Sunday, May 28, 2017

New Low For Bishop Appointments in San Diego

[New Ways] Fr. John Dolan, a priest with an LGBT-positive record, has been appointed by the Vatican to be an auxiliary bishop in the Diocese of San Diego.

Fr. John Dolan

Announcements about Dolan’s appointment repeatedly noted his pastoral work with marginalized people. In the past few years, this work has included ministry with LGBT Catholics and their families.
Dolan has been the diocesan vicar for clergy and pastored two churches, including the welcoming St. John the Evangelist parish in the Hillcrest neighborhood where many of San Diego’s LGBT residents live. Bishop Robert McElroy last year acknowledged the parish as a place where LGBT people have said they “feel particularly welcome” and, according to McElroy, “that’s a very good thing.”

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Another Dolan - brick by brick, what's left of the visible Church is being pulverized.

Sean Mercer said...

Another effeminate Stalinist raised to the episcopate.

Anonymous said...

God conservatives are morons. Whatever Stalin was, he sure wasn't "effeminate".

Unknown said...

We are reaching peak faggotry.


JBQ said...

Catholic news of the last few days includes some out of Jefferson City, Missouri, which is the state capitol. The state of Missouri is one episcopate and the archbishop of St. Louis, Robert Carlson, is the metropolitan. The bishop of Jefferson City, John Gaydos, quoted "Amoris Laetitia" and said that they would accept transgender, gay, and children of gay parents. He also emphasized that the gay parents will be warmly accepted and diocese staff will go through conditioning to that affect.-----At the same time, AB Carlson had a problem of his own coming from Jefferson City. The City of St. Louis passed an ordinance to force all institutions to accept those who profess and promote abortion. The state legislature is Republican and is passing an override of the City legislation.----Francis has expressed disdain for the philosophy of the capitalist Republican Party. It appears that he has formed an alliance with the radical left in the Democratic Party. Carlson replaced then Archbishop Raymond Burke in St. Louis. The radical left had the ability to go to the Vatican and successfully have him removed. JPII had sent in Burke while Benedict evidently was the one who had him removed in 2008.----It must be remarked that the priest pedophilia scandal erupted in Boston through an investigation of the Boston Globe. Fathers Geoghan and Shanley were sent into the gay community as missionaries by the Portuguese Cardinal. They adapted to their environment and became immersed in the very culture that they were sent to Christianize. Cardinal Law was then sent in as a "firefighter" and the news media stepped in rightfully. The links between homosexuality and pedophilia are real and the "Achilles heel" to the efforts of Pope Francis to mainstream the gay community into the life of the Church.-----JPII said that it was a sin. PF says that it is a virtue coming from persecution. Tobin, Cupich, and McElroy are in the forefront of the movement to destroy the influence of those such as George, Burke, and even Dolan.-----By the way, homosexuals are anything but feminine in the majority. Homosexuality is openly accepted among our Muslim friends. From a brother who served two civilian tours in Afghanistan, there are boy Thursdays. This is an open time for sex with children. Not many of these individuals are effeminate. -----That is what has fooled the Church. Francis Cardinal Spellman had a much publicized feud with Fulton J. Sheen. Subsequent evaluation of the problem showed that Sheen was aware of Spellman's pedophilia tendencies and was persecuted for that reason when both were living in the rectory of St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Anonymous said...

Maybe not, but those terms aren't necessarily mutually exclusive.

Tancred said...

Man, leftards sure are stupid. There have been effeminate Stalinists.

susan said...

'The Pink Swastika' is a mighty eye-opening read on the prevalence of sodomites in leftist political systems (Nazism is their case-in-point), and the twisted psychology that comes with them, leading to unspeakable human suffering.

Anonymous said...

I think I posted once or twice here that I was a male model full time(now I only do it part time, picking the shoots/jobs I want). I reached that point in the industry where I can call the shots, not some lesbian publicity manager or gay assignment chief telling me where to ship off to for the job.
Most of the year though, I am a highschool teacher. At 29 (just), my goal is to be a college professor of history (Ancient, Asian, and Western Europe up until the Reformation). But that may be a ways to go yet :)
But I largely quit the modeling business, even though I made a ton and could retire for 25 years if I wanted to...because the industry which ALWAYS had some LGBT people in it's ranks, has now become swollen with nearly nothing but LGBT.
Sorry to disappoint some guys, but 60% of the top female models are either outright,active lesbians, or swing both ways. With the guys, the percentage is even higher...which is the main reason I quit.
I was sick of gay guys on our team who were always propositioning me, or asking me to sign/support this or that LGBT issue. I was sick of seeing guys who looked anything but feminine actually having sex with each other in bathrooms, or in the back seat of cars,or on sets. Others actually actually dressed like womenall day. Then there were the women who were looking more like guys than the guys. There were even some guys when we did a photo shoot in Rome who on their off time brought out nuns habits they had specially made and paraded around Rome, trying to pass themselves off as nuns. For some of them, it worked. For others, they got caught and literally had to run for their lives (no joke....the people were outraged). I won't go into graphics of what I saw, but imaging the legendary Roman orgies of Caligula or Nero, and it was like that...but for real...not Hollywood fake or something out of the classic Brit series "I Claudius"
Just by good luck of good genetics I look like I do. I can pass as Indian, Arab, Greek, Italian or Latino (as well as 100% American), so I got more offers form more magazines, and commercials than most from USA and European and Latin American clients. But it was the same all around.
What the LGBT agenda is is to make their filth (and that's what it is), the standard, accepted, totally normal lifestyle the same as that between a normal man/woman, husband/wife, Mom/Dad and kids. AND Pope Francis and his people, including this new "bishop" are helping the filth to grow. They are nurturing it. It is 100% evil. I have seen it all, and we have a Pope who either closes his eyes to it, or who tacitly approves. Outrageous. A Pope who condones sin like that.
We have to pray that he is gone soon, either to his reward, or that he's forced to quit. Some of these perverts in my modeling industry were/are Catholics, and they quote Francis to justify their life and actions. He is a champion to them. Horrible. That's who we have as Pope.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Stalin demanded the overthrow of the traditional Christian family.
That's as effeminate as possible!

Anonymous said...

I went through a somewhat similar experience living amongst bohemian underground artists/musicians/DJ's way back in the 90's/early 2000's.
Eventually i gradually became more & more right wing and eventually that led to traditional Catholicism about 7 yrs ago.

Unknown said...

You're the moron - you think effeminate means the same thing as feminine

Tancred said...

Agreed, Dave