Sunday, May 28, 2017

"Belgium's Bishops Are With Francis" and Allow the Divorced to Communion (Whoever Want it)

Belgium's Bishops Follow Francis "Seamlessly"
(Brussels) In Belgium the remarried divorced persons may, if the bishops allow it, receive Communion. The media are almost triumphant: "Belgium's bishops are with Francis."
On 24 May, the Belgian bishops published a pastoral letter in Dutch and French, calling upon ambiguous passages in the post-synodal letter Amoris laetitia by Pope Francis. According to Cathobel , "the bishops of Belgium follow the teachings of the pope with their pastoral letter by allowing remarried divorced people to receive Communion when they decide according to their conscience."

No one can say by decree, everyone can go to the communion (therefore, all who want it)

"Monitoring, differentiation and integration. Nothing more. The prelates follow Pope Francis seamlessly because they are aware that every situation has its own particularity," said Cathobel . One can not say by decree that "all remarried divorced people can go to communion." No one could do that. A "path" is necessary and a "distinction" and a "pastoral discernment of conscience."
"The divorced are part of the Church for Francis. Even for the Belgian bishops." Without any reinterpretation, the prelates will have started to heal wounds. "This decision deserves respect," says Cathobel .
"Between laxity and rigorism, Francis chose the ways of personal choice,
According to the letter of the shepherd. A "decision of conscience" was called for, according to the bishops.

From objective criteria to subjective opinion

"Without any reinterpretation" obviously means two things. On the one hand, the Belgian bishops, with their step, follow exactly what Pope Francis reaches for with Amoris Laetitia, namely, that remarried divorced people if they find it right before their conscience, can receive the sacraments. The decision no longer follows objective criteria but the subjective opinion of the individual. On the other hand, it is the "rigorous" bishops who do not adhere to the doctrine of the pope and "reinterpret" Amoris laetitia in order to maintain a "continuity" with the traditional doctrine of the Church. This swipe would then be first applied to Cardinal Gerhard Mueller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Congregation of the Faith, and the Diocesan Bishops, who maintain the sacramental inviolability of marriage -- and make a mockery of the "Bergoglian" bishops.
With the dismissal of André-Joseph Léonard and the appointment of Jozef De Kesel as archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels, the Church in Belgium has once again taken a full steam tour of its lack of orientation. It was Pope Francis who, on the insinuation and incitement of  Cardinal Godfried Danneels (Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels, 1979-2010), denied him a cardinal dignity, as he did to the metropolitans of Philadelphia and Venice, among others
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: Cathobel (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


jac said...
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jac said...

Nice news for the french divorced remarried couples who are still being refused Communion in their dioceses, they will have just to cross the belgian border.
No passport, no customs clearance, no police checking, and of course, no confession are required.

Truth Seeker said...

These are mighty dark days...but God will not be mocked! Judgment day will come for each of us...prepare your soul to meet Him face-to-face and be held accountable for everything you did on earth. The shepherds who are supposed to be leading souls to God are held to a higher standard...we must be vigilant in praying for our priests, bishops, cardinals, and teach TRUTH. The devil and his minions are having their time now...but in the end we know who will triumph. May God have mercy!

Anonymous said...

The Belgian Episcopate has just recently signed an agreement, proposed by the Prime Minister, Charles-Michel, which affirms the pretended primacy of the State over the Church, which is a false teaching of Freemasonry. The Belgian bishops are caesaro-papists who foment schism with Rome, and in them is renewed the subversive spirit of Gallicanism. We can call it "Belgicanism".

It can rightfully be asked whether faithful Catholics in Belgium might soon be persecuted. They have already been called "taliban-catholics" by the media for years, and now that the bishops have signed their approval to state-supremacy, who knows whether the signature will not at some point be used by statesmen to oppress resistant Catholics as marginalised dissidents from the Belgian Church? They would become modern day Insermentés, one might say.

Benjamin Van Dyck.

jac said...

It is the time for the true christians to go back in the catacombs. The official "church" will side with the persecutors but its wreck is to come soon.
"Rome will lose the Faith and will become the Seat of the Antihrist".

Anonymous said...

Who cares? Except for a few pockets of true, traditional Catholics, the Church is dead in Belgium. These bishops are fooling themselves. They are bishops of no one. No seminarians, no nuns, no priests, and only 5% going to Mass? They truly are bishops of practically nobody. But they like to pretend.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

They are a waste of money and time. They serve no purpose. I'd say they should get real jobs but it would deprive the deserving of employment.