Saturday, August 26, 2017

Cardinal Re: "Paul VI. Had Prepared Two Letters of Resignation"

Cardinal Re and Cardinal Sodano (right) -- Today Deacon and
Subdeacon of the Cardinal Collegium -- Immediately After Pope Benedict's Resignation
(Rome) Had Pope Paul VI. already prepared for resignation? This is what Giovanni Battista Cardinal Re claimed in a long interview with the magazine Araberara, which was released yesterday.
The former prefect of the Congregation for the Bishops and the present Subdeacon of the Cardinal Collegium tells of "his" six popes, revealing a hitherto unknown detail.
Pope Paul VI, who ruled from 1963, died on 6 August 1978 of a heart attack. According to his closest collaborators, the abduction of his personal friend, the Italian Prime Minister and Christian Democrat politician Aldo Moro by the Communist Red Brigades (BR) had crushed him. The Pope had publicly offered himself to the terrorists as a hostage in exchange for Moro, but he was found murdered in a car on 9 May 1978.
Cardinal Re now revealed that Paul VI. had written two letters of resignation. The Cardinal does not make any connections. It is, however, to be assumed that they are directly related to the abduction of Moro and his readiness to be held hostage. Cardinal Re seems to be less concerned with the historical context, but with the current reference to a resignation of the Pope, which has been a subject of controversy since the unexpected resignation of Benedict XVI.
"At that time," said the Cardinal, church law did not foresee an apostate in the office of the Church, with the exception of the fact that the Cardinal's collegium assented to this. For this reason, Paul VI. wrote a letter of resignation, and sent a second letter to the Cardinal Dean, asking him to convince the Cardinal's collegium of the necessity releasing him from the Office.
Cardinal Re knew of these letters "because Pope John Paul II showed them to me."
The cardinal subdeacon  confirmed in the interview also a grueling stalemate, which was given in the two conclaves of the year 1978. Cardinal Secretary of State Giovanni Benelli and Cardinal Giuseppe Siri of Genoa were opposed to each other as opponents. Since neither Benelli nor Siri received sufficient votes to create the breakthrough, Patriarch Albino Luciani (John Paul I) and then the Archbishop of Krakow Karol Wojtyla (John Paul II) were elected as pope.
John Paul I said Cardinal Re: "He wanted to meet me and told me that he thought the papacy was too great a burden."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

"two worm ridden popes" our Lady at La Salette said and those are JPII and Paul VI or Paul VI and Jorge (if he's somehow pope). But either way, Paul VI holds one of the spots. John XXIII, pathetic as he was, possible freemason was still not as bad, he wanted to call off the Council at the end of his life and was more of a sad, pathetic figure than anything else.

JBQ said...

There are some very bad vibes continuing to come out in regard to Paul VI. The writer Malachi Martin does not treat him kindly. It is insinuated that he leaked information to the Russians about the underground Church in a political agreement. This led to many deaths.---His sorrow in regard to Aldo Moro is too little, too late. It would appear that he felt betrayed in his alliance with Communism who went back on their word. He appeared to know that he had been made a fool of. The kidnapping of Moro was aimed at him. If you make an alliance with the devil, then expect to be made a fool of.---Francis appears to be a "horse of a different color". It looks like he is a member of a secret council which is redefining the boundaries of society. This has always been the Jesuit way. Once again, the former Jesuit, Malachi Martin, blueprinted the script in his book "The Jesuits".

susan said...

JBQ...this is a MUST read, by the 'devil's advocate' in the cause for beatification of paul VI. Fr. Villa was also a very dear friend of Padre Pio who gave him a mission.

Unknown said...

So was Paul vi having an affair with Aldo Moro also in addition to that Italian actor named Paul ?

John C said...

The grotty minded moron returns.

Unknown said...

Why seek to resign when your friend is killed unless your relationship was a bit more than just a friendship? Read Bellegrandi's (head of the noble guard) book Nikita Roncalli: Counterlife of a Pope and you get a clear picture of Paul's proclivities.

Anonymous said...

They're trying to make it seem "normal" that popes resign or "retire". It's not normal and won't become the norm. As soon as Bergoglio and his ilk are swept away by chastisement, the real Church will arise again.

CraigS said...

Good grief is this the Gospel of Malachi Martin...

susan said...

thanks for this; I had not heard of this book before....most eye-opening.

Unknown said...

You are quite welcome!

Seattle kim