Monday, October 17, 2016

Meeting Between Cardinal Müller Includes Short Meeting with Pope Francis

(Rome) International agencies have reported on October 14th that Pope Francis has received the Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels, Monsignor André Joseph Léonard, in the audience. The Italian daily Libero reported that on the same day, a brief meeting of the Pope with Monsignor Bernard Fellay, the General Superior of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X, had taken place.

Archbishop Léonard was a primate of Belgium for five years, held hostage by progressive church circles around his predecessor, Cardinal Godfried Danneels. Last Sunday, Pope Francis had announced that he would raise Léonard's successor, Joseph de Kesel, a progressive church representative, to the purple. The "conservative" Léonard is still denied this dignity. The award of the cardinalatial purple is a above all a question of necessities, compulsion, and, above all, attitude.

The meeting of Pope Francis with Bishop Fellay, on the other hand, took place "exceptionally". It had been a brief greeting between the Pope and the General Superior of the "Lefebvrians" in Santa Marta.

Bishop Fellay held a meeting with Cardinal Gerhard Mueller, prefect of the Congregation of the Congregation of the Congregation, as reported by DICI, the French press service of the Society last Friday. Accompanying the General Superior was the Second Assistant, Father Alin-Marc Nély. The first assistant, Father Niklaus Pfluger, was unable to attend.

Cardinal Müller, together with the secretary of the Congregation for the Congregation of the Faith, Monsignor Luis Ladari Ferrer SJ, and the Secretary of the Pontifical Commission, Ecclesia Dei, Monsignor Guido Pozzo, with Bishop Fellay.

The meeting with Cardinal Müller had been planned for a long time, says DICI. It was the second official meeting in the framework of the dialogue between the Holy See and the Society. The first meeting took place on 23 September 2014. A partial aspect of the conversations is a visit to the Society's seminaries, which have taken place since then and will be continued in the coming months.

On the 14th of October, Cardinal Müller had been received by Pope Francis in audience, as the daily bulletin of the Vatican communicated. It may be assumed that on this occasion he informed the Pope about the meeting with Bishop Fellay.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: MiL
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

If there is any true justice and decency in the Church, and we know that in the Vatican of Pope Francis there is not....then DeKesel should both resign his post as Archbishop of Brussells, and decline the cardinalate because of mounting scandal in Belgium over this man, and his actions in his past assignment.
IN his previous posting, he apparently ignored/brushed aside actions of child abuse/pedohlilia by a priest and assigned him as pastor of a major parish. This is an outrage, considering Pope's supposed zero tolerance for this kind og thing. LOL!!!
De Kesel should resign, and decline his red hat.
This will be a huge scandal that will ruin Pope Francis's reputation at the consistory.
He's a horrible Pope, who picked only radicals for this show, and he should go.
Damian Malliapalli

Ed Simmons said...

A few months ago, the Remnant and other traditional blogs said the SSPX had ended contact with Rome. When did the SSPX change their mind and resume contact with Rome?

Tancred said...

Didn't you complain about this then, also?

This ain't your grandad' Remnant.