Saturday, May 13, 2017

Famous Jesuit Seeks Hungarian Citizenship Because of Orban's Immigration Policy

Ex-Caritas chief for Egypt and former "Caritas Internationalis" Council for North Africa and the Middle East: "The West and the Pope do not know the true nature of Islam"

Budapest-Wien ( The well-known Jesuit Henri Boulad has been one of those voices for years, warning against a spreading Islam. A few weeks ago, the long-standing Egyptian Jesuit Provincial and director of the Jesuit Cultural Center in Alexandria has now accepted Hungarian citizenship. In order to support the restrictive migration policy of the Hungarian head of government, Viktor Orban, and to exert a corresponding influence on the European immigration policy. This is what the 85-year-old Jesuit from Alexandria declared in an interview for the Hungarian weekly newspaper "Heti Valasz", the text of which was published by the Austrian magazine "Kirche In" in his current May issue in German. 

During an Egyptian visit to the Hungarian Deputy Prime Minister, Zsolt Semjen, Boulad said that he wanted to be granted citizenship. The request was made by decree. In the middle of March the Jesuit spoke the oath at a ceremony in the Budapest Parliament. With the assumption of Hungarian citizenship, he wanted to "signal that the country led by Viktor Orban has made the right decision on the issue of the migration crisis that threatens the existence of Europe," said Boulad. "I would like to (...) fight for the future and for the Christian values on the side of the Hungarians and Viktor Orbans," explained the Jesuit.

In principle, support for refugees and poor is "right and good," said Boulad, " The Church had adapted itself to the views of the French Islamologist Louis Massignon (1883-1962), for whom mystical Sufism had meant the essence of Islam. Islam, however, historically chose not the "Meccan," but the "Median," path that still determines it: "The surprises of the Koran, which appeal to unbelievers with violence and jihad, are from the Medina period [The prophet Mohammed, note], the tolerant, msystic surprises of the Mecca period."  "Rome," said Boulad, "does not understand this, and the Christians of the East, who know Islam from the inside, are not asked, they are put to the side." According to the Jesuit, the Catholic Church is based on the expertise of "Experts in Paris, Berlin, or America who are regarded as great Islamic scholars, whose views are purely academic," and thus "fell into the trap of the Christian-Islamic dialogue, which in reality resembles a dialogue of pigeons." Boulad sees this dialogue, even after 50 years, "is still at its starting point."  Big announcements about reforms in Islam have hardly any consequences. 

The Jesuit also complained that there is little dialogue with him either, and French and Canadian bishops have banned him from entering in their countries. "Masses of moderate and intelligent Muslims and Muslima think like me. They are trying to destroy Islam to save Muslims and Muslims," Boulad said in the interview. The Liberals of Islam are "faithful to the beauties of their religion. In order to preserve and defend them, they want to free themselves from the imposed dictatorship." 

Trans: Tancred


JBQ said...

The radical left believes that the rejection of Islam by the old is based on a cultural non sequitur. The young are being brainwashed into a new world order in which Islam plays an integral part with reformed Christianity of the left. It is all about de Chardin's "altar of the Earth" in which all moral beliefs have equal validity in a socialist environment. This is without a doubt the "bishop in white" warned about in The Third Secret. It is up to the Mother of God to offer a sign on this date of the 100th anniversary to the day of her first apparition to the three little children with their innocence manifested spontaneously. It was the belief of John XXIII that these three were little more than "hysterical sheepherders" who were nothing more than "prophets of doom".

Anonymous said...

He says and I quote
"The Liberals of Islam are faithful to the beauties of their religion.In order to preserve and defend them,they want to free themselves from the imposed dictatorship."
He is still an ecumenist.

Tancred said...

I wouldn't be overly shocked if he weren't trying to destroy Catholicism to save Catholics from their religion, to save what's beautiful in it, aka, what the world approves.

Blotto said...

"fell into the trap of the Christian-Islamic dialogue, which in reality resembles a dialogue of pigeons."

Finally! Confirmation that a bunch of bird-brains are running the show.

Anonymous said...

What few seem to notice is how the Turk is fulfilling oracles from our saints and prophets by his attempts to restore Ottoman power. From his words and actions, it is obvious that he wants to make Constantinople unto his seat, and to conquer Jerusalem again. If Erdogan complains about the "judaisation" of Jerusalem, it is because he wants to ottomanise it.

While this apocalyptic beast of Turkic imperium is rising from the abyss, after it was slain by Allenby, the Pope of Rome continues to weaken Western Christendom and to demolish its bulwarks and its precincts. The Holy Father must realise that the military strategy of Islam has always been; first Constantinople, and then Rome. Let His Holiness draw lessons from the past, and see that Islam will venture to conquer the Seven-Hilled City once again as soon as it will feel sufficiently strong militarily to make the attempt.

Let the Apostolic Man cease to corrupt and demolish the divine Faith, and let him rekindle Catholic orthodoxy across the apostate nations, lest the blasphemous children of Mahomet will exact a terrible divine chastisement upon him, Rome and Europe, due to his crimes.

The troops of the Turk are already within Europe, under the title of "immigrants", and I do not doubt that they will obey the marching orders of their sultan as soon as he will utter them. We have seen how many Turks across Europe voted for Erdogan in his Ottoman referendum. Let Europe take note and return to the God of the Franks, and let the clamors of secularism and liberalism wane before the renewed cries of: "Gesta Dei per Francos!" Christendom must rise again, for the sake of eternal souls, and to safeguard the European nations from being drenched in a sea of blood. Cease to offend God, and clamor for divine mercy upon the perverted and corrupt Aenea, entangled as she is in the webs of the judeo-masonic oligarchy.

Rabbis have been boasting that they will let Europe, which they call Edom, and Ismael (islamic nations) slaughter each other, so that they, Israel, would rise over their lifeless corpses as the victors. Europe must return to the Apostolic Faith of her youth, and reassert Christendom against the barbaric hordes that are destroying her.

Benjamin Van Dyck - Belgium.

Unknown said...

Good to hear a voice on this. You don't even need to be in the Middle East anymore to see the threat. Even visiting London, England I had the thought pass through my mind that the Churches I was seeing might soon be turned to mosques (I made a video about this here:

The long term threat is Islam. The radical left is just hastening that day.

coradcorloquitur said...

Mr. Van Dyck above offers this blog a sober, wise assessment of the European situation and the enemies and traitors in our midst. It used to be a very "Jesuitical" thing to warn the Faithful about the dangers of the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy that Mr. Van Dyck mentions---but, alas, no more. They are now tragically and astoundingly part of the conspiracy. May the Almighty crush the many-headed hydra, enemy of Catholicism, and the traitors that aid it for His greater glory and honor and for the salvation of souls. May Europe and the entire West wake up and return to the fervent practice of the True Faith, abandoning cowardly ecumenism and suicidal multi-culturalism as imposed by the liberal heretics.

Anonymous said...

There is reason to believe Erdogan may be a crypto-Elder Brother.
Look into it for yourself one day.If its true,it would explain a lot of his actions.