Saturday, September 30, 2017

Faithful Priest Afraid of Signing Filial Correction

Edit: he might be giving up everything he has. His life hasn't been an easy one either. The viciousness of Bergoglio's champions is nothing short of what you'd expect to see in the last days of Sodom.

[Father Ray Blake] I have been asked to sign the Filial Correction, I signed the letter of the 45 academics and pastors last year, and almost immediately found Cardinal Nichols' tanks parked on my lawn to inform me of his displeasure, which was quite mild unlike other lay signatories, who were sacked from their jobs in Catholic institutions for their pains, Dr. Josef Seifertis being the most high profile. I admit it, I am afraid to sign and I know other priests who share my fear. Many of those who might have signed have in the last four years have a certain fear about their place in the Church.

 Rome and those surrounding the Pontiff have certainly become more vicious in defending him, never ever engaging in intellectual arguments, merely attacking like ravenous wolves or child bullies those who pose questions. The climate is bad throughout the Church, in Rome it is positively toxic. Under Francis the Vatican has become a place of fear and arbitrary oppression, there was a public glimpse of that in the sacking of Cdl Mueller by the Pope, and earlier in the dismissal of a couple of priests from the CDF and amongst laymen of Libero Milone, former Auditor General and many others. It is not just in theology that 2+2=5, or whatever number the Pope chooses that day, it extends to morality and ordinary human decency, ultimately it is a serious attack on the rationality of the Catholic faith and intellectual rigour.



Anonymous said...

They're fighting to protect their hedonisic lifestyle ,it takes more than one to have an orgy ,and you can bet their a regular occurrence thats why decent priests are been attacked by the pack of wolves.There is a disturbing video on you tube about a man who attended one under cover and filmed it.He was shocked when one of the priests present proceeded to say Mass ,he was not a religious man ,but found the whole thing deeply dusturbing.Only God knows the sacreligious and satanic acts taken place in Rome .They now have a pope who facilitates them,and dismisses sins below the belt ,sins that caused whole cities to be wiped off the face of the earth.

susan said...

I admire Fr. Blake greatly; he is unarguably one of the good guys. This statement has exposed him even more than had he signed, because he explains things quite clearly and admirably. He's going for broke, and he knows it...he just wanted to get the truth out there before all hell broke loose on him...and make NO mistake about it; it has.

God Almighty...if we aren't in the days of recusants and priest-holes again...only this time, the flying-attack-monkeys are being sick'd on faithful lay and clergy by the (seeming) pope.

Has anyone yet tried dousing bergogio with a bucket of water?....holy water?

Anonymous said...

There is a prophecy from Marie Julie Jahenny that says how shocked and upset our Lady will be in France by the priests that flee (leave their flock) the coming violent chastisements in the attempt to save their physical body and end up losing their souls. However those same prophecies describe how priests and religious will have to hide for a short time to evade the persecution.

The point is the priest is responsible for his flock or his other duties (offering the mass, etc). He doesn't have to be the gopher that raises his head to get pounded down but he just can't flee from his priestly duties nor teaching of the truth.

Anonymous said...

The French Bishops overwhelming supported the self styled Roman god Jupiter who reminds me of Philip the Fair who acted like a ruthless tyrant to the Church. Reminds me of the proverb A donkey will always thankyou with a kick. The French Bishops will certaintly get a big thankyou.
Regarding the article Libero Milone, former Auditor General, worked and spied for the Pope. World Over indicated that he reported activities back to the Pope. Cardinal Pell removed him and paid a heavy price 9 days later, they got their revenge. Fr. Blake is alittle confused there.