Thursday, August 24, 2017

Chilean Jesuit as Zeitgeist Battler for Adoption by Aberrosexuals

(Santiago de Chile) There are things which must be intelligible by reason, or, as the saying goes, by a healthy understanding of the house. This includes the fact that a prohibition of homosexuals' adoption of children is the result of the fact that they have opted for a life change that excludes reproduction. The difference to heterosexual but unintentionally childless couples, who can adopt children, is obvious. Yet the evident is not obvious to everyone, especially if it contradicts the Zeitgeist.
Among the obtuse is the Chilean Jesuit Felipe Berrios, who was recently a guest of the TV program Mucho Gusto on the Chilean TV channel Mega.
In the television interview Father Berrios SJ states that he agrees that children may also be adopted by couples of the same sex.
Moreover, the Jesuit declared that for him homosexuality,  "is neither a bad thing nor a disease or a sin. The homosexuals are created by God and God wants them just as they are."
That the Holy Scriptures, the entire tradition of the Church, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, say something else, does not seem to touch the Jesuits. He did not go into his position at all, but agreed to the more pleasant and simple song of the Zeitgeist.
Text: Andreas Becker
Image: Mucho Gusto / Mega (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


JBQ said...

There are 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the U.S. of which I am a graduate of one. I also had two years of college previously with the traditional and Scripturally oriented Vincentians. The Jesuits are now led by Arturo Sosa who has been profiled as a Communist from "Argentina".---The Jesuit belief with a Jesuit pope appears to be one of acceptance of homosexuality as a viable alternative living style. It also now appears from comments by Pope Francis that Scripture is of predominant historical context based on the beliefs and culture of that day and time. With the Jesuit backbone now being controlled by the evolutionary beliefs of Teilhard de Chardin, there is no doubt of where this is going. Yesterday's statement by Pope Francis that "liturgical reform is irreversible" is beyond refute.---This is called a "new evangelization" with which to transform the world, destroy other religions, and to lay the framework for a one world belief system of which Scripture does not appear to be a part.

Anonymous said...

What a slob! Wonder when the last time it was he changed his clothes and took a shower? Is he a hoarder (one who collects junk and then just throws it in a heap). Looks like he's got a serious mental issue to live in filth like that! BUT, this is the kind of priest Francis wants.
People who spout off about there being nothing wrong with gay marriage etc., are usually gay themselves.
This guy is 1) older than 60, 2) a radical liberal, 3) a Jesuit, and 4) a fan of Francis, and 5) most likely gay himself.
Damian Malliapalli

JBQ said...

Sadly, very observant and pointed.

susan said...

spot-on Damian.