did Not Tell the Pharisees that Divorce is Forbidden.
*That Jesus only "pretends to be angry" with the disciples when Scripture clearly says he was angry with them.
*That "no one can be condemned forever"...(i.e., there is no hell; see point #1 above).
*That "engaging in dialogue does not mean renouncing our own ideas and traditions, but the claim that they alone are valid or absolute."....(guess that pretty much negates the Catholic Church, Her origins, and the promises of Her Founder.)
*That the cause of social evil is "inequality".

yeah...I think the case for obstinate, manifest, persistent heresy is pretty well made. Along with Benedict's bogus 'resignation'......


But hey, thanks feybriel for the chance to post this stuff again for new readers who might never have seen it. Always good to open a few more eyes.


susan said...

"Our fidelity to Tradition is not a way of living in the past, but a guarantee of sustainability for the future. It is on this condition alone we can serve the Church effectively."

^^^THAT'S^^^ the money quote.

...Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The modernists just don't seem to get that.

Lynne said...

Thank you, Bishop Fellay!

Anonymous said...

Invalid resignatio. Invalid for several reasons one of which is simply incorrect Latin grammar. Done.

Anonymous said...

That wasn't a pun on my part either, simply a small keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Of course I'm not applauding myself, or saying "I told you so", but I think less than 2 weeks ago, I wrote here that there was going to be a huge, truly huge, scandal/issue of a negative nature involving Pope Francis, his associates, and his Vatican. Now we have it. I was just throwing my feelings out there for everyone to read here....not knowing that something as big as this was coming.
Of course, many of the media tried to downplay it, and that worthless "catholic" TV cable network, EWTN , did not even mention it....nothing. But some media are actually reporting the truth....that this is an earthquake in the Vatican, a tremendous disaster from the papacy of Francis. This, coupled with the revelation that a renowned accountant who was doing an audit in the Vatican was pushed out because he found the corruption of Francis' Vatican, is huge. Many newspapers are saying that the Papacy of Francis is severely crippled. Some newspapers , like THE GUARDIAN in Britian, and questioning whether Francis is even a Catholic!!
Now on top of everything, Francis is launching a two year effort to put the plight of migrants/immigrants( read that as his beloved MUSLIMS), front and center in the concerns of the Vatican and the Church....to an enormous chorus of boos from many clerical circles, and open hostility from the faithful. What has this to do with the Catholic Faith? Nothing. This initiative of Francis is going nowhere....and will generate even more ill will towards him in Europe, especially Italy which has sufferd from surges of these Muslim immigrants who are destructive and disruptive to Italian culture and society. They are widely hated by the Italian people.
So, I'm surprised my prediction of a few weeks ago came true. I was only speculating. I'd like to think another prediction of mine will come true too....that with the Correction coming out from the Cardinals who submitted the Dubia-which Francis never answered- and which carries much more weight , and will be another body blow to Francis papacy, I think that he will turn coward like Benedict XVI did and resign and run. We lost a good man and good pope in Benedict XVI. We will loose garbage when we loose Francis....which of course, is no loss at all.
One final thought....with all this scandal about Francis (not including the many gay scandals in the Vatican etc. under his watch), I do not think in the next conclave we will get anyone even remotely called liberal.....I think we will get a John Paul II/Benedict XVI and maybe even a Pius XII type new Pope who will finally clean house. He will be young enough to do it.
Damian Malliapalli

Bill O'Malley said...

The next Conclave will elect a Pope in the same mold as Francis who will lead the Church in a renewed engagement with the vision and legacy of Vatican II which clearly and authoritatively mandated fundamental reform of Catholic life and institutions direction.
The forty years of regression and stagnation under JP II and Benedict XVI represented the last gasp of nostalgic restorationsim. They are over.

Constantine said...

John Paul II was an extreme liberal who paved the way for Bergoglio coming. JP2 ( I believe not out of material heresy) was called "the Pope of the Counsel". He, out of a lack of astuteness and a weakness for the poor Jews and leftist partisan antiNazis and anticommunist dissidents, and his naive hope for "Democracy" and the "West" in liberating Poland, he flirted with the secular and morally neutral West. John Paul II undermined and relativized Church dogmas and Divine Law in the name of Religious Liberty and pluralism the same way Bergoglio has undermined and relativized Natural law.

Prayerful said...

No Bill. Papa Bergoglio realises that his 'Spirit of V2' generation are dying, that the banal, concocted Bugnini-Montini failed (something for the old and Third Worlders) which he pretended was 'irreversible', that in respects of vocations V2 was a bust (hence the vindictive persecution of the Franciscans of the Immaculate), and that the V2 project will be dead with him, V2 dead like boomers and old Marxists.

Anonymous said...

You should work for EWTN. What you wrote sounds exactly what somebody like Raymond Arroyo, or Joan , EWTN's Papal cheerleader in Rome would say. Total gross out.
We get another Pope like Francis, which I doubt...and it's lights out for the Catholic Church folks. It'll be closed down and outta business.
But if we get a Pope who is actually Catholic, like Benedict XVI or better...there's a 75% chance of a restoration. There would still be that radical liberal crowd..now super aged...who would try to thwart him. They did it to Benedict XVI. Too bad he crashed n' burned in the face of their opposition.
Damian Malliapalli
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

I never really noticed it, but you're right. The people we always see cheering Vatican II are all old....all of them. None younger than 68-70. And all the superhero icons of Vatican II are well past 80's. Hans Kung, Joan CHittister, Teresa Kane, Cardinal Kasper, Cardinal McCarrick, Murphy-O'Connor(RIP), were all 80+. Even the Bugnini clone, Archbishop Piero Marini is a semi-invalid at almost 76.
In a year or 2 (hopefully not two), Francis will be gone. And with him, the real "Spirit of Vatican II"
Those that still cling to Vatican II are like the leaves of a dying tree. Little by little they all fall away, in the end leaving nothing but a dead bare tree. No new blood,no life, no hope. Don't anybody kid hemselves that Vatican II has a future. I've met tons of young Catholics my age (29) or younger who either a) Don't know what Vatican II was, or B) Know what it was and hate what came from it. All the Vatican II supporters are old. There is a very famous quote by Eldress Anna White, one of the last famous and important leaders of the Shakers in the USA.They were a celibate, Protestant religious group founded in England by Mother Ann Lee, but settled first in Watervielet NY and then New England and spread in Shaker villages as far as Kentucky...numbered about 7,000 in 19 villages in the 1850's and then declined. There's only 1 Shaker village now, with only 2 members. Look them up on Google....and there's a good old documentary about them (1989), by Ken Burns still available on DVD.
But anyway, Eldress Anna White said in about 1912 when the Shakers were slowly dying out " As the ancients leave the city (die), who will keep the testimony burning bright (Shakerism)". The answer was, unfortunately...no one.That's the future for Vatican II.
Damian Malliapalli

Bill O'Malley said...

Cognitive dissonance is hard wired it appears.

Constantine said...

The old Vatican II generation may not have biological children, but they do have spiritual children. Through modern universities that have formally retained a nominally Catholic name to even schools that claim Catholic "tradition", to media stations that "teach" or report Catholic Socialist Justice or "Theologies of the Body", whole generations of youth have been brainwashed. The leftist elites control the education of modern youth. Also, while older generations die out, so does the memory of the resistance, and the fond memories of the calm before Vatican II. One takes both the good with the bad.

Bill O'Malley said...

We're discussing an Ecumenical Council of the Catholic Church here chaps, and certainly not some kind of an ideological game of my-conspiracy-is-better-than-yours.

susan said...


Anonymous said...

But he's still a Saint. Or don't you accept the decision of the Church in these matters?

Anonymous said...

Trent, yes...along with Vatican II.

susan said...

one follows the Church's unchanging Tradition; the other one doesn't
one is dogmatic and infallible; the other is pastoral, open to faulty interpretation and has spread (even according to the current and reigning pope, Benedict XVI) a hermeneutic of discontinuity and rupture.
one brought us some of the greatest Saints in Church history; the other brought us bergoglio, martin (....Faaaaabulous!), maradiaga, ricca ('elevator man'), and oh-so-many others ont he vatII fast-track to 'sainthood'.

My granparents (God rest their souls) would not recognize this ape-church as being the religion they practiced....there is little left in common.

Try reading this, you perfidious puff....

There's your vatII...a dishonest, stolen, hijacked, masonic, abomination. Smoke of satan indeed.

Bill O'Malley said...

John Paul II and Benedict XVI, not the warmest of the Vatican II supporters, both taught that Vatican II contains, preserves and passes on all of the teachings of the former Councils. Therefore it is not simply a kind of 'pastoral get together' that can be dismissed. That is a fabrication of those who cannot accept the formal, binding teaching of Vat II on the nature of the Church, its authority to change the forms of its liturgical rites, to issue authoritative teaching for the whole Church on freedom of religion, conscience, religious expression, the dignity of other religious traditions and the respect due to free liberal democracies among other things. If these are able to be ignored by people like many Trads, why on earth do they continue to cause you so much annoyance. Why, because they are official Church doctrine and you will not accept them. Draw the conclusions.......

Tancred said...

Everything else is a free for all, why insist on consistency only when your freeforall program is in danger when someone doesn't have your liberal reading?

Bill O'Malley said...

No one is left out of Vatican II. Ottaviani made sure that there would be loads of ambiguity left: two ecclesiologies, two Christologies (at least), two liturgical forms for the Mass but what is objectionable and odiously so to you is that nearly three thousand bishops went beyond ambiguity and came out quite clearly and unambiguously in their solemn teaching on religious teaching, ecumenism, non Christian religions and other matters such as how the same bishops continued to interpret their Council and the documents they wrote in ways that profoundly agitate you.

Prayerful said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Prayerful said...

Tiresome. Bill cannot slow or fight the passage of time. All the old Modernists are being judged by Him, or will be, one by one. Maybe God could forgive the wreckage left by that pastoral Council with its failed ortho-praxis. No bishop, no Pope can add to the Deposit Of Faith, only defend and clarify (eg Immaculate Conception or later Assumption).

Paul VI confirmed no new dogmas were defined, which isn't clear from wading through it. Compromises with heresy and schism were failed political moves, which will die with the old Masons and Marxists. Cardinal Ottaviani exposed the NOM as another failure in the making. If he had kept his counsel, perhaps the whole rotten edifice of the 'New Religion.' would have died earlier like the liberal Protestantism it is.

Those corrupted by the Jesuits and Redemptorists care little for it. Nor does the low IQ Mohammedan foe they want to import without limit. The damage will take time to undo, but the failed Robber Council is history, with a bit of Marxist inevitability taking the supporters of the mortal coil. France should soon enough have a majority traditional Church Militant.

Germany has a Church Tax rich error spreading NGO, but they'll die out. Money doesn't give immortality. I'm frankly relaxed about it. This phase was a lesson on how Modernists and heretics needed to be continually chastised and driven out. SS. Pio V et Pio X et alia, orate pro nobis.

Anon said...


Anonymous said...

This pontificate plus all the previous ones since the convocation of the Second Vatican Council by Pope John XXIII has been a farce. I expect PF to remain silent, as usual. He cannot answer the CF. The Vatican machinery is Modernist. They cannot say they have been wrong. That includes Pope Emeritus. Our Lady already complained over 400 years ago at Quito that the one who should speak will remain silent. Cardinal Ciappi had said that the third secret of Fatima is about the great apostasy in the Church that will begin at the top. Top fellow in the Church is the pope, not the college of cardinals. Unless PF is given the great grace by God, the Vatican II-embracing church is finished. PF was validly elected as the college of cardinals could attest to embracing him after the 13/3/2013 conclave, & as the whole world could see. But his falling into and propagating heresies is fact. Church doctrines and morality are not there for intellectual titillation. It is God willing how mankind ought to do since the fall of Adam to reach heaven, accomplished thanks to God Incarnate who sacrificed for us. After the embracing of the Catholic Faith & baptism, we receiving sanctifying grace, we become temples of God. If we don't follow God's laws as He commanded, we are telling him to get lost! That means a mortal sin. A baptised Catholic is such a state cannot receive holy communion, which is confected by a validly ordained Catholic priest. It is the true body, blood, soul and divinity of God Incarnate Jesus Christ. It would be a sacrilege to receive holy communion in a state of mortal sin (loss of sanctifying grace). If unrepented & unconfessed, that person gets damned upon his death, the particular judgement, for ever. This is the reason why slush-soaked Catholics have to realise why certain actions are forbidden.

Prayerful said...

Yes, they're history, and if they cannot be humble enough to admit V2 and NOM are error riddled failures (they are proud so likely no), they might find a warm hereafter. Maybe God can forgive these elderly thieves of the Mass, I cannot. V2 will soon be history, thanks be to God.

Prayerful said...

Yes, the damage will take years to reverse, but it will be.

Anonymous said...

Yup, you're right. V2 will soon be history. But Francis and his thugs don't think so. But then again, he's delusional, just like he is about the migrants/immigrants/refugees...his beloved ,cherished Muslims.
Does anyone else notice that with Bergoglio, it's all politics...migrants, North Korea, global warming etc. What about the Catholic Faith , or just Jesus Christ?
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

You still haven't disproven the fact that VII is just as valid a Council of the Church as Trent. Your response is riddled with opinions of yours and others. Opinions are not necessarily facts puffball.

Tom A. said...

Pope St Pius X, in Pascendi Dominici Gregis authoritatively defined modernism as an heresy. Therefore, objectively, all who hold modernist positions are heretics and not members of the Church as authoritatively defined by Pope Pius XII in Mystici Corporis. Therefore all your suppositions are false since you are talking about non-Catholics.

susan said...

and your brain is riddled with spirochetes. Read my above statement again....not opinion; fact.

Bill O'Malley said...

The Magisterium began in earnest to archive Pascendi Dominici Gregis and call off the Modernist witch hunt with Pius XI. Pius X, was an ideological dullard who was wedded to static Catholicism and unctuous pietism. He was dealt with effectively by isolating him from the Tradition by canonising him.
BTW, it was Pius X who lowered the age of first confessions from 14 yrs to 7. It was from this time that the abuse of children in confession by paedophile priests escalated dramatically.

Tom A. said...

Your point, Bill? I think my point was rather clear.

JBQ said...

@Bill O'Malley: I have made a request with the St. Patrick Society to have your "O" stricken from the records. You are now to be known as Bill Malley. According to Malachi Martin, Pius XI was assassinated by Mussolini. Children of 7 have a basic understanding of "right and wrong". I have to wonder if you have indeed reached that mental age. So, now you have the ability to influence the dead and to make rules for heaven by kicking someone upstairs after their death. So, everyone with high standards is a dullard? I would presume then that you think that Jane Fonda should be canonized. I would think that she deserves a canon. To blame strict standards for pedophilia should make you high on the list for supporting reform of the psychologist profession. Speaking of weapons, your machine gun rationale and logic just don't cut in the world of reality.

JBQ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JBQ said...

Don't you realize that PF interviewed with Eugenio Scalfari and stated that he no longer believed in sin because of the vast mercy of God? He said that man is controlled by his environment and all evil is caused by social inequity. Have no worry. He is phasing out the priesthood and the laity will make the rules.

susan said...

"Bill" is a deranged troll. Read again what he wrote, and reel from the arrogant stupidity.

Jack R said...


Anonymous said...

You must be insane with this post...and others, Buddy Man. See a doctor immediately.

Damian Malliapalli

**An apology to EWTN regarding this issue and Pope Francis. Having never see a post on their website about this story regarding the heresy of Pope Francis and the Correction issued by the 62(not close to 150) scholars condemning him....I called their headquarters to ask why. I never watch EWTN, so I didn't know that they HAVE AND DO condemn Pope Francis as a heretic. They hosted a 30 min, presentation of their network hosted by Raymond Arroyo and featuring one of the signers of the Correctio...and they all, on air, condemned Francis siting his heretical leanings. So EWTV is a lot better than I thought. It's truly Catholic. From all appearances on their website, they looked like a neo-con set up with a mindset like our friend Bill. Nothing could be further from the truth. They stand with the 4 Cardinals who submitted the Dubia, the 142+ scholars who submitted the Correction of the heretic Pope, and any other punitive action against him that may come up....hopefully soon.
Damian Malliapalli

Tancred said...

If you say so, it be so. You're the authority.

Unknown said...

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